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Dimesional Gaurdian Force Part 5: Destroyer Central Command

by: I.M. Pikallo

Okay, let's get this over with, since I don't know who all made this stuff, I give anyone the rights who feels like claiming them. (And don't you dare say Deez Bob.) So I hope you like it.

"Sir, this portal leads to Nexus Central Command. More precisely, the Supreme Gaurdian Hall." Shane and I just looked at each other and said. "Uh, oh." "Well, let's get to NCC and see what damage has been done. I just hope they were able to repulse Kun." As I stepped toward the portal Shane cried out, "Hey, how do you know he didn't just throw my vortex nullifying machine in the middle of it." I stopped in mid-stride, "YOU, made the Vortex nullifier??? YOU are the one who nearlly got me killed in the battle with Ulic Qel-Droma?" "Hey, I just decided one day to exchange a ton of cash for my friends life." As I just stood there I said, "No wonder you have so many citations for insubordination." I then grabbed his arm and threw him into the Vortex, then jumped in myself.

As we entered Nexus Central Command, I immeadiatly noticed the fact that the usual number of inspectors to inspect the incomming shipments, were not there to greet us. In fact, there were no Gaurdians period. But, someone did notice us. "Hey, you two, how did you get here, don't you know that trade has been cancelled, since we; The Dimensional Destroyers; took over Nexus, no Destroyer Central Command." Shane nearly blurted out something, but, I hit him in his gut with my elbow. "Uh, we have been traveling in the Vortex for a few days, we have not heard of you taking over. So, if you want us to, we will now just leave." As I turned to leave, he stopped me. "Hey, where did you get that ring on your finger? It looks familliar." "It is my graduation ring. What difference does it make?" I motioned for Shane to move toward the portal faster, but, the destroyer noticed my movement. "So, you want to leave, huh, well you can't. I have orders to kill all who enter this place who are not destroyers." I was about to run, then I turned. "What rank are you in the Destroyers?" "I am a Destroyer" I guess he expected me to be scared or to cower, because, when I laughed he got this strange look on his face. "So, you think you are powerfull. I can take you without transforming. HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" So, in response to this, Shane and I looked at him, looked at each other, then screamed, "DIMENSIONAL SUPER POWER RING" "DIMESIONAL DEPUTY BADGE" "ACTIVATE!" As we transformed his laughter turned to a scream, "THERE ARE GAURDIANS IN HERE, AAAAHHHHH!!!!!" Instead of staying, we decided to leave. "Well, we are screwed, you know that. Here I am, just being reassined to be the partner of a Supreme Gaurdian, and I end up in a ship the size of the Earth, that is full of people trying to kill me!" Stopping long enough to slap him silly, I then grabbed him and began to run toward the main power core.

"Hhmmm, so this is the main power core. It is really large you know." Not turning from my computer I said, "Yes, I do know that it is really large. That is why I am trying to shut it down. If I can deactivate it, then make it so that only someone with Supreme Gaurdian codes can turn it back on." After a few minutes, I was stuck. "Well, you are the hacker, you try it." A few minutes later a saw his head pop up, "The best I could do is make sure they can't activate the weapons, shields, or armor pannels. I hope that is enough." Looking at the moniters, I saw that we had been found. "Well, here is the welcome wagon. Let's get out of here. But I need to stop off at the vault."

"Why are we stopping here? It is out in the open, and we have Destroyers up to our ears as it is." Looking at him, I opened the vault. I then ripped off his badge. "Hey, I didn't know you were that angry." I then threw a ring at him. "Here, since we are rather short on men, I promote you to the rank of Gaurdian. Are you happy?" Before he could answer I grabbed several cases with omni-armor plating, the strongest material in existance. "Hey, what have you got in those?" "These are all of the Deputy Badges, Power Rings, and the 7 backup Super Power Rings. Think about it, Kun went strait to the Supreme Gaurdian Chamber. Do you think he was invited to have tea with them? NO, the first thing he did was to kill the Supreme Gaurdians in here. I must now find out if any Gaurdians are left to take the title of Supreme Gaurdian," I could tell he was wondering something, "Well, why not give me that rank?" I was about to tell him, but we had just been found. "Listen, just get to the main portal, I will explain later."

As I stood before my friend Luke Skywalker, I explained what had happened. "So, you want me to be one the Supreme Gaurdians. I don't know." I decided to tell him the last bit of information. "There is one thing you don't know. An old friend of yours leading the Destroyers, his name is Exar Kun." Luke just stood there, looking like I had hit him in his gut. "How, we used our light side power to destroy him forever." "No, you acctually helped him more than you know. Your pulse of light opened a Vortex portal that allowed him to escape." I could feel the anger swell in him. "Luke, don't get angry, you have been redeemed from the dark side once, don't try for two." He extended his hand, as I grasped it, I placed his ring on. "I now give you the rank of Supreme Gaurdian."

The next Dimension we went to I found the cutest of the Supreme Gaurdians, Pikachu. "So, do you want the title or not Pikachu?" "PIKACHU!, Pika, Pika, Chu-Pika!" "Okay, listen mister potty mouth! You will give me some respect or I will not give you this rare candy. And I know how much you love them. If you join us, you will have all the rare candies, and Pokemon food, your little heart desires." He appeared to think about it, then he decided to join us, off to the next Gaurdian!

"Man, Ray, you have had to con, bribe, sucker, push, and pull rank to get your 6 Supreme Gaurdians, but, I think for this group it will be worth it in the long haul," Shane said in my ear. Looking at the six other people I had chosen for this rank, I agreed with him. "I have chosen you for many reasons. You each are exceptional leaders. You each have powers that are uncommon even in your dimension. You each have extremely high resistance to the Vortex. And most importantly, I would; and have, trusted each of you with my own life." I could tell they all were proud. I then turned to what was left of the Dimensional Gaurdian Force. "Members of the Dimensional Gaurdian Force. I give you your new Supreme Gaurdian Council. Luke Skywalker, Pikachu, Lion-o, Son Goku, Cloud Strife, Bob, and myself. Now, as you know, we have been thrown out of our base by the Destroyers. Now, it is payback time. As you probably can guess, we must now travel through the Vortex like fugatives. We must do hit and fade runs on Destroyer bases in Dimensions. We must travel from one place to the next because staying in any one place too long can mean devestation." While I was putting forth an apperance of knowing all will be fine, I knew at any moment any and all of us could die. But, I knew as long as we could do anything we would fight the Destroyers. "Now, we need to set up some basic plans for doing this. As well we have two dig advangtages over them. One, our base can and will be on the move constantly. Two, we all know our way around Nexus Central Command, even the hidden tunnels, like we know the way whatever we eat gets to what ever it enters our bodies through." This brought out a large shot, and lots of laughter. "Now, our first move is to find some more people, I want everyone to go to your home dimensions and recruite as many new members as possible. Your computers will give you the location of our base at any given time. Now, let's move!"

After about three week we had quadrupiled in size. The best recruiter we had was Pikachu. He seems to be a Pokemon diplomat. He brought in 300 Pikachus alone. Plus at least one of each of the other 150 Pokemon. I am planning on sending in all of the Pikachus to short circuit the power systems of the base. Plus, that much electrical energy would nock out sensors and nock out people. This should be fun, and funny. I am going to built a camera with rubber outside, and a transparsteel lens; just to tape this! We spent about a month training the new recruites, and the current members who had been promoted. We decided to train in multiple locations at once. Each Supreme Gaurdian would train Gaurdians from his dimension and it's parrallel universes. The Gaurdians would train Supreme Deputies, and so on. But, no matter, we stayed on the move. Only the Supreme Gaurdians were allowed to communicate with others, and even then it was just the other SG's. Since we have been in NCC since the Destroyers took over, and, we have actually fought Kun; Shane and I were not made leaders, it is just we gave the orders. And any order given from us was followed to the decimal point. I think the sudden boom of people that followed his every word got to Shane's brain, what little brain he had that is. I caught him more than once doing what I would say is; well; unapropriate for someone of his standing. I admit it probably would have got to my head as well. If I had not been working my but off at all times. I got more sleep in the middle of a dogfight with the best pilots, in the best starfighters, the Empire had thrown at my while in the Rebell Alliance, than I did in that month. When we finnally got the entire Force got together, I was shocked at it's size. We were larger, and more powerfull than when we were in NCC. As well, Luke had got a few Vortex resistant Noghri Death Commandos to train everyone in guerilla warfare. I feel we have a good chance at retaking NCC.

"We have recruited, we have trained, we have prepared for this for nearlly six months. We have hit several small Destroyer outposts, we are now ready to retake what is ours. You heard right, we are now going to retake Nexus Central Command!" After hearing this, the entire Force erupted into cheers and shouts. I could tell the other Supreme Gaurdians standing beside me were as proud, and anxious, as I was. I then motioned to Pikachu, who stood up, he was the coordinator of the initial attack. He was wearing a universal translator, so we could all understand him. "Okay, this is how the first strike will work, I will lead the 300 other Pikachus, the 150 Raichus, the 75 Electabuzzes, 32 Jolteons, and the 8 Zapdoses. We will swarm the main room. Then we will break off, our job is to knock out as much of the eletrical power to the various area of NCC. If we shock any Destoyers in the proccess we can, but we are not to intentionaly assault anyone. After this is done, the second strike will take place." After he sat down, Bob got up. "I will command the second phase. I, the others from my dimension, several porygons, and Gaurdian McInnis; will hack into the main computer of the station. We are hoping the auxillary power will keep the computers on. If not, we are to fall back and join the third wave. If we can get in, we are to close down all the rooms. Only people with Gaurdian codes, computers, and various other ID's can open them. After all of the Gaurdians are in, we are to shut down all portals to the Vortex." After he sat down, Goku and Cloud stood. "We are going to lead the next wave of attack. We are going to send in our best warriors to terrorize, kick out, and; if we have to; kill all the Destroyers we can. We have the bloodiest, and most dangerous job. Our orders are to get rid of as many destroyers as we possibly can." With this Luke and Lion-o stood. "We are the cleanup crew. We are to help team three as much as we can. But, our main objective is to get to the shield and defensive panelling controls. If we can get NCC into a lockdown state, it would prevent anyone from leaving, and anyone from getting back in." Finnally, it was my turn, "I must do my mission alone. Each of you have been assigned to what ever wave of attack you are best suited for. But no one, not even me, is trained for what I must do. I will slip in with the hundreds of Pokemon. I will then do my best to find, and kill, Exar Kun. I don't want any of you who are feeling cocky to try to come with me. At best you will die quick and painlessly. Our spies reports have stated that there is not a group of Super Destroyers, just one. Kun. That means he has assumed the power of seven super power rings. That or grafted them into what I call the "Ultra" Power ring. In either instance, I have the best chance against him. I wish you all luck, you're gonna need all you can get, and more."

Will the Gaurdians survive the assault? Can Ray defeat Exar Kun? Will Shane continue to attempt to mack-on every female; regardless of species; he sees? Well, you may just find out in Dimensional Gaurdian Force Part 6: Assualt on Destroyer Central Command.