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Dimensional Gaurdian Force S2 part 7: Cordran Vs. Doss

by: I.M. Pikallo

Forget it.

I waited till Shane had left into the Vortex to reappear. I decided in the mean time to take a time out and heal. I heard him scream out, "I WILL FOLLOW YOU TO THE ENDS OF THE UNIVERSE," then decided to make my appearance. "I don't who you are, but, you apparantly know who I am. How?" He turned with absolute shock evident on his face. "Where did you go?" "Me, I went nowhere, so you apparently have underestimated me, now back to MY question, how do know of Shane and me?" He had this look that told me he was debating on attacking me, or gloating, luckily for me he chose the later. "I know more of the Gaurdian Force than I know of you, for you see your people destroyed not only my family and planet, but nearly my entire dimension. I was there when it happened. (Okay, invision a flash-back sequence.) I was but a boy. I saw my father and mother go to stop these strange beings that came and destroyed all, but, they were no match. I ran, as any boy would, but I swore vengance. I was found by the Destroyers, and recruited. But, they were weak, never able to defeat you, so I left. I stayed here and gained power. When I had heard that the Legendary Chosen One had appeared, then Kun had taken over my old team, I was sure you and your people would die at his hands, it seemed I was mistaken, and so the ring split and went to their next holders. Again I was certain not even the Chosen One could defeat this group, and again I was wrong. This brings me to the present, I am sure you thought that you had destroyed all of the rings, if so, you are wrong, one ring survived the onslaught you rendered." He held up his sword, "Here it is."

I stood shocked, that is how he did it, his sword is a Dimensional Crystal. Amazing, he had formed his sword from a pure cystal. "So, that is how you nearly killed me, your sword is made of Vortex energy. Very good, and making it do damage equal to the threat they pose you was ingenious, and very, very stupid." He looked outraged, "HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT, I WILL SMITE YOU NOW TO PROVE YOU WRONG!" Instants before the blade hit, I transformed back into my normal form, and then the blade passed through me without hitch. I smiled wickedly at him, "You cannot hurt me with that blade now." He smiled back, "Neither can you," Standing, I held out my sword for his inspection. "You see those bulges at the tips of each blade, those aren't gems placed there for decoration, they are each NATURAL Dimensional Super Power Crystals, this blade has more Vortex power than most people can comprehend." "Very good, allowing yourself to lose your power, but still allow yourself the ability to attack. But, it was unwise to lower yoUR DEFENSES!" He lunged, but my blade almost moved by itself, blocking the blow. "Now, let's dance." I did a backflip and threw my sword in a defensive postion behind my back, anticipating the next strike. "You know, we have never formally introduced ourselves. I am Supreme Gaudian Ray Doss, the Chosen One." He didn't slow his assault, "And I am Ultimate Destroyer Cordran." "Nice to meet you, now if you do not mind answering this qustion, Why do you parade around as Exar Kun?" "It's quite simple really, I used it as a way to disquise my true identity." I stood, withdrew the blades in my sword, and stepped back, "I must now take leave of you. Farewell." I opened a portal and hoped Shane had gone to our previous base.

I was glad I closed the portal as soon as I stepped in, becuase I felt the energy beam close in on me. You know, this guy really has an identity crisis, one moment he is talking like a gentelman, then next he is a deranged pyschotic killer. Oh, well, as long as he doesn't try to follow me.

Shane nearly jumped out of his skin when I came tumbling out of the portal. "You have got to STOP THAT! I nearly spilt this chocolate pudding. So, where were you?" I reclined on the sofa, "I was were you left me. I did find out some things, though." He sat up slightly, but still devoured the pudding, "Like?" "His name for starters, calls himslef Cordran. Oh, that sword is a pure Vortex Crystal. That is why he nearly disected me." Shane pondered that, he had finished the pudding, so he needed some chewing gum for that brain. "If that is his name, why does he pretend to be Kun?" Stretching, I relaxed furthur, "He claims it is to hide his identity, I say it's because Kun DID "download" his essence into that ring. After it spilt, Kun lost his collective consious, well, they fused back together when the Destroyers fused, that had to be the ring that surrvived. Anyway, he gets this ring, allready has pathological hatred for the Gaurdians, then Kun "uploads" himself into this guy. Nice little symbiotic relationship if I say so myself." "NICE?!?!?!? HAVE YOU SNAPPED, THIS GUY COULD KILL US ALL!! HE EVEN TORE YOU UP, AND YOU WERE FULLY POWERED UP!" I got up and grabbed a soda, "No, I wasn't. You haven't seen me go to full power. I merley used all three gems. I didn't power them up all the way, in fact, I can't do that at will. It has to come with unholy amounts of rage. I may be able to beat him at full power. I may not." Shane looked really happy, "Yeah, you are really helping to boost my feelings about the success of this operation. Love you too, buddy. "Well, what do you propose we do?" I walked over to the holoprojecter. "This is his dimension, and from what you said about the network, taking this base, we could cause a massive enough power failure to knock out NCC's shield. I can take Corona, I have proven I can at least hold him at bay. You can hack the system, I will give you as much time as I can. The rest of that is up to you. If we can get NCC open, we can get out the rest of the Gaurdians. That will give us a boost of fighters." Shane looked better, "Yeah, 200,000 is different, and better, than 2." I stood up strait, "However, we may not have long. I need you to hop into NCC as soon as the sheild drops. Open a portal before you finish the shut-down if you feel the need. Don't spend time on it though, just open un-calculated portal, should take you strait to NCC."

I stood in the same room I had not three days prior. "Corona, do you feel like Round 2?" I saw a shadow appear, then it seemed that the fabric of space had been torn. I saw Cordran standing there, holding his sword, he had used his sword not to open a portal, but literally cut a doorway into the Vortex. "Nice entrance, very intimidating." He had a smug smile, "Coming from the Chosen One, I'll take that as a compliment." Good, he is in his bragging gentelman mood. "So, you feel you can take me again?" He drew his sword in response. "I hope you don't mind my taking that as a 'yes'. Now, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! DIMENSIONAL SABER, BLADE OF THE CHOSEN ONE!" There we stood, each waiting, me hoping that Shane was getting that shield down, him, I have no idea. He moved forward with speed like I had not seen, I simply let my sword move, knowing he could not hurt me unless I transformed, but, I loss a great deal of ability to harm him as well. He seemed to realize I would not transform, so he fired beams of energy out of his blade. "BLADE, FULL POWER, TRI-SHEILD!" The triangle of energy that formed between the three crystals deflected the blasts. "You seem more powerfull, how?" I just stood there thinking, "Come on Shane, I can't keep this up forever." He tried all sorts of attacks, then he settled on one, a pure brawl. Well, I cannot fight when I am not transformed. So I got killed. When I was near death, I decided I had to do something. "I give, you win!" "No, this is to the death." He thought, "How is the weakling the Chosen One? He cannot ever hold his own against me. I guess I am more powerfull than even I thought." I took the last of my energy to concentrate on my arrogance. "How dare he try to defeat me? I am the Chosen One! I WILL BEAT HIM!" Standing with unhuman speed and new strength, I stood there. "Do you know who I am? I am Ray Doss, I was trained in martial arts by the Legendary Super Saiya-jin Son-Gokou, I was trained to in swordsmanship by Cloud Strife, I was trained in leadership by Lion-O Lord of the Thundercats, tought tactics by Bob the Gaurdian. I was also schooled at Nexus Central Command's Acamdemy to be a Supreme Gaurdian." I raised my righ hand in a fist, "I was also chosen before birth by God to rid the Vortex of all evil." I looked up, "Dimensional Vortex, I ask you for your power once again, I call upon the three powers given me." Holding out my right hand, "I call upon the power of MIGHT!" My left hand, "I call upon the power of LIFE!" Then looking down, "I call upon the power of SIGHT!" Then on my hands navy blue fingerless gloves appeared, in the middle, were the crystals, on my forhead was a bandanna with a crystal on it. Then my uniform appeared on me. "Corona, I will not let you leave this place unhurt, you may not leave alive. Do you want to know why? I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!!!"

Okay, tune in next to see what happens to Ray and CorDran.