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Dimentional Gaurdian Force Part Seven: The Wrath of Kun

By: W. Bob Yankovic

I refuse to write a disclaimer due to the fact that no one in their right mind is going to read this and try to sue me. Think about it. Just how many people are going to go to Frag's page just to read this fic? And for that matter just how many peoplr are going to go to Frag's page to begin with? I hope you enjoy the fic.

"Uh, guys," I said oer the comm, "we could use a little help up here." "What is up, Shane?" Goku asked. "Oh, just the fact that we are trapped in a room with a homocidal psychopathic Destryoer with the power of 7 super power rings, besides that everything is peachy," I answered. "Do you want us to come up?" Cloud asked. "No, I want you to sit on your spiky haired @$$ while we get ours blown off, of course I want you to come up!" I shouted. "Hey, cool your thrusters man, we are on the way," he said back. "Hey Ray, they are coming," I said. "Good, I do not know how much longer this door is gonna last," he said. "I am coming for you!" we heard Exar say through the door, "I know what you are doing." "Your little plan will never work Exar!" Ray shouted, " your body cannot withstand the power of all those rings, you are committing suicide." "Maybe so, but I am taking you with me," he said back. Just about that time the door finally gave way. Exar Kun, with the power of seven super power rings, charged at us. Ray and I dove out of the way in the nick of time. "Now we will see just how much power you really have Chosen One," he said.

"Bring it on, Kun," Ray said. "Uh, Ray, don't you think that we should wait till the others get here?" I asked. "We do nothave time to wait for them," he answered. "Whatever you say," I said skeptically. "Hey, lets go ahead and transform so that we just might have a small chanse," he said, "DIMENTIONAL SUPER POWER RING ACTIVATE" "Now you are talking," I commented, "DIMENTIONAL POWER RING ACTIVATE!" As we transformed Exar just got more angry. "You think your puny rings and over-rated transformations are going to help?" he said. "It is better than your stupid Sith head games," I said. "You think so," he shot back, "now you will die." He drew out a sleak black cylinder. it was his dimentional saber. "Ignite," he said. With that two dark red, almost black blades shot out. "Woah, impressive, a dual bladed saber," Ray said sarcastically. "Yes, it is impressive, due to the fact that the blades are made of pure Vortex energy," I said back to Ray. "Yeah, sure it is," Ray answered. "Scan it, it is," I said. Just then I ignited my blade and chose purple, bladed lightsaber. As Exar watched Ray scan his blade I got restless. I charged him, lightsaber lifted high. At the last possible second he blocked with an upsweap that knocked me to the ground. I rose up and struck again, this time he swung the blade of his saber directly down upon mine. His blade sliced cleanly through mine. "Now, do you believe me?" I said in a stunned state looking down at my saber. "Oh, we are in deep $%*& now," Ray said. "Weren't we always?" I said trying to make a little joke. "That was not funny," Ray said.

A few seconds later the calvary arrived. This was to be a great battle. Seven Supreme Gaurdians, plus me, versus a Supreme Destroyer with the power of 7 SP rings. "Okay, guys," Ray said, "let's play a little bull in the ring." With that we spread out and encircled Exar. This made him even more angry. "Eight to one odds," he said, "hardly fair." "True," Ray said, "one at a time now guys." "I am going first," I said. "Good luck," Ray said, "you are going to need it." I rushed at him. He took his saber and swung just an inch in front of me. I could feel the evil energy radiating off him. I thought, "Hey if he can do it so can I." I took out my saber again. "Vortex blade," I said. To my surprise a purple beam leaped out of the end of it. "Now Mr. Man," I said, "we are on even ground." For several minutes we fought. Neither he nor I gained any ground on the other. "I grow tierd of this little game," he said. then I felt my feet leave the ground. Before I oculd stop myself I smacked into the wall with a large thud. "Woah, $#*%," I said, "this guy is good." "Are you okay?" Ray asked. "Okay? You ask me if I am okay? You get thrown into a wall at 100 mph and you see if you are okay," I retaliated. "Just trying to be thoughtful," he said. "Who is next?" Kun asked. "Ray can I?" I asked. "Be my guest," Ray answered. "Hey Kun, I know who is next," I said. "Who," he inquired. The words echoed off the walls as I let out the biggest Deez I could. As you might have guessed this made him really mad.

"I will go next," Goku volunteered. "Keio Ken! Times 100!" he screamed. Then before I could adjust my eyes to the brightness Goku was gone. Punch after punch was blocked with blinding speed. The two fought violently. Then Goku flipped back, landed, and fired a Kameha Meha at Exar. To all of our surprise Exar did not move fast enough to block it. "I am gonna try to make a Spirit Bomb," Goku said, "you all help me out." As Goku strained to pull out energy from the Vortex, and us, we watched as Exar hunched over. "Here it goes!" Goku said. Then he threw the spirit bomb. Little did we know that Exar could just absorb high amounts of Vortex energy and survive. The spirit bomb did very little damage. "You fool, you cannot harm me with such pitiful attacks," Exar said. Then he did something that was very very evil. He dashed up to Goku and sliced through his right hand. As Goku realed back in pain, we saw his hair slowly begin to turn a little blondish around the roots. "Everyone back up!" I screamed, "this could get very ugly." Goku's muscles began to buldge out. He screamed "SUPER SAY-JIN LEVEL FOUR!!!" He grew to immense size, enough to make Arnold Shwartznegger (or however you spell it) look like a kindergardener. "Very impressive," Exar said, "but insignificant to the power of the Force." We all saw as Exar reached his hand out. We could hear Gouk's bones cracking inside him. "Strong is the muscle, but useless with out the bone," Exar said. Goku fell to the floor a broken man, literally. "Guys, this might be a bad tiem to say it but, I cannot move," Goku said. "Pikachu call some of your buddies up here to help Goku," I said. "Your little band will never destroy me," Exar said, "just give up."

"We will never give up," Cloud said, "Dimentional Saber, Ultima Weapon." In case you are wondering everyone was transformed when they showed up. "Knights of the Round!" Cloud screamed. Before our eyes thirteen knights appeared. Each one attacked Exar in their order. They did not seem to even affect him. "Cloud, it is just bouncing off the surface," I said. "OMNISLASH!!" Cloud screamed out. We saw him phase out of regluar sight and into super speed. He delivered several blows to Exar that were just shrugged off. The ones that got that did any damage at all just tore his clothing. "You little verimine, you cannot hurt me. Then Cloud did something that no one thought was possible. He charged his materia with Vortex energy. "W-MATERIA MASTER LEVEL BOLT THREE!!" he screamed out. A huge blast of Vortex lightning shot out of the palm of his hand and went directly through Exar's saber. Then he moved in for the kill. He drew the Ultima Weapon and dove at Exar. Exar caught him in the air, spun him around, and opened a portal, and threw him in. "Now your friend can endour the hardships of Hoth," Exar said, "and by the way he dropped this." He threw Cloud's computer to me. "That means that Cloud cannot get back here unless we open a portal from this side," Ray said, "and I do not think that we have time to go calculate one." "Next?" Exar said.

Luke jumped in. He drew his saber and struck at Exar. Luke did not even know the extint of Exar's power. He formed a Vortex blade that came out of his hand. The two dualed for a while. Luke looked like he might be getting the best of Exar. Then we were amazed. Luke shut off his saber and sat down. He seemed to be focusing on a point on the wall. Then to our amazement the spirit forms of Yoda and Anakin Skywalker appeared. They looked to us, then to Exar. "The Force, an ally it is, not a weapon," Yoda said. "Yes, and you Exar Kun, are the epitamy of evil," Anakin said. "Here to take the Force away from you we are," Yoda said. "There is no way that two washed up Jedi's can rip me from the Force. I am in perfect harmony with the Dark side. I am one with the Force yet still alive," Exar said. "That is what we are here to change," Yoda said. Then a glowing light surrounded Exar, it went in his mouth and ears and nose. He then fell to the gorund in a heap. "It cannot be! I cannot acess the Force! *#%Y you Yoda!" He screamed. Then things took a turn for the worse. He transformed. "He was not even transformed?" I asked. "Appearently not," Ray said, "oh by the way, we are screwed." Luke made a gallant effort at attacking Exar. He used some strange technique to make himself invisible. And my guess was that the Vortex's power from 7 rings gave Exar the power to see him. Luke fell. Then Exar walked oer to him and put his foot on his throught. We heard the cracking of Luke's Adam's apple from across the room. Luke was straining as hard as he could but the Vortex was to powerful for him to overcome. "Again, I have put to shame one of your Supreme Gaurdians. Do you still wish to fight?" Exar taunted.

Lion-O answered with a blast from the Sword of Omens that caught Exar right in the neck. It would have paralyzed a normal man, but Exar just shrugged it off. "You my little cat, will die," Exar said. The power of Exar Kun was to great for Lion-O to take. He lasted as long as Goku. Everyone thought that he had finally won after he used the Sword of Omens to deflect a blast of Exar's blaster back at him. It did send him out of balance though. "It seems that the power of the rings is getting the best of ol' Kun over there," I said holding my ribs. "How many are broken?" Ray asked. "All of them," I answered. Lion-O shot a rope out of the Claw and wrapped it around Exar. Then Exar used it like a conducter and sent a blast of energy down it. Lion-O screamed as the electricity ran through his body. He was stuck to the rope due to the large amount of energy. He finally was shot across the room by a final blast of energy. We could smell burned flesh in the air. "I have taken down another. If you quit now I might let the rest of you go," he said. "We do not play that game," Ray said, "we came to fight and that is what we are going to do."

Bob was the next. He jumped in and got in his fighting stance. "Glitch," he said, "Vortex nullifing gun." As Glitch began to change Exar made his move. He flew in to the left of Bob and extended his Vortex blade. Bob spun around and firerd the gun and nailed Exar in the chest. "Reboot!" he said. A command line covered him and when it left it reveiled Bob in a getup with more guns and blasters that Cable. "All weapons target Exar Kun," he said. The guns he had on all shot out a thin red laser and put them on Exar's forehaed. "Now you Destroyer, make your move," Bob said. "I have my own idea," Exar said. He entered the Rift. He moved toward Bob. He picked up a large crate that was in the corner of the room and dropped it on Bob. Bob blasted his way out. Then Bob entered the Rift. he fired several hundred blasts from his guns. When the smoke cleared we saw Bob lieing on the floor. Exar had reflected all the blasts using his hands, a reminder of the way Vader used to fight. Bob was not mortally wounded but he could not fight due to the major loss of blood, or whatever sprytes have. "I will go to the control room and try to open a portal to get Cloud back," he said. I called several pokemon to assist him. When he was gone it was just Pikachu and Ray in fighting condition.

Pikachu went haywire. He started to say things in pika's faster than his translator could translate. He ran over to Exar and grabbed him in the middle of the back. He started to glow. "Ray, you have to stop him," I said, "he is using the Chou Zou technique. Then Exar screwed up. He sent electrical blasts all over his body in a vain attempt to get Pikachu off. "You moron, Pikachu eats electricity for breakfast," Ray said. Pikachu just started to glow brighter and brighter untill you could not look at him. "THUNDER!" we heard him yell. Then Exar went sprawling to the floor. Pikachu had sent uncountable watts into Exar. The effects did not last long. Exar got up and grabbed Pikavhu by the back of the neck. "It...seems...I have I...will now...leave this place. And...if even one of you...comes near me...I will kill this rat," he said obvoiusly hurting. That is when Ray got REALLY mad. "NO ONE MESSES WITH PIKACHU!!!" he screamed.

"Uh Ray, calm down budy," I said hesitantly. "I am back," Cloud said, "but a little freezer burnt. "LET PIKACHU GO," Ray said in a voice that was deeper than James Earl Jones. "Hey Ray, I bet you I can cut his arm off," I said. Exar threw Pikachu at me and I caught him. "You want to fight again, Shane? I thought that you had had enough," he said. "I will fight you, and finish what I started when you stole my brownie!" I said. "It was a brownie, and not even a good one," he said. "I know but one thing you do not do is deprive me of chocolate!" I screamed. I rushed at him with my blade above my head. To my surprise he did not attempt to block. My blade cut cleanly through his arm, the arm that the rings were on. "NOW, FIRE NOW!" Ray said. "Hey guys, is this a bad time to mention that I have a bag of Senzu beans?" Goku asked innocently. "WHAT!" we all exclaimed. Each of us took a handful of Senzu's and ate them. We were powered back up. "Your little beans won't help you," Exar said. "Maybe not but you are missing a little something aren't you Exar?" I asked, "like your arm." "Yes but the power of the rings is still in me," he said. "Not for long," Ray said.

"Kameha Meha!" Goku screamed. Exar took the whole force of the blow. "Knights of the Round!" Cloud screamed. Again Exar took a blast. "Force Blast!" Luke screamed. Exar took another full blast of energy. "Sword of Omens Fire Blast!" Lion-O screamed. Exar was sent sprawling to the floor. He began to quiver and twitch like someone on a really big buzz. "Interdimentional Web Power Blast!" Bob screamed. Exar was on the brink of dieing. "Thunder!" Pikachu screamed. That sent Exar to the very last breath of his life. I felt something wrap around my neck. I recognized it as the Vortex power being cooersed through a Force user. "Ray," I choked out, "he is choking me." I felt everything get hazy. My eyes went all fuzzy. I was slumping over. The Vortex was slowly draining my life energy. The last thing I remember hearing was Ray screaming something out. Then I lost the ability to hear. "QUIT KILLING MY FRIEND!!!" was what Ray screamed. Then I saw a very bright light ahead of me in Ray's direction. Then I felt the whole ship begin to shake. I was going and going fast. Then I felt a shockwave from a balst of what I estimated to be Ray's Chosen One power coming through. Then I lost conciouseness.

I woke up a day later. I was in a tank of Bacta. I climbed out of it and found Ray waiting for me. He told me that Exar Kun was dead, and that he had killed him by shooting some type of ultrabeam of nothing but pure Vortex power. I went into the main chamber of NCC to find the rest of the Supreme Gaurdians. They all commended me on a job well done and I did likewise to them. They had the Ultra Power Ring on the table. They were disscussing what to do with it. Then they rings broke into the original seven. They shot off all in different directions. "It is not over yet," Ray said.

What will become of the Supreme Gaurdians? Who will be the new Supreme Destroyers? Will Shane ever get girls out of his head? Find out in the next instalment of Dimentional Gaurdian Force, Part Eight, The Rebirth of Evil