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by: Pikallo

Allright, all of you who are waiting for the final fight with Cordran, well, here it is. This one should catch you off-gaurd. HEY, YOU, YEAH YOU, STOP CHEERING, YOU KNOW YOU LIKE THIS SEASON! (Pulls out sword and makes person sit down) Okay, now that is over, anyway, here it is.

"Well, Gaurdians, here it is, the time we promote the next Supreme Gaurdians, then we go and defeat Cordran." I stepped up to Link, "Link of Hyrule, do you now take this ring and all the responsibilities associated with it?" He extended his hand in response, so I placed the ring of his finger, and noticed three triangles flare up on his hand, then it hit me, he bares the full Triforce. Good, he will need it. I walked over to Ryo, "Ryo of Wildfire, do you do all the things I asked Link?" He extended his hand, and when he did, I saw the symbol of Virtue appear on his forehead. Stepping up to Larry. "Yeah, yeah, I accept, just one question." I raised my eyebrow. "Uh, where do I put the ring?" My jaw dropped as I realized, he has no fingers, for that matter, he doesn't have any hands, he's cucumber. I yanked out one of his plungers, and shoved the ring on the handle of it. "Hey, OW! Okay, I guess that will work." Shaking my head, I turned to the crowd, "Okay, if we are to beat Cordran, we need to go all out, all of us. Unlike the last assault, we will all be in on the attack. Now, if you don't want to be part of this mission, we understand, any of our chances of survival are slim to none-what-so-ever. All medical personel will remain here, as well as maintnence and shipping staff members. Other than that, I request all of you go. Now, there will be no plans, just stay in your teams. I am telling you now, your attacks will be like a fly buzzing in his face, but, that will distract him for us," I motioned to the other Supreme Gaurdians, "As well, if you go all out every so often, we may begin to hurt him." I got down, and sat in the chair designated for me in the Council Ring. "Now, go and sleep, rest and eat up, you'll need your strength." With that dismisal, they all left to their areas of Nexus Central Command.

When they left, Larry made the comment, "We're gonna die." Shane glared at him, but said nothing, I was just glad he waited till they left to say it. I layed my head on my hands, "The saddest part is, I agree with him. We have not faced a foe THIS powerfull, I don't even know if there has been anyone that powerfull, not even the Chosen Ones. We need more people, but, I can't pull any more out, or NCC will not function at all, and we need to keep it up for interdimensional shipping; if nothing else. I just wish we had more people to do this with." Everyone just looked at me, Link stated the obvious question, "Over 1,000 people is not enough!?" I raised my head slightly, "You were there, we all went all out, and he was barely scratched, and then he ki..kill.. HE KILLED THEM WITHOUT REMORSE OR EFFORT!" If these were not my friends, I may not have lost it like that, but, I couldn't help it. "I was too sure of my power, I got cocky after defeating the Destroyers and Kun. I thought anyone that was foolish enough to take me on was just asking for a quick death. It all went to my head, and it cost Pikachu, Bob, and Lion-O their lives." I broke down after that, at least the others didn't acuse me of what I had just confessed.

Well, you never know how much good a restfull sleep and a good meal will do you, untill you need them. I had, however had a weird dream, one that did give me an idea. So, before I left to conduct the training for the upcoming battle, I made preperations for my little suprise for Cordran.

After all the preperations we could do were finished, everyone was assembled in thier quick-exit portals. The last to assemble, though the first to leave, were the other Supreme Gaurdians. I let them sleep, knowing we would take the brunt of the battle. When everyone was assembled, I gave the order to leave. On a seperate channel, I gave the order for the "other" group to leave as well.

We arrived on an island, Cordran had apparently prepared for us; this island used to be a contentant larger than Asia. I noticed a figure sitting on what looked like a thrown in the center. "Welcome, oh, by the way, your a little late, I figured you would have shown up by now. No matter, your deaths will come soon enough. But, as I'm sure you know, I am a busy man, so, do your little transformations and let's get this over with." Okay, that has got to be the most non-chalant way of openning a battle I have ever seen/heard. "Well, we are not one to dissapoint our 'freinds,' GAURDIANS: POWER UP!" Directly behind me, I heard them, "DIMENSIONAL SUPER POWER RINGS!, DIMENSIONAL POWER RINGS!, DIMENSIONAL DEPUTY BADGES!: ACTIVATE!!!" "Well, no time like the present. Vortex, I call upon your power, by the sacred gems given me, I CALL UPON THE POWERS OF MIGHT, LIFE, AND SIGHT!! FOR; I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!!!!!" As I waited, nothing happend to me. "Wha, wha, wha, WHAT!? Where is my power, my gems, they don't work! But, why?" Even before, I needed my ring to go through an initial transformation, so why would they not work now? Even Cordran seemed shocked, "Well, it appears that is one less Gaurdian I have to deal with. Not that a weakling like you could make much difference. You are just a pitiful boy, you've had your '5 minutes of fame,' now it is time for my ETERNITY!" Raising his fist, he sent out a shock-wave of power that knocked us all back, "Now, run little boy, let the men fight, well, the man and ladies." If he had not called me boy, then insulted my friends, I may have just left, pride and self-confidance shot out of the saddle. But, something inside me snapped, I'm not sure what, or what he said that actually did it, but, I had never felt such pure, uncensored rage. "CORDRAN, I AM NOT A BOY, I WILL NOT LEAVE, I WILL NOT LET YOU FIGHT THEM ALONE!" I regained my composure, "I am still the Vortex's Chosen One, regardless of whether I have obscene power, I am still alive, I am still the one that was sent to rid the universe of people like you. So, LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!"

At that, everyone lept foreward and assualted Cordran, even me. Of course, he went after me first, and knocked me unconcious first. As the battle raged on, I layed there, not quite out-cold, not quite awake fully. I got stepped on, hit in the face from blown up fragments of pavement, and thrown into the ocean by a huge blast. THAT woke me up, the water had iceburgs floating in it, so, I woke up real quick. As I crawled on the bank, I saw that half our force was down, and that everyone else was beaten badly. I realized it was time for drastic measures, I got up and ran to the area Cordran and the others faught. But, the energy flying around formed a wall of power, one I could not break through. I stood there, stunned, it was then that I fully excepted we would loose. I had the nagging thought, but, I never admitted to myself we could loose, and here we were, and we ARE loosing. I began to shake, partly with rage, partly with fear, but completly because of what was going on. I stepped back, and realized what I must do. I closed my eyes and extended my arms, on my right side a blue copy of me appeared, this represented my human half, on my left, a red copy of me, representing my Vortex half. I moved my hands together, and the two became one. I then moved my hands to my chest, bringing the figure into me. I felt the power rise, rise higher than it had ever had. I burst through the field and into the arena, slamming Cordran down and causing blood to spew through his nose and mouth. He got up, but slowly. "How did you get this power? You can't even use your crystals, how did you get power?" I just stood there, I lowered my hand over my computer, sending out the signal that would call in my reserve team. "Cordran, I just sent for the little suprise I cooked up for you." Almost on a cue, several portals opened, and out stepped the new team.

There stood the most unlikely crew to help the Gaurdians, Ulic Qel-Droma, Freeza, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Gary Oak, Kirk, Sephiroth, Gigabyte, Mum-Ra, Emporer Talpa, Ganondorf, and Larry-boy has no real enimies. As well, out stepped the other Dragon Ball Warriors, the other Ronin Warriors and the Warlords, the Jedi of past present and future, the members of Avalanche, the Thundercats, and all of the Pokemon in existance. But, the most suprising were the spirits of Bob, Pikachu, and Lion-O. The Destroyers spoke up first, "Cordran, our society was created to oppose the Gaurdians, not to literaly destroy or rule all of reality. In death, we have learned that it was the bitterness held toward the good Dimensional Traveler that caused the evil to form the Destroyers. We are now here to stop you, for you are not carrying out your purpose, as the Chosen One of the Destroyers."

I had a smile on my face, my dream had told me that there was never one "Chosen One" but actually two. This is because there cannot be a pinacle of Good without a pinacle of Evil, however, since I was the first Chosen One of Good that actually mastered his power, the one of Evil had not arisen till now. That was on the erased part of the file I read before the big fight with the Destroyers. As well, if I were to win, the universe would fill with peace, and the Destroyers we know now would not reform. On the other side of that, if I lost, the same would be true for the Gaurdians. So it all boils down to this one fight, over a hundred millinia all for the next few minutes. (Okay, enough plot, onto the good stuff)

Everyone began to power up, Goku fused with all of the warriors from his dimension, including Freeza, and began to power up a HUGE spirit bomb. Cloud led all of his people in casting W-Summon Knights of the Round, while Sephiroth used Super Nova. Ryo formed the Armor of Inferno using the Ronin Armors, then formed a new armor by adding the four Warlords' to it. Luke and the Jedi focused all of their power together, Pikachu had all the Pokemon charge up all of their attacks, and so on. (I know this is getting SO old, I am getting bored typing it.) Shane and I stood side by side, and began powering up our ultimate attack Heaven's Tribulation. Cordran waited patiently, he even yawned a few times, "Are you quite done yet, don't you realize I am mearly waiting for you to attack to show you that I am superior in all ways?" When I got the nod signifiying readiness, I screamed, "CORDRAN, YOU ARE POWERFULL, I CONSENT THAT, BUT, WE FIGHT WITH A CAUSE, WE HAVE TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND LIFE BEHIND US, YOU ONLY HAVE DEATH. AND DO YOU REALIZE THAT WHEN ALL HAVE DIED, YOUR POWER CEASES? WE WILL ONLY GROW IN POWER AS WE COMPLETE OUR GOAL, YOU WILL GET WEAKER WITH EACH LOSS THAT CANNOT COME BACK! EVERYONE, NOW IS THE TIME! ATTACK WITH ALL YOU HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Goku flung the spirit bomb, Cloud summond his attack, Ryo used all of his and his friends power through his armor, Luke and his Jedi sent out all of the Force power they could, Pikachu and the Pokemon launched an all out assault. Finally Shane unleased Heaven's Wrath, while I used Tribulation, when that was done, Cordran stood there in disbelief, "h.h.h.h.h.ow did you defeat me? could you defeat me?" I stepped foreward, "I, no, We won not because of our power, but because of our unity, we were one, with one goal, with one mind, and with one strenght, you did not win because you relied upon yourself only, and no one can survive on their own." I turned, and the others did so, leaving in turn to thier homes, but, Cordran was not done yet, when only I remained, he got up, not very quickly, and not very surely, but he got up. "Doss, you haven't won yet, I will still kill YOU." With that, I looked at him, here it was, Chosen One of Good, vs. Chosen One of Evil. He powered up his natural Vortex Power, while I did mine, "Doss, you cannot win, I have defeated you, even with your friends helping you, I am the TRUE Chosen One." I just moved my hands powering up my "end of show gun," Dimensional Omni-Power Blast. "So, you still think you can win? I WILL MAKE YOUR DEATH SLOW AND PAINFULL!!!" He charged, firing Vortex blasts wildly, I placed my hands in front of me, "Dimensional," he redoubled his effort, "Omni," he got more determined, "Power," his eyes grew wide as he realized he was about to lose, "Blast," he formed a huge blast and threw it, "FIRE!" Our beams connected halfway, neither gaining ground. He kept it up, slowly his beam pushed mine back, he smiled at this small victory, like he was about to win. I simply unleashed my full power, and my beam plowed right through the middle of his, and I watched in satisfaction as he disentigrated, at least this time I didn't hear obsesive screaming about how a child defeated him.

We sat in NCC, all of us healing up, and all of us glad it was finally over, and this time, it was for real.

Well, how was it? This is the final chapter of this part of Dimesional Gaurdian Force. This may be the final Main-Stream DGF chapter. However a Season three is possible if I feel people actually care. For now, it will slack off greatly, I will probably begin writing a series that will detail Ray's adventures in the different dimensions, but, these will be mostly self-insertions. I again want to thank those who have helped in the making of this, especially Iasis and Bob, they are the ones who threatened me with bodily harm if I did not write some more. As well, I thank Bob for his usual writing of the Shane-centered stories. Later.