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Dimensional Gaurdian Force S2 Part 8: Doss Vs. Cordran; The BIG Battle

by. I.M. Pikallo


"I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!!" I was engulfed in a purple flame as I charged Corona. I was pumeling him before he realized I had moved. "How is it you have gotten more powerfull? You were not this powerfull before?!" I just kept hitting him. "You want an answer, I'll give it to you. I did not use my full potential. I held back, not wanting you to realize my full power." Okay, so I was lieing through my teeth, you think I was going to tell him THAT? He drew his sword, I followed suit. "DIMENSIONAL ULTRA POWER CRYSTAL, ACTIVATE!" "DIMENSIONAL SABER: BLADE OF THE CHOSEN ONE!" There we stood, I holding my sword in a defensive postion in front of me; him holding his sword parralel with the ground with the hilt at his shoulder. (Note, for those that have seen this part of FFVII {e-mail if you are not sure where I'm talking about} yes, that is where I got this.) We both moved at the same time, our blades connecting at speeds greater than light. I fell to the ground, a long gash running from my shoulder to my hip. Cordran stood, then his crystal shattered, flooding him with obscene amounts of Vortex energy. He seemed to implode, then when it settled, he stood there, with a HUGE power resonating from him. I took a step back, in sheer terror.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH I SHOULD THANK YOU DOSS??? You have increased my power a hundred fold. I know how I will reward you, with a quick death." He created a blade out of thin air. "Uh, oh. I am SSSOOO dead." I realized that if Shane was not done yet, we were dead anyway. So I did the smartest thing I knew to do; ran like a pure-bred coward. I just prayed that Shane had finished his end of the plan.

When I arrived at the new base Shane and I had agreed on, I fell into a chair and slumped down, all power drained. I fell into a deep sleep. (Dream Sequence)

I stood in a barren wasteland, nothingness all around. I walked around, saw, heard, or sensed nothing. I walked for what seemed like hours, till I saw a structure that looked like Nexus Centrall Command, but different. As I approached, all around me turned black, and I could feel the evil. I looked, and saw the NCC logo, but, this was not the Nexus Central Command I knew. I entered that building, and did not see anything that resembled my old home. It was dark, nearly abandoned. I ran into each room I knew people would be in, the last the Supreme Gaurdians' hall. Inside I could feel it get colder, and as I moved, I sensed the Vortex in use. I entered the door, and saw the exact opposite of what should be there, instead of the six people that are the leaders of the Dimensional Gaurdian Force, I saw a singel man, but one that seemed vaugly familliar. He adressed me, "Who dares intrude on my santioned ground? Are you here to feebly plead your world's saftey? That voice, it was HIM! "CORDRAN! DO YOU NOT REMEMBER ME?" He stood, with nothing but pure rage. "HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT NAME? THAT NAME DIED YEARS AGO!" I stepped forward. "You don't remember me? I was the one who nearly killed you, should have killed you." He looked at me, "There is no man who has ever come close to killing me, but one. And he died as noblely as a Gaurdian could have, he died fighting." I looked him in the eye, "What was his name?" "You surely have heard of him, my ultimate victory, the Chosen One Ray Doss."

I stood there in pure shock, he was talking of me. "How can you have defeated him? He would not have been defeated by you, and if he did, they other Gaurdians would have defeated you." "HA, the other gaurdians were weak, and, when McInnis had opened the shield, they all got trapped inside."

I woke up in a cold sweat, what could have happened. "Man, what a dream, was that just my subconcious, or was a preminition? I don't know, and can't tell." I stood and went to the window. It was a nice day, cool, bright, and silent. I went outside and sat beside a lake, hoping Shane was okay. I would not know untill he got back, IF he got back. I looked up, and saw a ship diving, then open fire on me! I jumped backward, then drew my blaster. "DIMENSIONAL BLASTER: VORTEX BEAM!" I fired and shot the ship down. I hoped that he did not get a message off, I found out in seconds he had. "Lower your weapon, and you will not be harmed." Bored, I dropped my blaster, but set it to only MY Gaurdian codes. Raising my hands, two beings came down and grabbed me. They led me to a large building, well, large on this world. I was taken to what looked like an interigation room. There was a guy there, he looked pleasent enough. Yep, this is an interigation room, and this is the worst kind. The guy becomes your buddy, then he plasters you to the wall, I should know, I have personnally done this before. "Okay, before we start, don't try this "be my best friend thing," it won't work, and if I know it won't work, this will just bore me to death." He looked hurt, but then steeled up fast enough. "As you wish, let's begin then. You seem to know the drill, so, tell me the answers you think I want." "I am here because I needed a change of scenery, I came from a planet very far from here, I have only been here a few hours, I don't know why I am in this interigation, or why I was attacked to begin with."

"As to why you were attacked, you were on sacred ground to us, our traditions dictate that we had to get you off of it. As to why you are here, you used alien technology to destroy our most powerfull class of ship. We had to capture you and find out how you did it?" "Well, I cannot tell you anything other than the fact that you don't want me to get mad at you and you should release me immediatly." We all shared a little laugh. Then I got up and left. When the interigator drew my blaster, a tone sounded, in the second he had to mentally produce my code, he got a large jolt of electricity. Raiseing my hand, my blaster flew to my hand. Now, it is not the Force, but small anit-gravity units inside that respond to a mental link through my crystals. When they saw this, they all dropped to the ground and got behind cover. I just walked out.

Okay, Weird-Bob Yankovic, get your fingers ready, this next one's a Shane-centered. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!