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Dimesional Gaurdian Force S2 Part 2: Mysterious Allies

by: I.M. Pikallo

No disclamer.

When we exited the portal, we found ourselves before a giant door. Shane tried to walk to it, but he was thrown back into the wall. Then a booming voice asked, "Who dares to enter this sacred realm?" I stepped forward. "I am Supreme Gaurdian Doss, the Chosen One. I come seeking the assistance of your master. Will I be seen?" "Go forth Chosen One." The door opened slowly, allowing us into the ajoining hallway. We walked for several minutes till we came upon a huge room with a single figure in the center of it. Shane looked at me, "Is this who we came to see?" I kept walking, "Yes, now be quite."

When we got close enough to see the being clearly, Shane gasped at her beauty. She stayed where she was and greeted us, "I have been expecting you, Chosen One, and your friend. I belive you have come to ask of my assistance." It was not asked as a question, but stated as a fact. Shane was still in a state of near gawking when I stepped forward. "You are correct, I have come to ask of your assistance. Will we recieve your help?" In responce she stood and walked over to me, "Give me your crystals." Well, I did. When she recieved them they began to glow with an awesome power. Then she motioned with her hand and one crystal embeded itself in my right hand, "This crystal is now deemed the 'Crystal of Might.' It will enhance your strength, speed, and endurance ten times that of a normal crystal." Then, another went into my left hand. "This crystal is now the 'Crystal of Life.' It will allow you to heal any wound, bring forth protective shields, and can bring to life the recently dead who did not die of natural causes." The final one went into my forehead. "This crystal is now deemed the 'Crystal of Sight.' It will enhance your senses ten times that of a normal crystal, it will also allow you to 'see' through illusions, and you can sense Vortex energy being used in the dimension you are in."

Shane, who had reganed his composure long enough to be slapped back into senselessness, managed to say, "H.H.H.H.oowww did she do that??!" I looked at him, "Haven't you figured it out? This is an embodiment of the Vortex's power. That is why I brought you here, to let her increase out power so we can fight this fight alone." "That is correct ,Gaurdian McInnis, now, let me have your ring." When she had Shane's ring, it began to glow with its new power. When she gave it back, she grabbed his hand, then he began to glow. "You now have the ability to change your shape into any person, animal, or object. If you change into a living being, you will change your DNA to match your form. As well, you can now touch any computer and take over its functions." Shane stepped back, "Whoa, cool." I landed a hard blow in his side after that. "Now, you two must leave, I have held this form for as long as I can, when you leave, this place will cease to exist. But, remember this, anything you do in your home dimension, will affect all others." I looked at her funny, "How is that?" "It is know to very few, but, I sent you, The Chosen One, to the dimension I did because it is THE ALPHA dimension. All other realities spawn off of it. Now you must leave, farewell. I will be there for you if you will just call upon my power." Shane looked like he was about to say more, but, she motioned us to leave. So we left out of the hallway we came in at, then through the door, then into the awaiting portal.

"So, we have these new, cool powers, but, we still can't get into NCC?" I looked at Shane in our temporary base. "Nope, we can't. Not as long as this shield is made of an energy that we don't know of. But, we can still try to find out where Kun has his base. And then, find out if it is even Kun, and not some imposter. I really don't belive that it is Kun." Shane sat up some more, "I agree, Kun could not have survived that blast, we felt the repercussions of it at NCC. But, how can we find him?" I got up and got a drink, "This is how. I can now sense Vortex power being used in a dimension. I will go to each known dimesion and scan for Voretex use. Then, while I am doing this, you will use your new skills to try to get into Kun's army. If I find them, I will contact you, then you will break in. If you find them, you will join and then contact me to moniter you." I could tell the gears in Shane's head were working over-time. "Glad I was allowed in the diliberations over this, love you too, buddy. But, your right, this is the best way to do this. I just wonder if we can do it any faster. There are hundreds of dimensions for you to scan, and it takes you two days to scan a dimension in it's entirety." He got up and got his own drink, and I think he thinks he got that peice of chocolate without my knowing, but, I didn't press. So we had a plan, now to go about the LONG and drawn out process of making it work.

Well, I entered several dimension and did not find any use of Vortex energy. In fact, I went into nearly 200 before I found anything. That is over a year's worth of searching. Though, I did lose about 20 pounds, and am able to run farther and faster than ever. Though the acctual inter-dimensional travel didn't do it, it was the long walks I spent scanning these dimensions. When I did find something, I went in the direction of it, portal hopping to go between planets. I finally found a sub-base of my enemies. When I went inside, I found that security was very lax, but, they also thought that all of the Gaurdians were locked in NCC and, who would know that they were there. I was able to get about halfway past the gaurd before he spotted me. "Hey, who are you?" "Me, I am uh, a new recruit." "Strange, we don't get new recruites here, we only get scientist." He lowered his rifle at me, "Now, let's go see the boss and see what he says." I raised my hands, then walked to a room with about ten guys. "Tell me," the lead guy asked, "Who are you, and what are you doing here?" Well, I had ten rifles pointed at my head, guess what I did. "My name is John Aruva, I was sent here to join your team." The lead man stood, "Why do you lie to me, we have not been alerted of a new addition, as well, we are allready over-staffed. You have one more time to answer us." I raised my binded hands, "I will tell you, but, only if you untie my hands, these things are chaffing, and you have allready determined that I am unarmed." He agreed, and as I rubbed my wrists, I looked up, "Thank you. For signing your death certifivate." I jumped to my feet, threw out my right hand, "MIGHT CRYSTAL ACTIVATE!" They all fired at me, but, I was not where they fired. "Come now guys, you must have better aim to kill a Supreme Gaurdian." They apearred dumbstruck. Good. "How can you be a Gaurdian, they are all stuck in their base. We are part of the sheild system." He suddenly shut his mouth, so, I figured that he didn't mean to say that. "Now listen, if you boys be nice, let me tie you up, keep you from making any transmissions. I won't kill you when I destroy this base. So, die now, or live a few more days, maybe more."

So, I destroyed the base, and found out the location of a higher up base in the chain of command. I just wonder what Shane is doing. Because I haven't been able to get a hold of him for nearly a month. But, I guess he is okay, he can take care of himslef. I have this strange feeling that he is doing his part of the plan okay.

So, will Shane do it? We don't know, Bob-Yankovic (they guy that does the Shane centered fics) is not at home this weekend. So, he can't write the next fic untill he gets back. Well, I will post it when I get it. Later