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DGF: Spinoff Season Two

by: Pikallo

Okay, in this, I will show you that Bob and I are stupendous, shocking, and you might go as far as to say, were mediocre in our ability to come up with story ideas. No one will see this coming. Not even you, Frag. That is all I'm going to say.


There was were Cordran once stood, the Gaurdians had unleashed all they had, but, he was still there, unscratched. "Puny mortals! I am the Chosen One of Evil, the TRUE Chosen One! YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME! I WILL NOW RULE FOR ALL ETERNITY!!!!!!!!!!" He charged the Gaudians, and only Ray survived the initial assualt. "Doss, it is between us now, but, you have lost allready." "Oh, yeah, let's see about that one." He then began to unleash his full power screaming, "I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!" His opponent merley smiled, "" Ray drew his sword, and assualted Cordran with all he had, but, no matter how powerfull, how fast, or how determined his assualts were, they did not touch Cordran at all. "I grow tired of this, Doss, it is now time for you to die." He reached out and grabbed Ray by the throught, and twisted his head sharply, killing him. "I will now reign for all eternity, for, I have defeated the only one that could stop me. HA! The Chosen One of Good was just a pitiful boy." He turned around, opened a portal to the Vortex, and moved into his new Thrown Room, Nexus Central Command.


We are now taken a thousand years into the future, onto a desolate world. There are few trees, so the air is rich in Carbon Dioxide, there is next to no rain, and when they are lucky enough to recieve any, it is acid-rain. This planet barely sustains life. Unfortunatly this is one of the better worlds left. Cordran did a good job destroying all there is in a few centuries. However, in his arrogance, he forgot one detail, the Legend of the Chosen Ones states that "If the Chosen One of Evil is victorious, then a reign of evil will fill the land for a thousand years. At this point, a new Chosen One of Good will arise to challenge him.


"Mom, can I go out now?" The boy was very adament about going outside, he needed to get out of their cramped house, even if it meant he would have to put on a cramped suit to be able to survive the world outside. "Allright, I suppose, but, don't go out past the safety perimeter, it's dangerous enough as it is." The boy gave a shout and lept to his feet, running to go put on his environmental suit. His mother just watched smiling, remembering when his father used to be like that. But, the boy did know his father, who had left as soon as he was born. Only the father and mother knew the real reason, the father's real last name was Doss. His ancestry dated back to to Cory Doss, the younger brother of Ray Doss, the Chosen One of Good. That was back when Cordran used to hunt all of Ray's family, in a futile attempt to prevent a new Chosen One from sprouting from his bloodline. Her son knew not of his geneology, only that his father had left when he was just a baby. She had always doughted that someone would ever come around with enough power to even challenge Cordran, let alone defeat him. Well, her son was as happy as any other boy his age, that is all that matters to her. "My son, I pray that if you do succeed your ancesters, that you do defeat that evil man that rules us all."

"WHY CAN'T I OPEN THIS VAULT?! I HAVE BEEN TRYING FOR THE LAST ONE THOUSAND YEARS, AND STILL CANNOT OPEN THIS VAULT!!!!!!" Cordran went into another screaming rage. His imediate servants merely took a step back, and hoped that he or she would not become the recipient of their master's anger. Cordran had been trying to open the vault in Nexus Central Command since he entered the building, but, since he did not have a pure heart, or the Supreme Gaurdian access code, he could not even scratch the paint on the fully-shielded door. If he did not know what was in it, he would have just regarded it with bland curiosity, but he did know, and tried constantly to gain access to it. It held the secrets to the Gaurdian's true powers. If he could find them, he could exploit them, and if not, he would destroy them.

"HEY! WAIT UP!" The boy yelled to his friends who were just leaving, he wanted to join them, "Kyle, if you're coming, hurry up, we are about to leave you." Skip was rather impatient, and Kyle was often late. "Hey, your parents let you out when you ask, I have to beg." When he got to his friends, they began thier plans for the day. First a stop at the local store to look at holo-comics. The owner was Skip's dad, so they got away with it. Then, a run around the saftey permiter, well, run is a loose term, since their suits are bulky. Finally returning to Kyle's apartment to listen to one of his mother's stories about the "Dimensional Garudian Force." None of children believed them, but, they were very interseting, and the people involved were real legends. But, that is all they were viewed as, legends, mythical beings of power that would rival the all-mighty Cordran's.

"So, Ray and Shane entered their old base, and found it had been taked over by the Destroyers. The lone gaurd fell to their power, but, there were many more. The knew they could not defeat them all alone. And now children, it is time for you to go home, your parents must be getting worried by now." Everyone let out a "BUT," but, Mrs. Kytarain did not budge, she knew if her son was out this late, she would be worried. So, she got up and went to the door. That was the que for everyone to leave. They each thanked her and went out discussing what may happen in the next part of the story. When they had left, Kyle got up and went to bed, happy with the day's events, and intrigued by his mother's story.

(Dream Sequence) Kyle stood in a field, but, this one was full of flowers, something he had never heard of. There were trees all around him, and he could breathe the air without dificulty. He could see these white things hanging in the sky, then realized they were clouds. "Where am I?" "You are standing in what used to be your world." He turned around, and there stood a buetiful women, "Who are you?" Fear was absent from his voice, but his face betrayed it clearly. She knelt down beside him, "I am a friend, sort of like a guide." His face shifted from fear, to curiosity. When she saw this, she laughed lightly, "You are much like your uncle. Ahh, I remember him, and you two are very alike." Kyle got scarred, he didn't have an uncle, not that he knew of anyway, "What uncle you ask? Well, he is more like your great-great-great-great-great uncle. I've heard your mother speak of him." He sat on the ground, it was soft, and cool, he was not used to this. "Who is my uncle, I don't remember momma talk 'bout him?" The strange lady stood, "Your uncle is the one you take after, you look like him, you act like him, you even talk and carry on like he did. His name, was Ray Doss." She held out her hand, and when he grabbed it to accept her help to get up, he felt a strange feeling inside himself, "It tickles, what is it?" He could barly talk through his giggling. "It is the power I gave you before you were born. The power destined to be yours one thousand years ago, on this day. I must go now, and you must wake up, my little Chosen One, Kyle Doss."

Kyle woke up the next morning, not sure what his dream meant, if it meant anything at all. He did not tell his mother, or his friends, and it was forgotten by the end of the day.


Well, the obvious question is this, "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON, PIK?" I can tell you now, this is a 3-part What If? Story about "What if Cordran had won the battle with the Gaurdians?" The next question offered is, "IS this kid really the Chosen One?" Well, if you know my style, I think you guess and be correct. This should be one of the better stories I've done. Later.