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DGF: What If?


by: Pikallo

Okay, thanks Bob, I'll take over now. I would like to apologize for not realizing that Kyle Kataran (cat-a-ran) was an actual character. However, I refuse to change it because I was not aware of it, and his name is Katarain. (Cat-a-rA-in) Anyway, can't sue me becuase of that one letter, however, I'm screwed with the other Gaurdians minus Ray and Shane. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

One by one the Gaurdians exited their cloning chambers. "Man, hangover of the millinium is going on in my brain!," The one with the spiky blond hair exclaimed as he stood up. "I'll never do whatever I did last night again." Similar comments came from the others as they got out, except for the last one, "Where am I? Where are the Destroyers? What are you guys still doing here? Who are you three, what'd you do with Pikachu, Lion-O and Bob?" Finally, a beam caught him the back of the head and passed out. "What's wrong with Ray? He acts like he was about to fight the Destroyers." Everyone looked at Shane, who just shrugged. "You have been reborn, you are not the real Gaurdians, you are clones of the Gaurdians you used to be." Everyone looked to the women who spoke to them, Shane dropped to one knee, bowing before the woman. "Stand Supreme Gaurdian McInnis, you still remember who I am I see. Now, as for what is wrong with your friend, I took gentic material and your memories from your rings. They stayed on your fingers at all times, so they were perfect for this purpose. However, Ray had not worn a ring since immediatly before he fought the Supreme Destroyers. So I could only use information up to that point. The light that hit him will allow him to sleep and regain all memories after that point." While they had been talking, Kyle had wandered over to the prone Ray. After a few minutes, it hit everyone that there was one more person in the room. In turn, they each turned to look at the boy, and let their jaws drop at the resemblence he held to their friend Ray.

"Wait, who is that boy? He looks like Ray did when he was 12 or 13." Suddenly it his Shane, "We lost to Cordran, didn't we?" The subtle drop of the Vortex's head was all the answer he needed. "So, let me guess, that boy is the Chosen One, right?" Again, he got his answer in a slight movement. "This boy is Ray's great-nephew, his name is Kyle Katarain. He has been training for the past month for the fight with Cordran. Now that you are here, esspecially Ray, I hope he will master his powers." As if on cue, Ray began to stir, "Oh, man. I feel like I worked out for three days strait, then got the crap beat out of me. AAAAHH! WHO IS THIS KID?" Scared out of his wits, Kyle ran behind the Vortex. "Uh, Ray. I think you need a little recap. Okay, we lost to Cordran. This kid is the new Chosen One that comes after the 1,000 year reign. So, we were cloned and brought back to life. You still have all of your Chosen One powers, since your genetic material was taken from before you fought the Supreme Destroyers." Ryo grabbed Ray to keep him from falling when he passed out.

"Okay, Kyle, you've gotten better at controlling your transformation to Chosen One form. Now, we need to hone your fighting skills." Ray was right, Kyle had improved drastically since he had hands-on experiance teaching him. But, he was far from Ray's level. But then again, Ray had fought 10 evil tyrants who wanted to rule all of reality, Kyle had fired one energy blast at Cordran. "I tried to help the poor boy, but, I can only do so much. I am greatfull you eight have been able to help him." Nodding his head in agreement, Shane looked through the glass at the training room they had set up. Each of the Gaurdians had taught him what they knew; Goku had trained in energy and martial arts, Cloud helped him with his sword, Luke helped him with patience, Ryo with strategy, Link with weapons, Larry-Boy with incopetence, and Shane with how to annoy Ray in one easy step. Shane got his reward everytime he heard Ray scream, "SSSSSHHHHHHHHAAAAAANNNNNNNEEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

As the months passed, the Gaurdians each progressed in thier skill. Kyle, of course, got further than the others, he was able to tie Ray in all events. He could even manage to keep Shane from chocolate, something that earned him the respect of all the guys, except Shane. They returned to the Vault one last time. But, instead of going into the archives, the walked into the pedistal room. Standing in front of the pedistal with thier names on it, they strapped the holsters for their blasters on their waist, the clips for their sabers around their legs, and their rings on their fingers. Finally, when all that was done, the pedistals split apart at the top and revealed hand shapped scanners. When the scanners had ID'd each Gaurdian, the sword case in the center of the circle raised up revealing a final scanner. Ray walked over to it, grabbed his blade, and motioned for Kyle to place his hand on the scanner, after he had done so, Ray placed his hand on it. "Now, the fun starts. COMPUTER: ACTIVATE PROTOCOL FILE NUMBER 2438904" A large hum filled the room, the pedistals split in two, and each gaurdian stepped between the halves. Suddenly, the pedistals slipped into the ground and the circle began to glow brightly.

In unison, the 7 Supreme Gaurdians screamed, "DIMENSIONAL SUPER POWER RINGs: ACTIVATE!!!" Holding the sabers in their hands, Ray and Kyle created their blades and held them over their heads screaming, "WE ARE THE CHOSEN ONES!" The hum grew louder, and the ground began to shake, in fact, the power that radiated from the vault shook all of Nexus Central Command.

"WHAT IS THIS POWER?! IT'S COMING FROM THE VAULT! I MUST GET IN THERE!" Cordran ran as fast as he could to the Gaurdian Vault, but, as usual, it was closed. Still he heard a voice, no voices, inside screaming. "Wait, voices?" Going to Chosen One form, he listen closely, "NINE voices, eight sound too familiar to be good, the ninth is that brat that got in the vault to begin with." Cordran closed his eyes trying to remember who those eight voices belonged to. His servants were worried for him, and themselves. They dove over the banister when his eyes flew wide open, "NO! IT CAN'T BE. BUT, IT HAS TO BE, IT'S THE GAURDIANS!" He was knocked over the banister when the door to the vault was thrown off it's base by the power swarming inside.

Those who could see inside the vault, were shocked at the power inside it. Finally, the storm died down, and the lights and noise stopped. Cordran was able to fly back up to the floor he was on, and was treated to the image of his worst fear, there stood the 7 Supreme Gaurdians each powered to their max, each ready to fight him to the last. But, he could barely see them for the 2 people in front of him, the only people who could defeat him; Ray Doss and Kyle Katarain, the Chosen Ones of Good.

Well, Chocolate! HHAHAHAHA, no, really, this little series should wrap up in one to two more installments.