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What If? Dimentional Gaurdain Force

Episode Four: Ressurection?

By: W.Bob Yankovic

(no disclaimer)

"Man this place is huge," Kyle said as he walked around the Vault. He had been there for a long time, almost a full week. But strangely he didn't feel any signs of exhaustion although he had not eaten or slept the whole time. The Vortex was nourishing him as he learned to fight. After the small battle with Cordran, and the realization that he was powerful, he had been an avid learner. As he walked down the halls of the Vault he passed a strange box. "Fight Footage?" he said out loud. He opened the box and began to rummage through the data disks. He found one labeled 'Exar Kun' and decided to pop it in a data pad he had picked up back near the enterance. The pad's screen flickered into life with the sign of a man with seven rings on his hand. He saw as each warrior in turn attacked him, and each one turned away by the power of the man. Then the last fighter who had attacked earlier rushed forward and cut off the man's arm. The man was furious. He saw as the warrior began to gasp for breath and wave his arms around violently. Then from out of nowhere a giant power beam hit the man straight on. He saw a warrior, who he felt a certain draw to, begin to beat the man into a pulp. After another giant blast the evil man was gone and the pad flickered back off.

"I have got to learn that move," he whispered to himself. He put the pad down and zoomed in on the fighter of good. He read his lips as he said "Dimentional Omni-Power Blast!" The young fighter concentrated his emmotions and immediatly sprang into his Chosen One form. He shouted out the commend for the move, and all of the sudden he was filled with a huge amount of energy. He had to get rid of it so he blasted it out into the almost neverending halls of the Vault. "That was cool!" he said. He tried it several more times untill the command did not work. "Must be out of energy, no big deal," he said. he began to dig back through the archives of old worn data cards. He found some named 'Omega Weapon', 'Qel-Droma', and finally 'Cordran'. He viewed through them all and learned alot of neat new attacks. He decided that he was about ready to fight Cordran again. He started back to the enterance. When he got back to the pedestal room, he felt drawn by the same feeling he had felt watching the warriors battle. He walked over to the pedestal that the tri-bladed sword was in. Knealing down to the floor he found that the name plate was a little dusty. As he brushed it open, the placque slid back and a small vial of what looked like blood popped up. The boy was surprised to find the secret panel and thought that the others might be the same.

A few minutes later he had all of them open ex cept for the one that stood a few inches taller than the rest. "This one must have been the leader," he thought. He placed his hand on the placque and it slid open just like the others. But this time the vial moved up and out untill a small projector protruded from the hole. "Welcome to the Dimetional Vault, Chosen One. My name is Shane McInnis. I was best friends with your desendent Ray Doss. I was the leader of the Supreme Gaurdians at the time of the final battle. Cordran must have won. if you are here now. Do not be alarmed that I know you are the Chosen One, it was predicted that you would come. I am here to give you some final instructions. The vials you see here contain the DNA of all of the Supreme Gaurdians at my time. Your job is to find some way to bring us back. No one is strong enough to take on Cordran by himself. You must be strong. I know that you are full of questions by now, but I am sure that at least one person knows the answer. And by now that person is standing behind you. Goodbye Chosen One, and good luck," the image bowed and faded out of sight. "Right behind me?" Kyle said. he turned around and there stood the beautiful image of the Vortex Embodiment.

"You have been informed of your mission Chosen One. You must be asking yourself the questions that Shane talked about. I will try to give you some insight to the events leading up to the death of the first Chosen One. They were strong, they were cunning, but they knew that Cordran was a seriouse threat. I am not even sure that the Chosen One himself knew of the vials of blood. Shane was a very smart person. Ray still thought that they might win and never looked at the fact that they might loose. But Shane thought that Cordran was to strong from the beginning, so he got me to take some of the Gaurdian's blood and put it in the vials. He then recorded the message and sealed all of it up in the pedestals. I set the locks to open only on the touch of someone in the Doss blood line. Then they went into battle. Even the combined power of the evil and good hero's of the past Cordran survived. They all parished, and the rule of Cordran began. This is where you came in, and you know the events after that," the Vortex said.

"So I am the only one left?" Kyle asked with a shaky voice. "Yes, you are, and you must bring them back," the Vortex said. Kyle backed away from the pedestals. He then went around to every pedestal and collected the vials. "When do we leave?" he asked. The Vortex just pointed back down the halls. "The archives, bring them also," she said. He did not know why he did it but he began down the halls to the archive boxes. He brought along the disks for the personal memories of each Supreme Gaurdian.

He was immediatly portaled to a large room. It seemed familliar. He had seen this room in the memories of Luke Skywalker. It had several large tubes that appeared to be hooked up to a huge computer. He seemed to know what to do. He walked over to each tube and placed the contents of each vial onto a small platform. After he finished the last one, they all closed in union. The computer screen lit up and flashed programming data across the screen. "Upload memory disks," the computer hissed out in a cold mechanical voice. He went in turn to each one and placed in the according disk. The computer began to work almost instantly. He looked as the blood was injected into the fluid in the tube. He knew deep inside him at he was beginning a long road to they final battle. Large numbers popped up on the screen, they looked like a big countdown clock. He read the numbers out, "Twenty days," he said, "Twenty days and Cordran will die. He will suffer for murdering my family members."

The now man stood gaurd in the chamber half hoping that Cordran would show up and try to stop him. He wathed as the bodies of the Gaurdians became strong and complete. Twenty days later it was finally time to find out if his little science project worked. The first one opened and a man stepped out. "Man, I could really use some chocolate," the man said. Kyle felt inside him a joy. It was time for Cordran to pay.

(Record screeching)

Wait a minute. You really didn't think that you were gonna get out of here without hearing a disclamer, did you? I can hear the moans and sceams now. Yep it is time. (Clearing Throat Sounds, you know what the sound like, just picture me making them) I W.Bob Yankovic do not give a flying crap pot about ripping anything off. And if you are not down with that I have two words for you. I bet you thought I was gonna say "Suck It" didn't you. Well think again buddy. My two words are ,"Chocolate? Where?" I hope you enjoyed the fic. Come back again.