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Dimentional Gaurdian Force: What If?

Part Six: The Final Battle

By: W.Bob Yankovic

Well my friends we have come th the end of the road in DGF for a while. We may make a few more if we can come up with some more decent stuff. For now though, we are gonna hang up our pens with this story line. I know Pikallo might write some spin offs, I might also. Crap I can tell that I am beating around the bush so here comes the final disclaimer. I only have two words about the whole disclaimer thingy. If you are a had core Warsie you might want to cover your ears. TREK DISCLAIMERS. Pardon my blatent and profain speech. If you can bring yourself to read now enjoy.

"Man," I said, "that was a long flight." "Yeah I haven't seen anyone fly that far so fast since I threw that big chunk of chocolate at a lava pit," Ray said. "Don't mention that, you almost wasted all of it," I said. Cordran began to pull himself out of the rubble of what used to be the door of the Vault. "You will surely die now Doss!" he screamed in rage, "I beat you once and I will be abliged to do it again." He lept back up to the ledge. "I hope that you all will join me out on my battle platform. It isn't far so take your final moments of existance to pray," he said as he stalked down the hall. I fell in behind him. "Well, time to kill this guy," I said to the guys, "Unless no ne else wants a piece, it looks like I got him alone." I could see Ray's brain working in overtime trying to concieve a feasable way to go about fighting Cordran. The others just stood there. I guess that they knew that if Ray didn't have a plan that we were sunk. I on the other hand didn't give a flip. If I was going to die I was going down in a blaze of glory.

Cordran turned as he boarded his platform. "You are the only one McInnis?" he asked. "For now, but I would gladly kick your butt for you," I said. "Ok then, you will now die," he hissed at me. "Hey Cordran, you are missing something," I called out. "What would that be punny mortal?" he asked. before he could react I had my blade out and ignited. He paused for a breath to long and my lightsaber sliced cleanly through his ear. "You are missing your ear!" I said. "INFUDEL!" he yelledand put his hand up to feel the level spot where his ear used to be. "Sorry, it is kind of a signiture move of mine. Ask Exar, he got he chopped off after stealing my brownie. You just have to much ego," I said and laughed. "And you overestimate your fighting ability," he said. He drew his fire-bladed sword and lunged at me. I doged quickly and tried to grab him using the Force. I only got a partial grasp and only threw him back a few feet. he stood up and attackted again. I began to throw everything I had at him.

"Kyle you follow me, everyone else just. . . throw it all out," Ray said. "We already tried that and nothing even happened," Cloud said, "Everything isn't enough." "This time we have two Chosen Ones, plus all of you," Ray said trying to convinse them. They all finally agreed to try. That is all that they could do. Ray and Kyle took the lead, and the other seven warriors came in suit. They arrived to find me almost holding my own against Cordran. "About time you guys showed up!" I screamed as I dodged another sword thrust, "this guy is really fast." "Ok guys this is it. the final battle, if we win we live if we loose we die," Lion-O said. "You always have to be the one to bring us down to the obviouse, don't you?" Bob said. No one got to respond as a huge blast of energy shot across the room and almost decapitated all of them. I was just about to be overwhelmed when the whole group jumped in. I mean it was nine on one. Cordran to my surprise just began to kick our butts. So to even up the odds a bit we transformed. Rings activate!" rang through the room as seven voices recited the familliar battle cry.

Cordran stepped up the pace again. We began to tire but kept giving it our all and more. The others and I were trying to hack into his armor with our swords. That was to no avail. Then it just hit me, "STOP!" I yelled. To my surprise everyone just froze in place. "You only prolong the eminante weakling," Cordran taunted. "We have faught destroyers before, we know what they live off of," I said. "You know nothing, this is beginning to bore me," Cordran said. He started to power up. "Hey, Shane, this guy is fixing to go postal," Kyle said, "I suggest that we keep trying to wear him down." "Kyle come here," I said. "Stand here, purify your heart, clear your mind be at peace," I instructed. "Why?" he asked. "Just do it, all of you," I said. "I think I see where he is going," Ray said. We all stood there pure and clean. Cordran just kept powering up, and powering up, and powering up. "DIMENTIONAL...OMNI...POWER...BLAST!" he screamed and shot the huge blast at us. To his surprise the blast reflected off of us and back at him. "You think that your little purity barrier will hold up?" he asked. He began to glow, then his hands became a blur as he shot OmniPower Blasts at us in rapid succession. They began to sting then hurt then it just threw us all against the wall. "See your hate for me caused your own downfall," he said.

"Ok back to plan A, Ki attacks this time" Ray said. We all powered up to max. The energy was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. Then on his mark we all began to fire. Cloud began to cast some strange moove that summoned a giant star that rammed into the platform, almost knocking us off. "Sorry guys," he said, "I just learned that one." Cordran shrugged it off without taking nuch damage. Then the might Goku stepped in and began to fire blasts at Cordran. He was caught of gaurd momentarily but soon found his rythm. He deflected blast after blast, it seemed that we would never win. Cordran then came on the attack. He charged at us and shot out a huge blast of air that threw us off into the air. We all flew back down and resumed the attack.

Ryo decided that he wasn't going to take anymore crap so he formed his Inferno Armor and drew his dual swords. He moved in to attack but before he could move Cordran reached out with an evil force and picked him up. "You mortals do not even know the full extent of my power!" he screamed. He slammed Ryo into the ground, his body landed with a loud thud. But he got up and flew at Cordran with speed unknown to anyone. With one swing of his sword he slashed a huge gaping hole in Cordran's abdomen. That only served to tick Cordran off even more. He placed his hand down and brought it up covered with blood. He looked stunned. LarryBoy saw the opening so he launched a huge plunger and it hit Cordran in the face. "YOU INFUDELS FIGHT WITH TOYS! I FIGHT WITH THE POWER OF THE VORTEX!" Cordran's muffled voice screamed. He looked more powerful than anything I had ever seen before. I hadn't even seen Ray shrug off this much power. I thought that we were surely dead.

He blew off the plunger. He looked around the platform and Link was the unfortunate one to get caught in the line of fire. Cordran threw a ball of fire/ki at Link, who just stood there looking dumb. "Get out of the way!" I screamed. But before he could move the energy ball hit him. Or at least it appeared to hit him. He stepped out from behind a huge sheild polished as reflective as a mirror. "Mirror Sheild, Don't leave home without it," he mocked. Then he powered up a fire ball and channeled it into his sword. He jumped high into the air and came slamming down on Cordran. The fire burned on Cordran like he was kindling. All of the sudden a gust of wind blew in and blew out the flames. "See even the elements bend to my will!" he said in a mocking voice. That ticked everyone off really bad. Luke and I stood side by side and powered up to our max. We opened ourselves up to the ever present power of the Force. We let it flow through us. I felt the darkness there. I tried not to let it control me but it was to strong. Luke felt it and used some of his strenght to pull me back over. After that I had emmense power built up. We threw a Force blast that was so big it could be seen.

Cordran took the brunt of it but flew back. We looked as if we had him on the run. We all started to give it our all. Blasts flew from every direction and every escape vector. Cordran was loosng! We were actually getting the upper hand on him. We were all in a semi-circular formation around him pummeling him with anything and everthing that we had. Then with a huge blast he sent us all flying again. He was bleeding and hurt internally. He looked like a piece of meat with the power of a demigod. "Which one of you will take me? Are any of you worthy to fight me alone?" he rasped.

To our amazement, Kyle began to move in closer and bombarded Cordran. We all closed in untill he had about a five yard barrier of blazing energy around Cordran. "ONE I SAID WHICH ONE!" Cordran screamed. "Kyle," Ray called, "Time to show him the big guns." "Ok," Kyle answered.

They stood face to face, everyone else just stopped in wonder. Even Cordran stopped to observe the spectical. They drew their blades. Ray had his in his right, and Kyle held his in his left hand. They brought the blades down at chest highth and perpendicular to the ground. They pressed the hanldes together. The blades extended and the handle turned into a staff. They had made the Staff of Two Chosen Ones. Then Ray said something to the matter of "Chosen Ones become one." Ray held up a fist and an open palm, Kyle did the same but opposite. They clasped hands and began to power up. The whole time the Staff was spinning above their heads. It began to show an eerie light down on them as it spun faster and faster. Is spun so fast that it ripped through the Rift and Vortex energy was poured out on them. The energy stream encircled them and went into their eyes. Suddenly a large power blast exploded and when the smoke cleared there stood one man. He was about nine foot tall. He grabbed the Staff and looked at us

"What in the name of God?" I said. I could see that everyone else was in the same state of shock. "I am the fusion of the Chosen Ones, I am neither Ray nor Kyle but am both of them combined in essence," it said. "Cheap magic tricks will do you no good," Cordran said. Everyone else looked at him and laughed. We knew his fate. The Chosen One moved toward him. We all stood back, still in awe at the transformation. Cordran moven in on him and treied to cut him with the fire-sword. "That sword holds no power over us anymore. We are the one!" the Chosen One said. He took the Staff and made a clean quick cut through Cordran. It should have cut him in half but for some reason he was no longer there. Cordran was already around to the back of the Chosen One. He quickly brought his hands around to bear and begen to blast at the Chosen One's neck. The Chosen One only turned around and picked him out of the air like an apple. Cordran began to shout curses at the Chosen One. "You are very stupid," he said, "You rely on hatred to fuel you, when you should ne relying on the Vortex." "You will not tell me how to fight!" Cordran yelled. He broke free and fired a blast at the eyes of the Chosen One. he realed back in pain as the blast struck him and momentarily blinded him. Cordran took the advantage and swept the Chosen One's feet ot from under him.

I looked on in despair as Cordran pummeled the Chosen One. I finally had seen enough. I ran at Cordran with my lightsaber at full heighth. He must not have noticed me through all the smoke but I ran my blade through his gut. He stammered back. "You! I could have made something of you. You would have been a great commander of my armies. Now, give in to your hate and join me!" he said to me. "I will never do that," I said. "You will, and you will now," he said. He looked at me and suddenly the dark power engulfed me. It bekoned me to join it, and it took all of me to resist it. He just laughed. Then it totally took me over. He was using some type of anti-Force to draw the Dark Side out of me. And it was working. It flooded me over and my eyes went red. I fell to the ground only partially conciouse. "I told you so," Cordran said. Then the Chosen One stood up and threw Cordran to the edge of the platform. Cordran crawled back up and gleared at the Chosen One. "I have a trick also!" Cordran said, I have been fighting for over one thousand years. You have only been in existance just over a day. You will now witness my final power." He stood still, nothing appeared to be happening. The platform we were on began to slide out a large bay door. We soon stood in bleak space. i had no idea how we were still breathing. He then began to scream or laugh or something along that line. A great black hole opened up near him. Everyone strained with all of our might to hold on, yet he just stood there.

"Death Skull!" he yelled. Suddenly the black whole doubled over and collapsed again. He just stood there absorbing the energy. A huge skull appeared above him. Eventually the black hole just dissappeared. He had absorbed all of it. He looked at the Chosen One. "Try this on for size!" he flung the huge flaming skull of energy. The Chosen One spun the Staff so quickly it dissappeared. The skull hit it and dissapated. Cordran roared in anger. His marred body stood, I respected him almost. The Chosen One looked at me, "it is time." I somehow knew what he meant. I stood in front of him with my arms up and palms open. I guess that the other knew it too. They all fell in until we had encircled the Chosen One. We began to give all of our power to him. "Star of Truth," he spoke. He held the Staff above him and a huge ball of energy formed above it. It must have been a sight to see. Us seven kept feeding him energy and he kept growing the ball. It quivered and shook violently. "Cordran, renounce your evil and your life will be spared," the Chosen One said. "Never," Cordran screamed. The ball moved slowly, it stopped right in front of Cordran and then it engulfed him. We heard him scream in agony as pure good energy hit him from every angle.

The crumpled figure lay in front of the nine warriors of good. "Well, I guess that is the end of that," I said. "Not......quite....yet," the body said. We all gasped as Cordran stood up. His body broken and bleeding, he began to walk towards us. We all began to power up again, but Kyle called us off. "I want a piece of this guy," he said. He ran up to Cordran. Cordran just laughed weakly, "You truly do not know who you are dealing with." "Yes I do, you are the epitamy of evil, and the one who killed my mother, you will now die as payment," Kyle said. He did not power up, he didn't even flex any muscles. He just raised his hand even with Cordran's battered face. Then to our surprise he thumped him between the eyes. Cordran fell over dead. Everyone sceamed for joy. We all went up to Kyle and picked him up. There we stood, the true force of goodness that protects the universe.

You really didn't expect for me to leave you with a seriouse ending. If you did you don't know me very well. I would like to express my personal thanks to all who have worked on this story line. But mostly to you the reader. I hope that we have given you a small portal to your inner sci-fi-ness. If you are inspired to write any spin offs I am sure that Pika would be glad to take them. Untill next time, peace out.