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:Dimensional Gaurdian Force Part 8: Aftermath of Destruction

by: I.M. Pikallo

Okay, like Weird-Bob, I refuse to do a disclamer, because, I am using a psuedonym. Who, besides deez and my close friends, knows who I am. As well, who really cares to sue someone who is in a perpetual state of being broke. SUE ME, SEE IF YOU GET JACK! I HAVE NOTHING TO BE TAKEN AWAY! Oh, well, better write this fic before the men in the white suits; who always offer me this new jacket; come back.

"STOP KILLING MY FRIEND," I screamed as I saw Shane begin to pass out. Kun may have been weakend, but he was still more powerfull than any of us. And, since I was the only unhurt one left, I decided to begin my assault. "Hey Kun, SUCK THIS!" I lunged at him, and nearly got my head cut off by his saber. "Man that was close. I felt that took off some hair." As I looked up; I saw a sight that horrified me; Kun was the only one left standing. ALL, of the others were either not moving, or groaning when they tried to. I could feel the rage grow within me. "Ah, I have got that little bit of an attention span you claim to own. Shall we dance?" His laughter eccoed through the halls. "Your hate is merely bringing you to my side, Doss. You can't win. Join me, and I may just let you live." I laughed, "You think I would ever join you? HA! I can, and will, kill you; you (Sorry kids, no cussing in these fics, and quite frankly, this parenthisis is about as long as the words run.) After the obsinities, I ran at him as fast as I could. I managed to chop his saber in half; but the other was still running. "So, you DO want to dance. Don't worry, you can lead." It was if he was trying his best to make me as mad as I could get. "You really belive that YOU, are the Chosen One. You are a mere human, a human with no powers even in his dimention, let alone in him. If there is a "Chosen One" it is me. I hold the power of 7 super power rings, you merely have one." I almost believed him, he was beating me without his rings on. He was merely using the power still in him. But, then I realized, having that much Vortex power in you would do two things. One: It would kill you outright, or Two: It would drive you mad. And since he was very much alive, the later must be true. I made one final attempt to get him down without attacking, "Kun, the power is driving you insane. Let go of it. If I don't kill you, you will kill yourself." THAT got his attention, you believe you can defeat me. Then do your worst! But, it will do no good." Motioning around, "Look at your friends, they are alive, but because I have chosen them to be. Do you think YOU are better than them. I belive I will kill that weakling who left my service. Then, I will kill the others; slowly; painfully. And what make this real humorus; you can't help them."

Well, needless to say that was the last straw. "Your wrong Kun, I can help them, and I can defeat you." I felt the anger build in me, and I didn't care anymore. If it could save my friends, I would sacrifice myself. "You are very wrong, YOU are not the Chosen One, YOU will not win, YOU WILL DIE. And do you know why?" He must have either been amused, or perplexed and didn't want to show it becuase he did. "No, I do not know why, tell me weakling, how can I not win." Throwing my hands in the air, I felt the pure, innocent, unjudgeing power of the Vortex run through me; even more than it did when I fought Qel-Droma. "Because. I-----AM-----THE-----CHOSEN-----ONE!!!!!!!" The light must have been blinding, because Kun turned away clutching his eyes and screaming. "YOU WILL NOT LEAVE THIS PLACE KUN, YOU WILL NOT GO ANYWHERE!" I placed my hands out in front of me. Then I focused all the power I had gained into one point, much like Goku had taught me. I then placed my hands at my side and screamed, "DIMENSIONAL OMNI-POWER BLAST FIRE!!!!" The force of the blast knocked me into the far wall. I felt my body begin to tear itself apart, as the Vortex instantly healed it. I saw the beam hit Kun. I then heard Kun scream, "HOW CAN ONE BEING BE THIS POWERFULL?? HOW DID THIS CHILD DEFEAT ME???" With that; I saw Kun's body being broken down at the molecular level.

Well, since I was constantly being fed power from the Vortex. I used the little I had remaining remaining to heal myself. The others were a different story. Since Shane was knocked out intirely, he spent the most time in the healing tank. Goku was next in time. Since Luke had asked to be allowed in a Jedi healing trance before being put in, he was in only half the time a normal human would have been. Lion-o, being more feline than humanoid, healed rather quickly. Bob was treated for a loss of energy, but really did not need anything else but that. Poor Pikachu had an allergic reaction to the healing tanks. It appears that all Pokemon are; but; since all of the fully trained medical personel had been killed in the initial Destroyer assault; we did not have that knowledge. We did find a Pokemon Center onboard though, so he spent time there. Cloud drank an Elixer, and was healed after a few hours rest.

After the 7 Supreme Gaurdians, and Shane, had arrived in the Supreme Gaurdian Chamber, we looked very closely at Kun's ring. "Well, it has a normal sized gem, but, the power just radiates off it. This is insanely powerfull." I looked at Bob after he had Glitch; who was super charged with Vortex power; scan the ring. "What I want to know is this, How did he do it?" Shane walked in with that comment. He looked at the ring, then it suddenly split into 7 pieces, each flying off toward seperate dimensions. Shane looked up shocked, "What did I do? It's not my fault!" Goku looked around, "Hey, did someone summon the Eternal Dragon?" We all just groaned at that comment. "My best guess is this. The Vortex has predetermined the people that have the potential to become Supreme Gaurdians and Destroyers. Kun killed all of the other Supreme Destoyers to get thier rings and grafted them together. Then we defeat Kun, so his ring splits into it's 7 original pieces. Now they are going to the next set of Supreme Destroyers." If I had any idea who the next Supreme Destroyer Council was, I would have destroyed the ring instead of study it. Freeza, Grand Admiral Thrawn, Gigabyte, Gary Oak, Sephiroth, Mum-Ra, and Captain Kirk. (Note: Since Goku and Luke have this little nack for killing their arch-villians; I pulled a random name from the fray. Also, Bob had no real enemies Megabyte was lame, and hexadecimal was so insane, she couldn't think enough to be pure evil, Gigabyte was chosen even though he only appered in one episode.) Each of the Supreme Gaurdians arch-foes.

Will our heros be able to defeat the people that they spent most of their lives trying to best? Will Shane ever stop trying to mack on all members of the the other sex? Can I quite putting these stupid questions at the end of each fic? find out in Dimensional Gaurdian Force Part 9: (this is not part of the title, but, man this is a long series.) Well, I will come up with it later.