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Dimensional Gaurdian Force (S2) Part 4: Where the Heck am I?

by: I.M. Pikallo

No disclamer. (I refuse to explain)

As I stood at the entrance to the 15th Kun base I had been to, I wondered when would I reach a base that had more than a skeletan crew, and acctually had more information than the base that gave them the orders. Oh well, no time like the present. I got in the door and realized my wish may have been answered. I was glad I set up a cloaking sheild, or else they would have seen me. The place was literally crawling with warriors. No, I mean they had bug-like warriors that were walking on the walls. I had to walk/fly slowly to make sure I did not brush up against someone. I got a good ways before I was able to walk at a normal pace, and drop my shield. I still kept my hands on my blaster and saber, though. I did not feel like trying to fight all of these guys at one time. I found what appeared to be a computer room, then wished I had Shane with me becuase I found that my limited hacking skills didn't make a smudge on their system. I was lucky enough not to set off any alarms though. I decided to see if I could find the hard records, THAT I could break into. I found two maps of the place, one looked brand new, but it was the older one that interested me. On the older one was a passage that was not placed on the new one. Now, I am a curious person, so I followed the older map, and sure enough found an old, unused, passage. I say it is unused because my computer did not pick up the bio-electric residue given off by living organisms being in an area. It was not long before I found out why.

I was in a large cooridore. I was about halfway down it when I realized that it appeared a WHOLE lot darker than it was when I first entered. In fact, before I took ten more steps, it was pitch black. At first I thought nothing of it, in fact, it wasn't untill I had tried all means I had to create light; even firing energy blasts and using various magic spells; that I began to worry. It was about the time that I began to get worried that I thought I felt a tap on my shoulder. Then I felt another, more powerfull one, then another one, then another. I was getting the ever living snot beat out of me when I realized that the darkness must be an illusion. I balled my hands into fists, then I placed them at my temples, "SIGHT CYRSTAL ACTIVATE!" I was engulfed in a wave of silluete looking shapes, but I could not see any of them clearly. I focused on one point, and could see it clearly. I widened untill it became pretty wide, but, it got less clear around the edges. The best discription I can give you is this, go out in the woods when it is cloudy and in the middle of the night. So that there is no natural light. Then turn on a flashlight. The flashlight beam is like the area I could see in; clear in the middle, hazy on the fringes. I could see the things attacking me, they looked like little bats crossed with a thorn bush. I tried to attack them, but I was not fast enough. I knew that if I activated the might crystal, I could beat them. BUT, I would not be able to see them because I can only have one crystal on at a time. Also, I could put up a shield and run. But again, I would have no idea where I was headed. This was quite a predicament. I had to do something though, I was about to pass out with the pain. I finnally fell face first on the ground, and prayed like I had never prayed before. "God, if you deem it fit, HELP ME!"

I got up, and heard a voice say to me, "Chosen One." It took a few minutes for me to realize that was the voice of the Vortex body Shane and I had spoken to before. "You have asked for help, God chose me to answer you. You are the Chosen One, regardless of what has happed before, or will happen. That in mind, you must decide where to go from now on. I can only give hints, you have the answer inside, you just needed help to find it. Farewell." I was still being pelted with these creatures as I tried to figure out what the point to the message was. I got frustrated because I could not figure it out. As well, I was about to snap with these pests hitting me. I finally got up, balled my fist, and screamed. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN?? I CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT! AND YOU PESTS, LLLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAAAVVVVEEEEEEEE MMMMMMEEEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAALLLLLOOOOONNNNNEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I suddenly felt a surge of power, and it was like God had taken over my body. I moved without trying. The three cyrstals in my body began to glow, as if about to activate. I extened my right hand and screamed, "MIGHT CRYSTAL, ACTIVATE!" Then my left, "LIFE CRYSTAL, ACTIVATE!" Then finally my hands went to my temples, "SIGHT CRYSTAL, ACTIVATE!" I lifted my hands, and screamed out, "I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!"

I felt like I had regained my powers when I heard the voice again. "You have unlocked the final stage of your new powers. You can only go to 100% power when you are under very extreme emotions, and, when you need it. If you try to use all three cyrstals otherwise, your body will be destroyed. I am proud of you, I was not wrong in choosing you to fullfill the destiny of the Chosen One. You no longer need my help, you have the power, and favor from the Lord. You can do anything you must do if you put your mind to it, and your faith in God." I looked at the bat-things, "Okay, you've had your turn, now it is MY turn." I drew my saber. "Blade of the Chosen One." I sliced the first half of them into tiny peices, then fried the rest with energy blasts. I walked down the rest of the hallway and entered the room at the end. I zipped around it to make sure that there were no more enemies waiting for me, then transformed back into my normal form. I walked aroud slower this time. I found that this WAS the hard-copy storage room. I walked around, looking to see if there was a directory. I found it, and found a whole shelf on Kun. So, I decided to look at it. I found out about his past, up to the point that he was "killed" by me. Though it has looked like he is truely alive.

I spent nearly a day looking at the various files. But, all I found was information that I allready had on my computer. I was bout to give up, when I noticed something I had not seen before, a reference to another file. I found the file number, glanced at it, then my knees buckled and I nearly fell. I sat down and read over it very carefully. It detailed Kun's various projects; including Shane's Vortex nullifier, the plan to take over Nexus Central Command, and various others that seemed trivial, all except one. This one listed Kun's theory about using the Force to throw his essence out of his body; a technigue the Emporer, and now that I think about it; Kun himself used. But this one was much more sinister than just moving between bodies, it involved Kun moving his essence into a power ring, in fact, a power ring that was 7 grafted together. This is becoming more disterbing by the minute. Could Kun have sent his essense into the ring he was wearing before I destroyed his body? If so, how did he survive when it split back into it's original seven? I guess these are questions I should adress at a later date, becuase I have got to find to Shane, and fast.

I did continue to look through the files, and found several places Shane could be. But one stood out more than the others, the central Destroyer Library. It just seemed to be the type of place that screamed Shane target. So I logged the location in my computer, copied all of the new information on Kun, as well as the other base locations in case I did not find Shane at the library. I got up and left.

I exited the portal and saw something that confirmed my thoughts that Shane was at this library; three H-Wings. Shane is the only person who knows where the few remaining fighters are located. As I got to the door, I found what appeared to be a lightsaber-cut hole in it. I also noticed what looked like bomb residue, and got a trace of magic use as well. That meant that the people that entered had not done so long ago. I noticed what looked like two robots, and backwash from an energy attack. I finally got to the final door, and felt and awesome power behind it. I tired several different attacks, but none would break down the door, so I activated the Might Crystal to boost my power, and powered up my saber to it's max, forming a purple energy triangle between the three cyrstals. I sliced a man-sized triangle into it, then launched a Vortex blast to knock out the inside of the cut, then saw Shane, and what appeared to be Link and Locke fighting a giant griffen, and losing.

Okay, I have decided to quite these stupid "What will happen?" questions. HEY, YOU! YEAH YOU, QUITE THE CHEERING! Instead I will just say, to be conituned, or some other cliche`d phrase of the sorts. Later.