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Dimentional Gaurdain Force Part 6: Assault on Destroyer Central Command

By: W. Bob Yankovic

I refuse to write a legal discliamer due to the fact that I do not give a rat's anal opening about ripping off characters. Except from Star Wars and I really am sorry that I had to do this illeagly but what the heck. Here it goes. Enjoy the fic.

"All groups ready!" Ray shouted over the comm, "begin attack on NCC." With that I watched as hundreds of pokemon swarmed NCC. The sevear cuteness of Pikachu made the officers running the docking bay puke his liver up so they had a clean shot. As Bob and I waited for the clearance code for the next wave I was having a little doubt. "What is it Shane?" Bob asked. "It is just that they are so much more powerful and numerouse than we are. I feel that many innocent lives will be lost today," I said. "Do not worry about it, everyone knew the odds and they are willing to die to give freedom back to the universe," Bob answered. "We are in postion," I heard Pikachu say. "Begin wave Electroshock!" Ray yelled. Milliseconds after the words came out of his mouth I saw the outer lights of NCC go out. Then I saw the engines cut off. Then every system in its correct order. "We have run into a little problem SG Doss," Pikachu said, "the Destroyers are swarming the southern flank of Zapdos, I request permission to attack." "Do what you must Pikachu but remember you are not an attack force," Ray answered. A few minutes later the army of Pokemon hold up in a back corner and locked all the doors. "All clear!" I heard Pikachu say. "It is now or never," Bob said. "Go wave Lockdown!" Ray said.

As Bob and I wound our way throught the Northern control towers we had little resistance. The only problem we had was a slight misshap and a wrong turn that landed us right in the middle of the troop barracks. Needless to say we had a fight on our hands. We cleared the room though by throwing a small, but effective neuro-shut-down gas cartridge I had ganked from the NCC vault. When we got to the Central Computer room we encountered several more gaurds and a couple of out dated Trade Federation Battle Droids. "Bob, get over to the main panel and see if you can still get my clearance code to work," I said as I made my way to the auxilliary power supply panel. In less than a minute I had it up and ruinning. "I have gotten us in, I think," Bob said. As I walked over I made a slight correction to the doors so that they would not open. Then we contacted Ray and told him that we were in postion to complete our wave but he said that we were to stay in postion untill everyone was aboard. "We are runnig a systems analasys to see if the sheilds and armor plates are intact," I told Ray. "Good, I am going to shut off my comm so that Kun will not be able to monitor me, you are now in change. But I warn you do not let the power go to your head," Ray said as he signed off. "Ok we are in postion, wave Anihilation go!" I said.

Then I heard the reprocussions of blasts bouncing off the coridoors as Goku and Cloud blasted through. "We are jiving," Cloud said. As they made their way through NCC they kept in comm range. "We seam to have come to a dead end. No wait here come some more," Goku said. Then I heard someone scream Kameha-meha and several gaurds scream. "They are coming faster than we can kill em," Cloud said. "Hold on let me see what I can do," I said. I walked over to a terminal and hacked into the loudspeakers. "All troups report to the lower docking bays," I said in my best Exar Kun voice. "They are running away," Goku said. "Folow them, and corner them in the docking bay, it is a dead end," Bob said. "Ingeniouse," Bob said, "you are very caniving." "You donot have to tell me that," I answered. The system analasys came through negative. The sheilds were not up. the armor plates were on stanby, but not for long. I took them off line. "Shane, I think we are through with our job," Cloud said. "Good go and find Pikachu. He should be in the eastern holdong bay," I said. "Lion-O, Luke get ready," Bob said over the comm. "Wave Clean Up go!" I said.

As soon as Lion-O and Luke got on board I put the ship on lock down. "What is going on Luke?" I asked over the comm. "Not much action down here, looks like Goku and Clound did a pretty good job, Luke said. "Keep your eyes open," I said. "Try to get to the western lower levels, I do not think that the intercoms were active there," I told Lion-O. "Copy," he answered. A few minutes later they found the reserve bunch. "We count five regements in the western docking bay," Luke blaired over the comm. "Hold position, see if you can draw their fire Luke," I said. "Oh thanks for the job Shane, remind me to demote you down to Dimentional Parking Guard when we get back," Luke said. "Any time old buddy," I answered. "Lion-O, when they fire on Luke use that sword of yours to blast the $&%# out of them ok," Bob said. "Can do Bob," Lion-O answered. "I am going in!" Luke screamed. The sound of blasters firing was all to familiar to my ears. Then the sound of the Sword of Omens blasting the troops relieved my anxiety. "Shane, all troops dead, request next mission assignment," Luke said. "Search the rest of the ship except for the SG Throne room. That is where Exar Kun will be. Leave that to Ray," I said very strictly. "This is Luke signing off."

As I ran down the corridors to find Ray I was thinking. Yes I can think, my brain is not that small. I was thinking about how Ray has saved the lives of millions, and how I had take the lives of millions. I began to think that I might not be fit to be a Gaurdian. Then an image came to me. I remembered, chicks dig guys with athority. Maybe I will stay after all. Then I saw him, Lightsaber drawn walking slowly down the corridor. "Ray," I said softly. he turned around and looked at me. "What in the &$&% are you doing here?" he half way screamed, half way wispered. "I came to help," I said in retallitation, "you need all the help you can get." "Yes you are right, but who is in charge?" he asked. Then just as I opened my mouth he said,"Besides Deez." "Crap," I said, "I left Bob in charge, he is still in the control room. Goku, Cloud, and the pokemon are in the eastern holding bay. Everyone else is either patrolling or running diagnostics on the ship. All of the Destroyers on board are dead, and we have had minimal losses. One regement of pokemon and three deputies," I reported. "You handled yourself pretty good in charge," Ray said. "Thanks," I said. "Now let's go find Kun," Ray said. "Finally some action," I said under my breath.

"Where is he?" I asked Ray. "I have no idea?" Ray answered. "Maybe he got smart and ran away," I said reluctantly. "That is not like Kun," Ray commented. "Yeah I know, remember I spent a year with him," I told Ray. "I remember," Ray said. "SHANE!!! RAY!!!," Luke screamed over the comm, "WE FOUND HIM!!!" "What?!" we both said in unison. "Where are you?" I screamd over the comm. "THE NORTHERN HOLDING BAY!!" Luke screamed, "WE ARE IN DEEP $#%@." "Let's go," Ray said. We ran as fast as our legs could carry us. When we got to the northern holding bay we found Luke and Lion-O tied to chairs and unconsiouse. "Welcome," an ominiouse voice said. "Kun, you get your Trekkie lovin' @$$ out here right now!" I screamed. "Ahh young McInnis our path's cross again," he said, "you were a fool to leave my side." "Now you will feel my wrath," he said.

Will our heros survive a fight with an UltraDestroyer? Can the Gaurdians take NCC back over? Will Shane finally score? Find out in the next installment of Dimentional Gaurdian Force: The Final Showdown?