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Dimensional Gaurdian Force: Love is in the Air

by. I.M. Pikallo


Okay, this is just a means of explaining who this "Abbie" is. If you don't know, she was alluded to in Season 2 Epilouge and actually named during Sword of Darkness Part 13. The basic run-down is that she is Ray's girlfriend. The point to this particular story is to rightfully introduce her. Note, I suck at any form of writing other than action/sci-fi, so this could really stink.


It was the first day of class, Ray had just got there as the students began to pour into the room. After it seemed that no one else was going to come in, he introduced himeself. "Okay, for those of you who do not know me, I am Professor Ray Doss, former Supreme Gaurdian, and your new teacher. I will take today to answer any questions you have about the Force, or me. So, shoot." A hand shot up in the back, "Yes, is it true that you are the "Chosen One," because you look pathetic?" Ray got a little flustered at this question, but answered it anyway, "Yes, I am the Chosen One. I may not look like much in this form, though. That is becuase a human cannot stand the full power of the Vortex; so I was born half-human, half-Vortex. I would write this down. No matter how strong a mortal is, there is always something out there more powerfull than he. I am not the strongest entity in the universe, for I am mortal. None of you will be the strongest, for all of you are mortal. Now you are the advanced class, the elite students of the Gaurdian Academy, that means that you will completly bypass the Deputy ranks and go strait to Gaurdianship, like I did. Any seven of you could become the next Supreme Gaurdian Council. So it is in your best interest to study, train, and think hard. Any other questions?" Before a person could be called on, a young woman entered the class room. "Uh, I'm sorry I'm late proffesor, I had a hard finding my way here." The woman was the most buetiful Ray had ever seen, "Um, eh, uh, that is okay Miss....what is your name?" She smiled at him, "Abigail Williams, but I prefer Abbie."

"Your from Earth Alpha, right?" Abbie was shocked, "How can you tell?" Ray smiled smugly, "Accent, posture, name, way you walk, and your power signature all point to Earth Alpha. Don't worry I won't judge you by that, I too, am from that dimension. Now find a seat and sit down." Everyone was on the verge of laughter from the exchange, but a really pissed look from Ray got them to shut up. After the class was over, Ray went to his room and layed on his bed, grinning like an idiot.

After a few weeks had passed, Ray was about to go nuts from his classes. Since this was the advanced class, they felt they did not have to study or work as hard, but their grades had shown a different side to that coin. It was shear luck on his part that had Abbie come by his "office" one afternoon seeking help on an assignment. "So, you need help plotting a course through the Vortex? it's really simple when you get the hang of it, but it takes a while for most people to get to that point." "Well, I can figure out the end points pretty easy, it is getting the right path through the Vortex that gets me." Ray's laughter filled the room, "That is all you need help on? That's an easy one. Okay, you don't have to plot just two points. What you do is find a safe zig-zag path that will get you to where you need to go. Let me show you," Punching a set of keys on his holo-projector, Ray showed her what he meant. After helping her with a few other questions, he finally got the courage to ask her something, "So, you wanna have dinner sometime?"

The shocked look on her face got Ray worried. "You mean, like a date?" Ray's first thought was, "Think fast looser!" His first response was, "Uh, I guess you could call it that. I was thinking more of a night out with some friends. Shane will be comming with a date, so I didn't want to be there without anyone." She seemed uncertian, "Okay, that sounds fun. Thank you for inviting me." With that, she turned and left.

When she left the room, Abbie jumped with joy, "He likes me, he even wants to go on a date!" Those who saw her found her to be happier than usual, though no one could figure out why."

After Abbie had left, Ray let out the breathe he had been holding for what seemed like forever. "Ho, boy. She wants to go out with me? A girl wants to go out with me? Okay, God, where is that wall of fire?"

Well, the fateful night came. Shane was with yet another girl, though Ray never knew what they saw in him, or what they saw in him that kept them from comming back. "Hey, Ray, couldn't find a date? I bet you five bucks you didn't even have the nerve to ask a girl out, did you?" It was just then that Abbie walked up to Ray and asked, "Ready to go in?" With that, the two went inside and found their table.

Shane and his date joined them when Shane had finished digging his lower jaw from the ground, only to hand Ray a Five Hundred dollar bill. "Dude, I upped the ante to 500 since I actually lost a bet to you, even with my skill. Oh, do you mind buying, that was all the money I had."

After finishing their meal, Shane and his date; Ray never caught her name, left to go do whatever else the "pimp" had planned for them, leaving Ray and Abbie alone. "So, you want to be a Gaurdian, why?" Abbie blushed a little, "I want to help people. I was hoping to be a nurse, but when I was tested, they told me I would not make a good nurse. So when I asked what I should do, they said I would make a better Gaurdian. Why did YOU join the Academy?" It was Ray's turn to blush, "I actually was taken to the Academy against my will. I remember that day well: I was about 14 years old, and the eldest Supreme Gaurdian had sensed a power greater than any other. When it was traced to Earth Alpha, everyone was suprised, when it was further traced to a small boy, everyone was stupified. I was tested, and shown to have a Vortex resistance higher than possible for any being. At the academy, I excelled beyond that of my teachers. I was chosen to be the next Supreme Gaurdian before I even finished my training... I'm sorry, I must be boring you." She mock-yawned, then looked at the time. "I really need to go, I have studying to do for a test." Ray smiled, "I know, I'm the one giving it, remember?" He got up and walked her to her room. After he was sure she was safe, Ray walked aimlessly around NCC.

The next day Ray went to the Supreme Gaurdian Hall to find Goku, who was going to show the students how to fight. But what Ray got was winks, pats on his back, and handshakes from everyone in the area. "I am going to KILL Shane if he is the one who told them I had a date!" Was the sole thought going through his mind. Ray found Goku in the gravity chamber training. After dodgeing a large energy blast, Ray got Goku to shower and get down to the class.

After a few more dates, Ray and Abbie were starting to feel that the other genuienly liked them. It was actually Abbie who made the first move, a small peck on the cheeck outside her apartment. Ray literally floated back to his room, (What? Dude can fly, this is nothing new!)

"So, Ray, you and Abbie still going out?" Shane looked around the room as he asked the question in a joking manner. Ray looked at him, "Actually, yes, we are. We have been really getting to know each other, and I think I really like her a lot." Shane was shocked, "You mean she actually has gone out with you more than once!?" After rolling my eyes I paid my bill for dinner and left.

There was one little problem with this situation neither Ray nor Abbie had considered, Abbie was making some of the highest grades in the class. Ray didn't seem to notice, he was so tuned in on Abbie the sap didn't notice much of anything anymore. But others, esspecially those doing bad in Ray's class, thought that Ray was being unjust in his grading of assignments. The Supreme Gaurdians stepped in and looked at the situation. They found that Abbie was legitamatly earning her grades, and those who made the accuasations were found to be partying, drinking, and doing illegal drugs instead of studying. They were imediatly expelled from the Academy and their memories erased. But that did not keep people from wondering of the properness of a student/teacher relationship.

"Abbie, I really like you. But others are starting to look down on us becuase you are one of my students. If you want me to resign untill you graduate, I will." Abbie was on the verge of tears, "NO! If you are so worried of what people think, I don't think we should be together then!" It was and there Ray realized what an idiot he was being, "I'm sorry. But your right, I will not let people pressure me. I AM THE CHOSEN ONE! NO ONE IN THIS BASE HAS THE RIGHT TO QUESTION ME!" Ray unwittingly transformed into his true form, scarring poor Abbie so bad she passed out. Ray slapped himself on the forehead, "Oh good, dork. If she remebers this she will think I am an arrogant bastard. Not to mention the fact that people will think I am just pulling rank so I can be with a girl. REALLY GOOD CARRER MOVE HERE!"

Luckily, Abbie did not remember that night, and Ray refused to stop seeing Abbie just because some punks wanted to force him to give them better grades. The unfortunate side to this story is that Mewtwo began his rampage shortly after this point. As it is known, Ray resigns from his post to fight the evil Pokemon. The Advanced Academy classes were take over by the Supreme Gaurdian Council untill either a replacement could be found, or Ray came back. But again, misfortune looked down on the group, for Shane left his post, stealing the Super Power Rings in the process. The academy classes have been post-poned untill a teacher can be found to train the new recruites. To this day Abbie sits waiting for her lover to return, but she may find that eh will return sooner than even Ray knows, and the situation will not be as good as anyone would prefer.


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