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Sword of Darkness: Part 13 or 14. (Don't know if the X's will have a # or not)

By: I.M. Pikallo


Okay, so as to not get royally chewed out like mac has been, I am writing mine ASAP. (I hope you guys are happy, I am having to write this while watching Star Wars Episode One.) Basically this is a brief interlude between battle fics. To sum it up, we have had some really funny ideas and never had a place to put them in, so we are throwing them into the 24 hour period between Shane's battle and the begining of the fight with Mewtwo. LET THE SILLYNESS BEGIN!


"Okay, we have 24 hours, what do we do," Shane asked with sadistic glee. After slapping him, I made my suggestion, "Why don't we get some sleep first? I am personally wasted after my battle. Man, I had no idea how much power my super-form drains." The chorus of "amens" confirmed similar dissent, so we each went to our rooms and sacked out for a few hours.

I woke up at my usual time, over an hour before anyone else. "Man, I have got to get over my early-riser genes." I suddenly had an inspiration for some pranks. Stepping outof my room, I found that Frag and Shane had taken rooms opposite each other, with a pot of coffee outside Frag's room, and a bucket of chocolate outside of Shane's. I moved silently, moving the coffee and chocolate so that they set in front of the other person's door. I was supprised to see mac come out of his room shortly after I was done, but he didn't seem to notice the movement of items. "So, Ray, what's going on?" I walked over to him, "Not much, we can't really do anything untill the other two get up. So I was about to turn on the tube." With that, I flopped on the couch and hit the remote. "Yeah baby, a Star Wars Marathon is on." Mac turned on the adjacent TV, "Oh, an anime marathon." Needless to say, those two phrases caused aninstintanious oppening of Frag's and Shane's doors. Shane's speech was slurred without his morning boost of brown gold. "Man, weere ish my chocolite." The two saw their goods by each others sides. That was when the fireworks began. "MEGALO-FRAG!" "MEGA-CHOCO!" Frag fired his W-Bombardment. Shane fired the Big 'ol Chocolate gun. Mac and I hid behind the couch and waited for the attacks to subside, but it was over in moments, the two had run out of energy in mere seconds.

After I explained the nature of my prank, the two accepted it as fact, though Shane still refuses to admit I do anything well, and Frag just took it in stride. We sat around the living room and traded war stories. I'm sure this would have looked funny, though, since Shane and I are only 20, and Frag and Mac are about 24. "So I go to sleep, and the guy ends up really being a vampire, a very hungry vampire. He was good, but I just transformed and whomped his but." Frag raised an eyebrow, "Isn't a full Chosen One a bit overkill for a simple vamp?" Shane shook his head, "No, he still had his ring, Ray merely changed into Supreme Gaurdian mode." Mac looked at the time, "Okay, enough of this, it's getting old." Shane decided to needle him some, "Aw, is Mac upset becuase he has no stories to tell?" Mac got flustered, "NO, I HAVE PLENTY OF STORIES TO TELL, THEY'RE ALL MUCH BETTER THAN YOURS!...I just don't want to make you feel uncomforatable." Frag laughed, "I just came up with the perfect analogy for mac. Mac, your the Silverbolt of our group, we don't laugh with you, we laugh at you. That's just the way you are." I was tempted to say something, but I dropped it. "So, what are we going to do? We still have 12 hours left."

Shane decided to go to Nexus Central Command to stay with that fairy chick he hooked up with during his battle with Navi. I have known him for 20 years, yet I have never seen him that serious around a beautiful woman since.....never. Well, he seemed to be sympathetic to Abbie when I introduced her to him, but that was different, he knew if he pimped on her I would kick his butt. I really don't know what he did during that time, but he came back a few hours later saying she was stable and seemed to be okay when she was awake. I hope he doesn't get too close to her until, well if, we beat Mewtwo. It's not good ediquiet to meet a girl and then die before you get to know her very well.

"DIE YOU LOOSER!" That was the scream that came from me while I unloaded my RCP-Moonraker at Frag. "OH YEAH, EAT SNIPER ROCKETS!" Doing a "run-up-the-wall-and-do-a-backflip" move that would have made Neo from Matrix jealous, I dodged the fly of rockets while switching to the Golden Gun, killing him instantly. Shane had Mac trapped in a corner, occasionally hosing the hall with his AR-30 assualt rifle, daring Mac to move down the hallway completly covered with his 'enemy gauged' proximity mines. I finally got sick of it and detonated the remote mines in the center of the hallway, finishing off Mac. Shane looked at me, "Who got that kill?" I was in a silly mood, so I cut out a big 'ol, "DEEZ!" "No way dude." I killed the hologram and saw a very pissed Mac and Frag. "Okay, I could see the two of you beating us maybe once or twice, but THIRTY TIMES? Do you guys sit and play Goldeneye everyday for several hours?" Shane smiled and nodded, "Yep, the only way we will not win is if the two of us fight each other. We are perfectly matched." I joined in, "Yep, the one factor for victory is what the weapon was, if it is explosives, Shane will win, if it is power or automatics, I will win. Any others, it is just pure luck. Man, it is hard to kill time with the time of your possible destruction waiting." Frag looked at the clock on the wall, "Yep, 4 hours left."

We basically spent the next four hours in meditation, prayer, training, more prayer, pranks, more prayer, Bible study, more prayer... I think you get the idea. When the time came, another Dragonite appeared and gave us another message, "Your 24 hours are up, you will follow the map implanted in this message to my arena. There, you will die at my hands, giving me the other two parts of the Sword that I need." As the Dragonite prepared to leave, Frag drew a gun, but Mac caught his arm, keeping Frag from shooting it down. However, no one noticed me reach behind my back and pull out a Tri-Rocket Launcher. (Yes the one from Jet Force Gemini) I hit the trigger sending out the three spiriling rockets at Dragonite. Well, to keep the gore down, let's just say that Dragonite was not going to get up again. Mac shook his head, "I will not even say anything about shooting the messenger, I FREAKING GIVE UP ON IT!"


Okay, I know it sucked, but we really needed a break from the current plot line. I mean come on, this is part 13! And that is not counting 5.5. 6:2&6:3, or the four "x's." Don't worry, at about part 30 this season will be over, I hope. Anywho, I believe Frag is next, so have fun everyone!