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Character Page

This is the page where you can see images, and brief histories of all of the Supreme Gaurdians and Destroyers. I will add stuff as I get it.


Bob, a Gaurdian of the Net before being recruited into the DGF. He is fly by the seat of your pants guy. But, hey, with a pal like glitch, why not? DIED IN COMBAT WITH CORDRAN!!


Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats. Is young at the begining, but he grows while in "suspended" animation. Goes through all of the trials of becoming the leader of the Thundercats, and then some. With the Sword of Omens, and the spirit of his grandfather, Jaga, he does okay. DIED IN COMBAT WITH CORDRAN!!

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker, raised as a farmer, trained in the ancient art of the Jedi. He destroys a Death Star, the Emporer, and saves his father from the Dark Side. Later becomes a Jedi Master and sets up a "Jedi Acadamy", finally marries the woman who swore ten years before she would kill him. Not bad.


Pikachu, need I say anything about the flagship Pokemon? He is only the cutest being in existance, and unless you are a Quaker sitting on the planet Pluto, you have heard of him. DIED IN COMBAT WITH CORDRAN!!

Son Gokou (A.K.A. Kacarroto)

Goku, thought to be just a boy with a tail. A REALLY STRONG boy with a tail. Turns out he is a Saiya-jin from the planet Veggita. He fights the Prince of Saiya-jins, Veggita. He fights the evil Emporer Freeza, the he becomes, the Legendary Super Saiya-jin. He is the only member of his race to reach SSJ level 4 naturally, Veggita must use a device called the "Brute Ray" to reach it. He is the most powerfull being in his dimension.(note, this picture was taken from the manga by Dr. Briefs, the owner of DG HQ, he had these images separate, but they are supposed to actually overlap a little, that is why they are not quite perfect.)


Cloud Strife

Was recruited into the Shinra's elite forces known as Soldier. He worked directly under Sephiroth, and when they went to Niblehiem, Cloud's hometown, Sephiroth goes skitzo and goes on a killing spree. After that, Cloud decides to become a mercenary, and finally finds himself back in the BIG city of Midgar. Cloud then finds himself with the "terrorist" group Avalanche. They are trying to save the world. Well, if you read Sephiroth's bio, you'll understand why I will not give any more plot info on FFVII.

Ryo of Wildfire (Hariel: Warrior of Light and Flame)

Ryo is not really the leader of the Ronin Warriors, he just gives the orders. His Symbol is that of Virtue. He can actually call upon two mystical armors, The Armor of Wildfire. (His Standard) and the Armor of Inferno. The second is actually all five Ronin Armors combined. I was not going to choose him, because the American Dub of his voice hurts my brain, but, I could not let go of an armor as cool as the Inferno.


Larry-Boy, is the local hero of Bumblyburg. He is somewhat incompetent, but the coolest of the Veggitales' Characters. His alter-ego; Larry the Cucumber, is just as cool. The Veggitales series is geared for 3-8 year olds; viewing audiance; 13-25. Go figure.

Shane McInnis

A seemingly normal human being born in Hickville Mississippi. He was trained at the NCC School of Trainees, and was sent to spy on the Destroyers. He spend a few years in the Maw, and even rose to the postion of Emperor's Hand. Drafted by Ulic Qel Droma and Exar Kun, he developed the H-Wing fighter. He was promoted to Supreme Gaurdian after Ray resigned. He can use the Force but after recent events, the amount is negotiable. With his new found powers, given to him by the Vortex, he can shape change and control any machine just by placing his hand on it.

Ray Doss

Born and raised in a "primitive" dimension. He was recruited in the academy and was the last of the current Supreme Gaurdians to be trained fully for that post. He turned out to be the "Chosen One", a person deemed to become a being raised in the Vortex's power. He could access an unlimited amount to Vortex power. But after his victory against the Destroyers, he lost all of his power, with the exception of three crystals. When Exar Kun returns, these crystals are super-charged. Even with that, though, he still cannot reach even 1/10th of his former power.

Kyle Katarain

Kyle is actually not a main-stream character. He is introduced in the "What If?" series as the Chosen One of Good. He is only 13, yet he is as powerfull as the cloned Ray. The unfortunate cause of his initial transformation to Chosen One form came when his mother was forcefully killed. After that, he trained with the Vortex, and later the cloned Gaurdians.

Fragraham Lincon

Frag was found useing an illegal, and antique, Vortex generator. After Defeating Kagato and using the choas to escape, Ray made it his personal mission to bring this fugitive to justice. After a battle, Ray lost contact with him, untill Mewtwo sarted his rampage. When the Gaurdians were unable to help, Ray turned to Frag's Renigade Force to help in the struggle. He is also bearer of the Ultimate Force.


Mac was a dimensional strandee in NCC, but somehow escaped. He has traveled the Vortex, and has tried to gain Gaurdianship, but if Shane has anything to say about it, he will never gain it. Mac is anylitical, more often that not to a fault. The rest of the Renigade squad believes he just tries to hard. Mac is a mysterious character, though. No one is sure if what his powers are. It is speculated not even he knows.



Mewtwo is an evil Pokemon from...Pokemon. He has tremendous Psychic powers, enhanced further by the Sword of Darkness and Lucifer's key. His entire goal is domination of the Vortex by his Super-clones; who are people he has made genetically altered clones that have much more power, with him as ruler. But not if the Renigade force has anything to say about it.

Seifer Alamasy

Super-cloned by Mewtwo to fight Ray. He is a member of Balamb Garden, and is a master of the Gunblade. His arrogance may prove his downfall.

Ultimate Destroyer Cordran

Cordran recieved the remaining ring that survived the battle with the Destroyers. After gaining its power, he grated it into a sword that could rip open the fabric of time and space. His power was tremendous, and grew afteer every battle. No one knew why untill the final battle, Ray realized that Cordran was the Chosen One of Evil; his dark counterpart. If Ray had not resurected all of the dead, Gaurdian and Destroyer alike, the battle would have turned in his favor. Cordran does die, but is found victorious in the "What If?" series based on What if Cordran had won. In this part, Kyle Katarain is the Chosen One of Good that is prophesised to come 1,000 years into Cordran's reign.


Evil Emporer that ruled from the planet of the same name. He was the most powerful being under his father and brother. That is untill he met his match in a "lowely and weak monkey." His name for the saiya-jin race. In a little man we all like to call, Goku. Who quite frankly tore him up. Later he was finally killed by another saiya-jin, Trunks, who is Bulma's and Veggita's son. For more info on Goku and Freeza, go to Dragon Ball HQ, you can find the link on the main page. (This is all 4 of Freeza's forms.)


Known by me and my friends as "Cold Heartless Bastard." (If you have made it past disk one of Final Fantasy VII, you know why.) He was created by Hojo to be the perfect soldier, so he became the leader of Soldier, Shinra's elite warriors, but later went renigade and was not heard of for over five years, till he comes back and kills Shinra. FINALLY BOB BEAT FFVII!!!!! Okay, this Bastard kills Areis, then goes on a complete rampage, I CANNOT GET OVER THIS DESIRE TO KILL HIM, EVEN THOUGHT I HAVE AT LEAST 10 TIMES!!!!!!! Well, at least he has a cool death scene.


The evil sorceror that ruled Third-Earth. That is untill the Thundercats arrived. He is constantly trying to either kill the Thundercats, take the powerfull Eye of Thunder, (the jem and power source for the Sword of Omens.) or both. He even recreates their homeworld of Thundera, in an attempt to find a way to destroy them.



Is actually a fusion of Megabyte and Hexadecimal. Meg and Hex are the viruses that try to take over or destroy Mainframe. When Meg is taken over by a Web-Creature, he and Hex merge. Gigabyte is actually stronger than Megabyte, but luckily it was to weak to access any of Hex's magic-like powers. It was Bob that had Gigabyte walk into a tear and then used Glitch to separate all of Gigabyte's parts. (This is Meg and Hex, I couldn't find a pic of Gig, if you do, tell me where..)

Gary Oak

He is just a regular jerk. He races Ash Ketchum for the title of the World's Greatest Pokemon Trainer. Most importantly, he wins. Ash hates him, so does Pikachu. Luckily in the game, you beat Gary out of his title in less than an hour.



I will say it now, Kirk is not evil, in fact he is the good-guy. BUT, I am a pure bred Warsie, a Star Wars equivilent to a Trekkie, so therefore, I must hate all that is Star Trek. I hope that I have made this clear, so Trekkies, I am just doing what I must, I needed an arch-villian for Ray.