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Dimensional Gaurdian Force: Main Page

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Welcome, this is the page where you can check up on the on-going tales, of the Dimentional Gaurdian Force.

It is here also, that I would like to ask you, the resonable and responsible reader, to send me some: new ideas, corrections, or stories of your own. Now, I have another e-mail address than this, in fact I have many. But, this is the one I would like to recieve mail from this page. Now, if you send any stories, which may not get put up, I do ask, no demand, that they be written in plain text.(Just write it in notepad. As well, FORMAT IT! If you have ever used notepad before, you know that if you do not hit "enter" after every line; you get very long lines, and nothing else.) If you story is not formatted, I will not put it up, and tell you to format it, or never to write again. As well, I ask that you please, please, send it as a file attachment.

For those of you who have been to the site before, you should notice that it has changed a little. For starters all of Season One has been moved to it's own site, see the link-table above. I will soon be adding a message board for updates, questions, and basically anything. Now the site will look a little ragged untill I can finish the renovation, but it shouldn't take that long or be that much of a change.

I will now give a breif description of each section of the site.

Season OneThis is the place to start, it gives an introduction to the series as a whole, and also introduces the main characters (DUH!) Also has some good fight scenes, though note, these are very early works and the writing may suck.

Season TwoSecond part of the series, (another DUH!) The guys think that they road ahead is smooth, only to find out that there is another evil lurking in the shadows. The writing here is much better, also some severe plot twists so be ready

Spin-OffsTwo sections of spin-offs. "What If?" What would happen if Season Two had turned out different, you must read Season Two for this to make any sense. "Begining of Zenith:" This tells the story of Shane McInnis before he joined the saga. Very interesting, and informative. Note, it helps to read this becuase many events are alluded to later in the series. "Hunt for Pioneer:" My self-insertion into Frag's self-insertion. My one attempt at writing with the intent of humor. Others seem to think more highly of it than I do, but, well, just read it.

Pioneer Originally a self-insertion of Frag's, but I started to write some, and finally the 4-person Sword of Darkness series. Sword of Darkness is basically Season 3 with a name. Mostly well-written, but seldom updated due to Mac's inability to write his parts in less than a month.

Character Page Gives a breif description of each Supreme Gaurdian and Destroyer. If I have found, or created, pictures of them, they are there as well. Note, this site has A LOT of pictures, I don't recommend viewing this site with less than a 28.8kbps modem. Friends have said I bogged down a T1 with them.

Pics Page Basically Bob and I got a one-use camera and went wild. These are those shots. This has no point to the site, just did it for fun.

Music Directory Just a short list of various sound-track peices. I recommend listening to any of the ones from Final Fantasy 7 while you are reading. It really fits.

  • This is not really that good of a site, but, you can go to the chat server and possibly find me online.
  • The Home For Unwanted Fan-Fics A "sister" site of mine. Fragraham Lincon runs this one, he also has written his own little DGF plot line, so I recommend his site.
  • AnipikeThis is THE site to look for anime. Period.
  • Anime NationThis is the place to buy anime online.
  • Plasticman's Emulator PageThis is the best emulations/rom page I have found for NES, SNES, and if your a geek, Sega. CHECK IT OUT NOW!

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