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Dimensional Gaurdian Force Part 9: The Legend of the Chosen One.

by: I.M. Pikallo

Refer to my last DGF story as to the "disclamer" I will not even retype that.

"You know, Shane, it is sad that while we are the defenders of this and every other known dimension, but, we still, have to go to high school. AND, to add insult to injury; we have to go to our previous school in the middle of Hickville, Mississippi." It had been months since the astounding defeat of Exar Kun, and the retaking of Nexus Central Commmand. We had been lucky enough not to have heard anything from the Destroyers in that time. So, while Shane and the rest of the Gaurdians are still celebrating, I get more worried with each day that passes without incedent. I hate the cleche` "It's quite, too quite." But, that is exactly how I feel. "Man, this does suck, there aren't any new chicks in this place." I tried to backhand him, but, he anticipated the blow and dodged. "Hey, at least I still think of girls; you are thinking there will be this huge attack on NCC so much; you don't even talk to ME that much, let alone the members of the opposite sex." This time I DID backhand him; although he is stronger in his natural form than I am; he still rubbed the back of his head. "Man, that stung, and my head hurts as it is from boredom. I wish we could just go and blow up something, like all the Star Trek di-mm-en-sions, oops, I guess I am not supposed to say these things in public." I looked at him with pure malice, "You are correct, this is a PRIMITIVE dimension. Only a select few, the two of us making up about a forth of those, even know of the Vortex. And even then, we are two of about four that can enter it. We cannot talk of matters of the Force in this open place." Then, realizing that I had snapped more than I intended, "Listen, I'm sorry. It is just that I feel that any minute; I will get this call from NCC saying that they, or some other place, is under attack from the entire Destroyer force. It is just since I found out who the new Supreme Gaurdians are. Can you imagine what it will be like to take on; Sephiroth, Freeza, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Mum-Ra, Gary Oak, Gigabyte, and Ryan. Though I am still wondering why a dork like Ryan was made Supreme Destroyer. Oh, well, we still have to contend with six of the most evil, cunning, powerfull, hated, and feared; things to ever walk a dimension." Looking up Shane had a weird look on his face, "Hey, you said six, I thought there were seven Supreme Destroyers." "There are, but, do you find Ryan any of those things, because if you do, tell me. I think he is just spoiled and abnoxious."

After lunch had ended, I got a call during my next class. But, I put it on hold untill I could get a better chance to answer it. Turning on the implant in my ear, I answered the earlier call, "Doss here. And I hope you have a good reason to call me during school." On the other end I heard Luke answer, "You better bet I have a good reason. Get to NCC A.S.A.P. and bring Shane. We have found some interesting information." With that I closed the link. After I found Shane, we snuck out behind the school, and opened a portal. "I hope no one sees this, because if they do, they may think they are insane." When we reached NCC Luke was already there waiting for us. "Good, you have made it, follow me. We have found some information you may find, uh, enlightening." As we followed Luke, the bad feeling in my gut got worse by the second. I knew that whatever we found, would not be good. I thought we would go to the monitering room, since I was sure the Destroyers had attacked, but instead; we went to the archives room. "What are we doing here?" I asked with more than a hint of couriosity. "I thought the Destroyers were attacking." Luke said nothing, and I am sure you can figure that made me feel REAL good.

When we got to our destination, I saw several holo-projectors and data disks. "We were looking at some of the old files at NCC. You know, trying to find anything that could help us rebuild the Gaurdian Force. After a while, we found these." Motioning toward the disks, "They contain all of the training and disciplining procedures for the Force. As well, we found this." He held up a particular disk labeled, "The Chosen One". "On this disk I found information of all past "Chosen Ones", as well as the foretelling of the TRUE Chosen One." I think the two of you need to look at this for your selves, instead of me telling it to you."

When I tried to access the disk it asked for my security password; to verify that I could view this classified information. At first I tried my current pass, but, when it didn't allow me in, I tried the password that I had recieved when I first became Supreme Gaurdian. In seconds I was looking at the history of the Force, and the legends of the Chosen Ones.

(Note: For the time being, you are reading from the disk. Untill I specify that I have changed gears, assume this stuff is on the disk.)

"Many years ago, there were two travelers. But, they were not ordanary travelers. They traveled between realities. One was of the purest heart, the other the most wicked mind. After traveling so frequently, they realized that they had powers unheard of; they also became aware of the other's presence. The wicked man wanted to kill the good. The good man wanted to reason with the wicked. They battled, but neither got the upper hand. They continued to travel, the wicked man became more wicked. He thought that it was his place to rule all of existance. He thought that he was the one to unite all that is under his iron fist. However the good man discovered his opponets plan, and made more of an effort to stop him. Both sides began to recruite more travelers. Untill they were no longer mere travelers; they were opposing armies.

While all of this was taking place, the place they traveled was getting upset. While it could not stop the wicked men, it knew that it must do something. So it created a being, a being made with it's power. A being to destroy the wicked ones. But, the being could not controll his power; and destroyed itself; not only destroying several of the wicked, but several of the good.

When the two groups parted, they began to build a base of opperations. The wicked wanted a mobile base, one that could be taken to the realities they conquered. The good wanted a central base, one that could see all points evenly. So the desendents of the wicked man became the Dimensional Destroyers, and the desendents of the good became the Dimensional Gaurdian Force. The Destroyers constantly grew and tried and did take over dimensions. But the Gaurdians grew and stopped their adversaries. That is when the Vortex sent another being it created. This one did a better job, but it did not completely destroy the Destroyers. So we are now waiting for the next one that will come, and hopefully succeed at it's mission."

Looking up from the holographic screen, I had to blink several times to clear my eyes. "Man, that was deep." "Yeah, I didn't know we would get a full history lesson about the Vortex. But, this disk is not over yet. Wait, the player stopped, but it was not done." I wondered about this myself. "Computer, play the rest of the tape." I ordered. "I am sorry Supreme Gaurdian, but there is a person without the authorization to see this." Looking around, I noticed me and Shane were alone. Wait, Shane is the unknown. "Computer, I give this person the authorization to see this." Shane got this smug look on his face. But it was soon gone. "I am sorry, but only the Chosen One may see this, you have been identified by the Vortex as the one to see this." I was about to protest when Shane got up, "Hey, if I am not supposed to see this, then I won't see it. Just watch it, and tell me anything you find." With that he left. After he was gone the computer automatically started to play the disk.

"This is to be seen and heard only by the Chosen One. This is the account of what happened to the previous Chosen Ones. The first one had no idea how to use it's power, and therefore destroyed himself. The second was trained, but, did not have enough power to fullfill his mission. It too, was destroyed. The third came after Nexus Central Command had been built, and was trained as a regular Gaurdian. But, this one never even knew of the Chosen One. The Supreme Gaurdians were selfish, and felt that if a Chosen One appeared, it would take away there controll over the Force. That was the last known Chosen One untill you. You are felt to fullfill the prophesy that has been handed down from the original dimensional travelers. It states this, 'On the eve of destruction, a being will come. It will defeat the most evil of mortals. After this, there will be a time of peace. But this time of peace will be shattered with the war to end all wars. Not only will it be one side versus the other, but the legions of the greatest evil, and that of the Almighty Good. In the middle of this, there will be the Chosen One. The one that was created not only by the Vortex, but blessed by the Creator of the Vortex. This Chosen One will lead the army of good. He is to destroy the evil mortals. But, he is not to assault the immortal, they are for the personal army of the Creator. However, to do his part of the deed, he must bring in more power than any living being can ..."

"WHAT? CAN WHAT?" I screamed when the disk quite playing even though it was not finished. I took it out and then I saw why it quite. The point where the disk should have kept playing was scratched off. "Oh, well, no sense in trying to play it some more. But, I can't help but get the notion that I am going to die in this battle." Before I could think anymore, an alarm went off, "Attention all free Gaurdians. There is a class ten invasion of dimension GF293047591A. Repeat, All free Gaurdians are to report to the main portal to hold back a class ten invasion of dimension GF293047591A. Bolting out of my chair and running to the portal, I found that I was one of the first to show up. I moitoned each of the Supreme Gaurdians up to the front. I then got up on the podium and annouced the battle plan. "Okay, we are going in by waves. The first wave consites of the Supreme Gaurdians. The next the Gaurdians, etc. etc. When we get there, we will regroup, and asses the enemy forces. After we have done that, we will repress what is left of the invasion, and begin to take back all that has been taken. I now give the order, with the consent of the other Supreme Gaurdians, to put Nexus Central Command on full lockdown after all the groups have left. We are trying to repress a full scale takeover. I don't want to have the entire Force there, while we lose NCC again. No one is enter, no one is to leave. Now let's go!" With that I jumped down, and entered the portal.

What is to happen to the dimension under a full scale invasion? Can the Gaurdians save all of those people? Will Ray end up giving himself to defeat his foes? Find out in Dimensional Gaurdian Force part 10: The Final Battle?