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DGF Season 2 Part 1: Peace, and quite, I hope!

Okay, no disclamer. sorry. later.

"Well, I am bored." "Shane, you are always bored. In the summer, 'man, there is nothing on TV.' In school, 'man, I can't wait for summer.' I am about to get annoyed at you." Well, I feel it is needless to say that since I destroyed the Supreme Destroyers, it has been fairly quite around here. In fact, the Supreme Gaurdians and myself have taken a leave of absense. Shane and I went back to school, while the other Supreme Gaurdians took thier places in their dimensions. However, we were about to find out that the silence was about to be broken. "Well, I can't help it if I can't be pleased, it is my nature. Why can't I just whip us up some diplomas and call it a 12 years?" "GRRR, I have told you our Gaurdian powers are not meant to be abused, I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE NOISE, THE NOISE, VORTEX, SOMETHING IN THE VORTEX!!!!" Shane was getting a worried look to him, "Ray, are you okay? Quite down, people are starting to stare at us." Seconds later 5 huge portals opened, then 50 soldiers appeared, each of them carrying what appeared to be Dimensional Rifles. "People of this dimension, we will not hurt you as long as you do as we say. However, we will hurt you if you try to resist."

Well, since I ordered Shane not to interfear because an all out fire fight could result in civilian casualties, we acted like we had no idea what was going on. And to tell you the truth it was not hard, because we were clueless. They had us beside each other and they ended up scanning us at the same time, "Well, you two seem to have very high Vortex Resistance, how would you like to join us, be big, strong, feared, and have a full range of insurance coverage?" Well, I had scanned them at the same time, "Well, I'll admit you are big; but; you are not strong, and I do not fear you. As well my dad has a really good policy offered at his workplace." "You have a lot of nerve, Lord Kun loves to have people like that in his forces. (Yes people, Exar Kun, okay that is all) In fact, he is looking to redeem this dimension, after having the over-glorified "Chosen One" ha, he couldn't even beat our Lord, Kun said that the Gaurdians used that pitiful show boat, and he was killed at our Lord's hands." I looked shocked, duh, "Kkkkkkuun, Kun is alive, THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE, I KILLED KUN MYSELF, I SAW HIM BE BLOWN TO PIECES! I DID IT MYSELF!!! KUN IS DEAD!" They drew thier rifles, "We must destroy the non-beliver!" I smiled wickedly, "Kill me, I don't think that puny punks can kill me. You wanna know why, CHOSEN ONE RING, ACTIVATE!" Shane seem to take the clue, "DIMENSIONAL SUPER POWER RING, ACTIVATE!" We both drew our sabers, then flew to the roof-top, "Well, Ray, you seem to have done us a WHOLE lot of good, we are out numbered, and out gunned. The have RIFLES for peat's sake!" (No, I will not use the Lord's name in vain in my writing, call it old-fashioned, call it stupid, I call it standing up in every little way.) "Yeah, I could say a stupid cliche` like, We have truth and justice, or, we are the good guys, but, I simply say, DIMENSIONAL SABER, BLADE OF THE CHOSEN ONE!" With that I smiled as the handle in my hand sprouted out the 5 foot long blade, "Blades, extend, crystals full power!" I smiled even more as the two smaller blades extended at 45% angles, then the three super power crystals in each blade powered up to full, creating a triangle of Vortex power. "Okay, Shane, you can stay here, or you can go with me and fight." With that I jumped down, "Man, one of these days you are going to get me killed, I will SOOO haunt you when you do." I scewered four of the soldiers on my sword at once, then I fried them with Vortex energy. "TRI-BEAM, FIRE!" With the triangle that flew off my sword, I took out ten more. Shane managed to get about 15 by the time they spotted him. We were done in about ten minutes.

Later, at Nexus Central Command, "Guys I tell you, they said "Lord Kun", and the only Kun I know of that has acces to the Vortex is Exar Kun. But, he is dead, I killed him myself." Luke placed his hand on mine, "Ray, we belive you, on both points. But the question remains, How did Kun survive, then how did he manage to amass an army?" "It doesn't make sense, we battered Kun to the breaking point, then Ray finished him off. I was one of the last to go, but, no one but Ray was concious in the final moments of battle." Pikachu added, though what he was trying to get across was kind of dificult to tell. "What we must do is act like nothing happened, Ray, you said you and Shane destroyed all of the soldiers in ten minutes from transforming? Then maybe Kun does not know why the mission failed. Or if he even knows it failed." Bob was always good at tactics on the fly. I agreed with him "Yes, we should act as if nothing has happened, Shane and I at least. I would like for the rest of you to remain here and monitor everything that happens, at least here you can do this without anyone else knowing." We continued to plan for a few more hours, then we followed the plan.

When Shane and I went to check in at NCC, our transmission would not go through. "Shane this is not good." "No kidding, lets go." We opened a portal, but we got right outside of NCC when we were stopped cold. "Where are we,..., oh, we must be in a rift." "Yeah, but look at where NCC should be, there appears to be a shield." I looked at my computer, "Computer, scan the consistancy of this shield." After a few seconds, "Sir, my scanners say that this shield was erected outside of Nexus Central Command, as well, it appears to be made of Vortex energy, with some unknown substance as well. It is completly inpenatrable." "We can't get in, that means that they can't get out. Ray, we're alone in this." I looked down, "No we have one ally, one ally that not even Kun could imagine. THAT ally may be our only hope."

Who is this strange ally Ray speaks of? What will happen to those in Nexus Central Command? find out next time.