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DGF: Spin-Off Page

brought to you by: Your Good Pal Pikallo

Hey guys, instead of trying to cram the "What If?" series onto the season two page, I decided to just put all spin-offs on this page. You should also notice that I have place "Beginging of Zenith" on this page. Well, LOOK AT THE TITLE! Anyway, check it out.

Various Spin-Offs

  • DGF: What If?by: Well, Guess you fool!
  • DGF: What If? Part TwoBy: See above.
  • DGF: What If? Part Three By: Actually It was not me, try Bob.
  • DGF: What If? Part FourBy: Again, Bob.
  • DGF: What If? Part Five By: I'M BAAACK!
  • DGF: What If? Part SixBy: Bob "My blood is actually made of chocolate" Yankovic

  • As well, here is the Beginging of Zenith.

  • Begining of Zenith: Part 1By: Weird-Bob
  • Begining of Zenith: Part 2 By: Weird-Bob
  • Begining of Zenith: Part 3 By: Weird-Bob
  • Also, Hunt for Pioneer

    Hunt 1 By: I.M. Pikallo Hunt 2 By: I.M. Pikallo Hunt 3 By: I.M. Pikallo
    DGF: Ray meets AbbieBy: I.M. Pikallo