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DGF Season 2 part 10: What the hey?

Allright, instead of my good old "no-disclamer" bit, I would like to warn you, that the events in this Chapter may offened some people.

I watched as everyone asualted Cordran, and how he blocked, dodged, or just strait hit back all of the attacks. I tried to get up, but fell back down instantly. "Man, I am too weak, can't even use crystals." Well, at this point I passed out.

(note: this is actually the events that happen while I am unconcious)

"Allright everyone, ATTACK!" Matching actions to words, Shane lept forward, and nearly got his head impaled on Cordran's awaiting fist. "Man, this guy is TOO strong, I'm nearly give out, and I just started," Goku jumped in and out, giving all he had while the others did the same. "Maybe I can get Ray into a healing trance, I just don't know it would work, since he has no Force power, and his physiology is far from that of normal humans." Luke still ran over to Ray and began the work he said he would, after some time, though, he realized it would just not work. "Send him to NCC, they can treat him!" Bob yelled over the noise given off by the fight. Nodding, Luke extended his hand, opened a portal, and then lifted Ray up with the Force, "Good luck, we need you to fight this; thing." When the portal closed, Luke raised, "Ray is safe for the moment, let's see if we can beat him ourselves!" He ingnited his blade, and attacked with the full power of the Force and the Vortex guiding him. "HA! You pitiful mortals belive you can defeat me, don't you?" Cordran then got a more sinister, and more familiar voice to him, "Your wrong of course Gaurdians, even your pitiful Chosen One is no match for US!" Thrusting his hand down, he send out a blast that knocked everyone back 12 blocks. Shane got up a few seconds later, "No, it can't be, I mean, I know Ray told me, but, IT'S NOT POSSIBLE!!!!" Everyone who could hear him gave him a "What do you mean?" look. "DID YOU NOT NOTICE HIS VOICE? THAT WAS THE VOICE OF EXAR KUN! KUN IS REALLY STILL ALIVE!!!!!!" Cordran appeared over Shane, "Very good observation, I didn't expect you to be the first to figure it out though." Behind Cordran, everyone was silently getting up, and powering up their most powerfull attacks, for one final blow. "Stall, you have to give them time to power up," the voice appeared in Shane's head, "Allright, Ray, I'll do it, but, WHERE ARE YOU?" When he got no response, he realized Ray was still out of it. "You know, I am sick and tired of the bad-guys allways underestimating my abilities. I am not an complete idiot, I have a high IQ, I am strong, and I am sick of this!" A voice appeared behind Shane, "The key word for the first one is 'complete,' yes 5 is a high IQ for your class in school, 10 pounds is very impressive for someone like you, and finally, you were redundant with that last statement."

"RAY! 'Bout time you showed up." There I stood, but, I felt; different somehow. Like I was a different person, in a different body. "So, you want to play some more? Come on, I haven't had this good an exercise in years." I noticed that everyone was close to full-power, except for Goku, he was powering up a Spirit Bomb the size of NCC, I really don't feel like being around when that thing goes off. "Allright Cordran, you wanna dance, let's dance then." I felt the power again rise in my body, but, it didn't seem as much of a boost. "MIGHT, LIFE, SIGHT, I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!" Even going to 100% power, I did not feel like my power had raised the normal, obscene amount. Still though, Cordran's eyes grew wide, "Yyyou hhow ddid you get so powerfull? You were nowhere near this when we faught only moments ago!" Well, I don't need to tell you, this confused the day-lights out of me. "Nice, I didn't even notice the mockery." Everyone was ready, "OKAY, EVERYONE, NOW!" I heard the attacks being called out, "W-SUMMON VORTEX SUPER CHARGED NIGHTS OF THE ROUND! VORTEX POWERED THUNDER! GLITCH, FULL POWER ENERGY BLAST! THUNDERCATS, HO! FORCE ATTACK! VORTEX POWERED SPIRIT BOMB! DOT-COM CANNON FIRE!" I powered up to max, "DIMENSIONAL OMNI-POWER-BLAST, FIRE!" All of the attacks converged on Cordran at the same time, and we all ran like scarred monkeys. I mean, come on, this is enough power to destroy a freakin galaxy!

We heard the laughter before we saw the figure standing there, "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, you fools, do you think that is enough to kill me?" I swear everyone's jaw dropped 3 ft. (yes even pikachu, and he IS 3 ft. tall, about) Well, they didn't have a chance, Bob, Lion-o, and Pikachu were all in his easy reach. "YOU BASTARD! YOU KILLED THEM, AND THEY WERE ALL DEFENSELESS!," I screamed without thinking, "Allright, I am pissed beyond belief! CORDRAN, YOUR MINE!" My attack was faster than any one would have thought possible. "How can you be this powerfull? Unless, Yes, I see." I stopped long enough to give him my full attention, "What do you mean, 'yes i see?' huh, tell me." "You see, when I took over the Destroyer Library, I found out a little peice of almost random trivia, about you. You see, the Chosen One is not one single being, but actually two. On one side is his normal half, the one he is normally in. On the other, is a being made of pure Vortex energy. This is the rarer one, the one you mearly touched upon when you fought me last." The voice talking was Kun's, it seems he may be having a slight identity crisis. "I assumed that you were at that stage when you nearly killed me, however, when you lost the majority of your power, except for those annoying three crystals, it accured to me that you had not. It now seems you have finally breeched the wall that seperated the two halves. You were either Ray Doss, or the Chosen One before. Now, it seems you are both, and neither." He then nocked me back 3 miles with an awesome attack, and then stood over me before I got up, "You are still not a match for me, though."

Okay, like any "should be most powerfull being in the univere that was just showed up by a guy that did not even try, (except Goku, he has hit his head too many times to be able to use what little brain he has.) I ordered a tactical retreat, and put NCC's sheilds as high as they would go. "Guys, we just can't beat him, he is too powerfull, and now we are down three Supreme Gaurdians." Shane looked at link, then at the others, "I think Link should take Pikachu's place, they are from the same dimension." Everyone decided that it was best, as long as Navi stayed in the nether-regions of reality. "Now, we have two more spots to fill, I say we promote a Ronin Warrior, and Larry-Boy to Supreme Gaurdian status." Everyone, including Link, voted, it was decided that a Ronin Warrior, allthough we are still not sure which, and Larry-Boy to be the next Supreme Gaurdians. Now, all we need is to figure out is how to beat Cordran?

Well, I know this is long for me, but, I hope you found it enjoyable, I will do a number 11. That will probably finsish off Season Two.