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Dimensional Gaurdian Force (Season One) Epilogue.

By: Take a Wild Guess

Ahem. Do I really need to even say it? If so NO DISCLAMER!

After spending a few days in rehab. I was able to walk around, and tell my story. "So, you won?" Shane sounded doughtfull about the question. "As near as I can tell. It seems I just pushed the button. Satan himself did them in. Still, I guess if nothing else I won by default." "Why were you not sucked into the portal opened, for a lack of a better location, to Hell itself?" Luke may have asked the question calmly, but, his eyes and face had a look of pure disbelief. "Luke, I can't answer it. I have no idea how I got out." "Well I have another question, do you want this back?" Shane begin to give me the power ring I had given him. "No, it is yours. You are now a Supreme Gaurdian. Anyway, I gave it up willfully, I couldn't take it back if I wanted to. But, I do have these." With that I held up my hands to show them the Vortex Crystals that were embedded on the top of my hands and motioned to the one on my forehead. "By the way, Bob, has Glitch scanned what level crystal these are?" He looked at the viewscreen on Glitch. "Yeah, they are purple Super-class rings. WOW. They appear to have a flawless star-type cut. These are much more powerfull than our synthesised power crystals. I was about to ask him about that, then I remembered that the current super-class rings were a deep blue, but, regular power that had been exposed to extreme amounts of Vortex power. They were also of an emerald-type cut, not quite as powerfull as the star-type cut the ones in my skin were. "Ray, can you try to take those things out? They are really begining to freak me out." Shane faked vomitting to accent his statement. I looked at Lion-O, Cloud, Goku, and Pikachu, all who had been rather silent. "Before I answer that question, don't you have anything to say?" "Pika Pika Chu Pika Pikachu!" I raised my eyebrow, "Oops, forgot to translate. I am still shocked you survived that battle." Cloud looked embarrest, "I guess that, but, I think I am still mad that you threw me out of the battle." Goku shuffled his feet, "Yeah, me too." I looked at Lion-O, "I am just letting you carry on with your friends. I will wait untill a better time presents itself."

I nodded my thanks to him. "Now, for your question. I have tried everything from yanking with a pair of pliers, to painting makeup over them. None of that worked." This is when Lion-O did speak up. "I can speak from experience, those may be extensions of your consience. If you will them away, or to come off, they may just do it." I mulled over that for a moment, then closed my eyes. I envisioned the crystals comming off and becoming one, then joining on a ring. When I heard a few of my friends gasp, I opened my eyes. There in front of me were the three gyms, then they began to spin around in a circle. Finally they fused together, forming a gym of the purest white I had ever seen; finally it CREATED a ring to hold it. When it was over, I reached out and grabbed the ring and put it on. "Well, Ray, what are going to call this ring?" What shocked me most was the fact that GOKU, had asked that question, I mean I respect him, but he is not the brightest star in the universe. "I will call it the Chosen One ring, because it must have been created while I was in Chosen One form. As well, I cannot access my unlimited power from the Vortex. Though I can still use some of my Chosen One powers." I looked up at the ceiling of the medical room I was in, and wondered if the war could finally be over?