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Dimentional Gaurdian Force Season Two

Episode Nine: Reinforcements?

By: W.Bob Yankovic

Well it has been a while since I have written so I am gonna state my opinion of disclaimers again. And appearantly no one had the intestinal fortitude to sue me for ripping off characters. So if guilt were gasoline, I wouldn't have enough to power a paramecium's Moped around the edge of an atom of hydrogen. So in other words, I do not care. Have a nice day.

I stood at our meet up spot for hours. Ray should have shown up a long time ago. I eventually decided to just go home. So I packed up my gear and hoped into a portal to Base. There I found some type of Vortex voice mail left by Ray telling me that he was fighting Cordran. So I figured he was dead. I was really ticked off at the fact that I wasn't there to help him, but come to think of it I wouldn't have been much help. So I was alone. I figured that the only way to kill this psychopath was to get the other Supreme Gaurdians out. And the only way to do that was to go back to Cordran's place. I didn't like the idea personally. So I opened our vault and began to see what I could get to help my chances. Hacking the system was out, due to the fact that I would probably not have enough time to power it down. So I looked for my favorite bin. No not the chocolate, the explosive. I pulled out ten thermal detonators and hung them on my belt. Then I strapped on every kind of explosive I could on to me. Next I set them to a life scanner. If my life force slpiied out of my body, BOOM! After about an hour of jury rigging dead man's switches I opened the portal back to Cordran's sheild generator.

I popped through the portal to find the whole place almost totally trashed. So maybe Ray put up a bigger fight than I thought. I ran over to the computer terminal and began to set up the detonators. I figured it was worth a try so I scanned for Ray's life sign with the Force. And to my surprise he was alive! But it looked to me like he was fixing to make an exit so I just piled on the explosives. I was just about to set them off and portal out when I lost Ray's sign. I hoped for the best. Then I flipped the switch and left. When I got back to base Ray was no where to be found. So the worst had happened, my best friend was dead. And it goes without saying that I was pretty cheesed off. I went over to the computer and scanned for the feild around NCC. My gamble had worked, the sheild was down. I just threw open a portal and jumped in.

I found myself in the ladie's room of the Grand Hallway of NCC. Don't ask me how I knew exactly where I was, that is a whole other story. I ran full speed to the bunks sending Force messages to Luke the whole time. I met him about half way and stopped. I figured that I would show him some of my new powers so I lifted him off the floor with the Force. "What? How? When?" he asked quickly. "Later," I said. I ran through the halls and gathered all the Supreme Gaurdians in the conferance room and explained the situation. "There is this psycho out there and he killed Ray," I said. Everyone gasped in horror at the statement. "Now we have to kill him before he kills all of us," I stated. Everyone agreed that we had to get rid of the guy, but no one had any idea of how to accomplish this feat. "We could use you as bait and lure him into one of his own little Vortex feilds," Goku finally offered. "Oh thanks, I always get to be bait," I commented. The plan seemed to work out in my head, but I exlained that Cordran wasn't that dumb. We had to find him ourselves and kill him when his back is turned. And the only way to do that was to use Luke and I to tap into the Force and track the evil that I felt when we first landed on the planetoid.

We split ourselves in half, Luke in charge of one group and me in charge of the other. My group consisted of Lion-O, Pikachu, Goku, and myself. Luke's group members were himself, Bob, Cloud, and Link who I had temporarily promoted to Gaurdian after Ray's death. Luke gave me a crash cource in the basics of Force use and after a while I found it much easier to use. So we set off. We complied a list of probable dimentions that Cordran could be using. My group was to search the first half of the target dimentions and the other half was for Luke. It seemed like another endless task.

We searched for what seemed ages. No one had experianced any success. Luke's team was already finished with their scan. It was a little harder for me to do long range scanning with the Force. We were on the next to last dimention when the cold wet fog of evil flooded over me. I looked down at the dimention display of my H-Wing and saw that I was in a Beta Dimention of some off the wall reality, the perfect place for Cordran to hole up in. "I have got something people," I said. "What is it?" asked Lion-O. "It is him," I said. Goku sent word to Luke to meet us and in a matter of moments they were in formation with us. "Luke, try to zero in on the source of the evil, that would be our man," I said. I myself tried to scan the alternate universe but didn't come up with much. "I know where he is," Luke said. We all followed Luke to a small planet covererd almost completely with water. There was only one main continent and a butt load of Islands. I scanned the continent and my heart jumped when a small miniscule flash of Ray's life-sign crossed my mind. "Ray is alive!" I screamed, "We have got to hurry!" I through my throttle to the max and sped toward a small city. All of the sudden a huge blast of energy 10 times stronger than any laser cut through the air. "Be alert, he knows we are here," Goku said. A series of duh's and no crap's followed.

We set down and ran at top speed to where we found Ray, bruised, beaten, and all around kicked up on, lieing on the ground. I ran over to see if I might be able to help him out a bit but unbeknownsed to me, Cordran was standing right behind me. And to top it off he wasn't detectable. Just as I knealt down to help Ray a large hand caught me across the back of the neck. "I don't think so McInnis, " Cordran said. "Let me go you SithSpawn!" I yelled. "Oh, you refer to the Sith, that weak race of luke-warm evil, do you," he said, "but let me inform you that the strongest Sith is not a match for my dog." Then he tossed me across the road. He stood in the middle of the small square and began to chant. He started to glow brighter and brighter. Finally he stopped and screamed at us, "I HOPE YOU ARE A BETTER CHALLENGE THAN THAT CHOSEN ONE!" We all just stood there. "We're screwed," we all said in perfect unison.