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DGF What If? Part Two

Allright, a brief recap of the last part. Cordran has won, and the Gaurdians all died. We are taken One Thousand years into the future, where there is nearly nothing left, and the only absolute is Cordran's riegn. We see a boy of about 13 years old, a boy who appears to us to be the new Chosen One of Good. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Master Cordran, I believe I have news for you." The personal servant of Cordran was actually a beutifull girl, in fact, all of them were. Still Cordran was a man, even if he was hideous. He did not stir, but, waved a hand lightly, signifying her to speak. "Master, it has been One Thousand years today that you defeated the Gaurdians." Cordran lowered his eyebrows, "This is supposed to be news?" He lifted his hand, her signal to finish what she had to say, and if that was it, prepare to die. "Master, aren't you worried about a new Chosen One appearin?" Instead of blasting her, he pondered her words for a moment, "So, it has been 1,000 years since the last Chosen One of Good, I suppose that may bother me. Wait, what am I saying, I am the Chosen One, the only the one, the TRUE one. Doss was no match for my power, why should another pretender to the title frighten me?" He stood, "Let it be said throughout the land, 'If anyone who claims to be the Chosen One, take his fight to Lord Cordran, and let him decide if this person is a pretender, or the real thing!" He laughed a hearty laugh, "No one will challenge me, all of these people have been born under my rule, their parents were born under my rule. They fear me more than a god." =============================================================================

"KYLE! KYLE, WHERE ARE YOU?!" She heard his calls to her, but, she could not see him. Suddenly, she saw the small outline of her son appear, "Mom, I told you I may be a little late, we were out at the perimeter looking around." He would have said more, but, he realized he could have said too much as it is. "Kyle, you know I love you, but, as a mother, I must worry about you as well. Come in and eat, you have a big day tommorow." So, Kyle washed up, and had his dinner. When he went to sleep, he was wisked off to dream land.

(Guess What?)

Kyle was again in a field, but, this one had holes blown in it, like a battle had taken place. "LADY! ARE YOU THERE?" The lady appeared, but, she looked different. "I am here, Kyle, do you know why you are here?" Shakeing his head, he walked over to her. "You are here to see what has happen in the past. Look over there," she pointed to an area, and people appeared. There was so many of them, in the middle was someone he recognized, Cordran. "I recognize the one in the middle, but, who are the others, and why are the fighting him?" She walked them closer, "They, are the Supreme Gaurdians, and he," pointing to a particular figure, the only one doing anything to Cordran, "is Supreme Gaurdian Ray Doss." He stood in shock, the man, well, teen, looked looked like him! As well, he imediatly remembered his mothers stories about these people. "Your mother's stories are true, and, you are the descendent of Ray's brother, Cory. I am here to prepare you for your destiny." He looked puzzled, "Destiwho?" She chuckled, "Destiny, the thing we are each born to do. Your destiny is to defeat Cordran, and bring peace to the universe, re-establish the Gaurdian Force, and be deemed a hero." He let go of her hand, "But, how?" The scene around them dissapeared, and in it's place came a garden, with a bench. "You are the Chosen One of Good. You have powers that most would see as near-godlike. You can travel through the Dimensional Vortex to any point in existance. You cannot do it alone, I will guide you along the way. But, Cordran has known of your comming, since he defeated the last Chosen One of Good. That is why you must listen to me, and do everything I say, it is the only way you will win."

"But, who are you? You've never told me your name." "I cannot tell you my name, because I do not have one. For, I am the Vortex, I am the one who gave these powers, and will help train you to use them." Kyle looked at her, "Why can't you do this?" She had a worried look on her face, "Kyle, I would if I could. If I could stop Cordran, he would not have gained access to my power. But, I cannot do anything, it is up to you to do this." Standing, she moitioned for Kyle to follow her, "Where are we going?" "I am taking you to a place where you can train to use your power, I can only tell you can do, I cannot show you, but, there is one who can. If only Ray was here, he could show you the extent of your power, and the truth about yourself." The only sign of her emotion was the small tear that formed at the corner of her eye, "Your sad, why?" She was silent, so he dropped it. After a little ways, she stumbled slightly, "I must go, Kyle, I cannot stay here any longer. You must tell your mother all that I have told you, but no one else. If you do, Cordran will find out, and kill you." =============================================================================

We are again taken to Cordran's new temple, and the site of many battles since his decree to all who thinks they are the Chosen One. "WHY HASN'T THE TRUE CHOSEN ONE FACED ME????" "Maybe he or she has allready, you just defeated them," the aid regretted his observation the second he said it, the second it took Cordran to decide to kill him. "The reason I know that I have not been faced by the true Chosen One, is that I have not felt any Vortex power in any of these fools. This is tiring me, I wish that I would be faced so I can kill him and rule for another 1,000 years." With that, he again stood in front of the vault, "I wonder, if it takes a pure-hearted being of the Vortex? Hmm, maybe I can get some use out of my opponent before he dies." As he considered the plan, he burst into stereo-typical bout of manical laughter. =============================================================================

"MOM! MOM WHERE ARE YOU?!" Kyle searched throughout the house, but, he could not find his mother. After searching an hour, he noticed something strange, the door to his mothers room was slightly open, and the light was on. "Mom, there you.....are. MOM! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" There lay his mother, a long gash across her neck, the blood around her had already dried. The rage he felt seemed to snap something inside of him, with it, he felt a strange new power, "MMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" The explosion of power destroyed his home, and the people in the near-by appartments looked at him with fear, this was no longer Kyle Katarain. This is Supreme Gaurdian Kyle Doss: The Chosen One of Good.

He stood there, scarred to death of this new power, but, at the same time, he was exilerated. He knew he could now find out who killed his mother, and do to them as they did to her. But, in the middle of his musings, he suddenly dissapeared. He reappeared in a room, and there stood the same lady as before, "Kyle, it seems you have unlocked your powers, but, you must not focus on the anger, it will consume you. I am, however, sorry of the way you had to undergo the transformation. I did not tell you the final step was extreme emotion, because you would have tried to do unnaturally. But, the loss of a loved one is never the way to do it." He began to power-down, and fell to the ground exhausted, partially from the transformation, mostly from the full realization of his loss. Falling into her arms, he fell asleep.