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What If? Episode Three

Dimentional Gaurdian Force

By: W.Bob Yankovic

Well, I don't even have to say anything about the past disclaimers. You know what is up, so I offer up to you this one. I don't give a care about ripping stuff off. Even though the only thing that we are ripping off is the name Kyle Katarian, the main character in Star Wars Dark Forces. And if you do decide to sue me, I am gonna take the seupoena, dip it in concrete, turn it sideways, shove it straight up your roody poo candy @ss, then spin it like a baskettball.

I think you get the picture, so unless you wanna feel excruciating pain just read the fic and forget about the ripping.

Kyle awoke to the figure of the Vortex. She was cradiling him in her arms. "What. . . what happened?" Kyle asked the woman. "You used the full extent of your powers, you went to your fighting form," she explained. "Fighting form, full power, what does all this have to do with my mother dieing?" he questioned with tears in his eyes. "You experianced a large rush of emmotion, this made your body assume that you were in a fight and it changed you into your fighting form as the Chosen One," the Vortex embodiment said. "I don't want to be the stupid Chosen One I just want my mom back," he wimpered, "besides I am not a fighter I am just a boy." "Your uncle was also just a teenager when he found the extent of his powers, in fact most of the Supreme Gaurdians of that long ago time were only teenagers infused with the Vortex," she said. "That doesn't mean that I have to be one does it?" he asked wiping the last of his tears away.

"You are the second of the Chosen Ones to be predicted to have full control of his power, you must become a fighter if you are ever to break Cordran's strangle hold on the Universe," she tried to explain. "But who is going to teach me how to use all of these powers?" he asked. "I will instruct you in the beginning, but you must eventually get to the Vault in Nexus Central Command. There you will find what you need to complete your training," she said. "That Nexus whatever, my mom told me stories of that, when she was still alive," saying this he burst into tears again. "It is okay, you must stop the person who did this to you, you must stop Cordran and reset the Gaurdians as protectors of the universe. Now just sleep, we will start training tomorrow," she said as she levitated him over to his bed. 'This boy, he is the only hope for the future, he must become stronger,' she thought. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Now, we will find out if the puny humans of that planet have a decent fighter that might make me even power up the slightest bit," Cordran said as he sat on his throne in the past Supreme Gaurdian Chamber.

"Sir, the tolls are in, there were a total of forty-five deaths, but what is interesting is that we measured a large power surge right after we left a small village, we don't know what it could be but this could be the break we have been looking for," one of the many servents said.

"Very well, notify me of any other such occurances, dismissed. So maybe there will be a chalenger from this planet, I hope so, it has been so long since I have had a challenge. I might have lost my touch. You!," Cordran shouted to a gaurd, "Come here." The gaurd came over to Cordran and knelt. As soon as his knee hit the ground a giant blast of energy consumed him. "No, I still have it," Cordran laughed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Wake up Chosen One," the Vortex said, "it is time to begin."

"Already, five more minutes, come on," the lazy youth said.

"You must begin your training now if you are to go to Nexus Central Command tomorrow," she said. "Tomorrow!? I am never going to be ready enough to go there, what am I going to do? Cordran is going to kill me, I mean I am going to be dead, finito, poke a fork in me, the Fat lady is singing, its over-," he said. "You can and will go to NCC tomorrow, you must practise now. First I want you to fire a energy blast at me," she said. "I don't know how to shoot energy. Anyway isn't that a myth? Like that Force thing?" Kyle asked. "No just hold your hand out and imagine an energy beam coming out of your hand," she instructed. "Ok, I will give it a shot, just don't get mad when I can't do it," he said. His hand strechted out in front of him. Hie brow furrowed and he begin to make faces of extreme emmotions. Then out of his hand shot a white hot blast of pure energy. "WOAH! I DID IT!" he yelled. he began to jump around and pose like a body builder after winning a major competition.

"Very good Kyle, but you still have long ways to go," she said. The instruction went on untill dusk. So far the boy showed extreme potential. He had mastered energy blasts and levitation. He also had developed some pretty decent sword fighting skills. The Vortex told the boy to sleep and he went to his bed. But the sleep that night would be riddled with unfamilliar dreams of far away places.

(Dream Sequence)

A man stood in the wake of a giant machine, a strange emptiness surrounded him. Then am eagle flew at him but died. Then a strange sword arose from the background and the man was gone. Then a man who seemed crazy wore seven blazing rings and yet again the sword came up, but this time six other lights came up with the sword. Then he saw a man, standing alone with the same crazy eyes as the man before. he drew a sword of fire. The tri-bladed sword came up again then followed thousands of smaller lights. Then all of the sudden there was darkness, there were no more lights, just the fire bladed sword stood alone in his mind.

"Are you sure about this?" Kyle asked, " I really don't have to go today, there is always tomorrow."

"This time Chosen One there might not be a tomorrow," with that the Vortex opened a portal, a portal leading to the Vault door in NCC. Kyle stepped in and was spontaneosly transported to a large hall. He remembered what the Vortex had said about the door so he stepped up to it and placed his hand on the pad. A large hiss then a groaning of a thousand year's worth of dust spewed off the door. It opened to reveal a huge vault with computers of every sorts and most interestingly a circle of pedestals. On each pedestal he saw a strange sword having no blade, a gun that looked like it was put together using a Rubix cube, and a small ring with a crystal inset in it. He walked over and read the inscriptions below the rings. "Goku?Cloud?Shane? were all these people once real?" he asked himself. A sword stood in the middle. The sword was the one in his dream, a tri-bladed sword with a blazing crystal on the end of each blade. He was drawn to the sword and moved toward it. Suddenly a dark voice behind him began to laugh.

"Thank you kid, you have succeeded in doing what I have wasted one thousand years trying to do. Now the secrets of the Gaurdians are mine, but first I am afraid you must die," Cordran said. Kyle spun around and found the same fire bladed sword just millimeters in front of his nose. But what Cordran didn't see was that the youth was weilding the mystical Blade of the Chosen One. "So you think that you will be able to win where that other puny band of weaklings failed?" Cordran asked, "I wish you good luck, better that the luck of the people in your rat-hole village."

"YOU KILLED MY MOTHER!" Kyle screamed. He recalled what the Vortex had taught him. He let the emmotions flow untill he saw blinding lights from inside him. Then with one mighty burst from the blade Kyle Doss blasted Cordran out of the Vault and into the wall outside it. He rushed to the door and before Cordran could react slammed it in his face. He heard Cordran's screams of curses and hate filled words. One little battle one, a whole lot of self confidence gained, and one step closer to retaking the universe for good was Kyle Doss, the new Chosen One of Good.