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Dimensional Gaurdian Force Part 4: The Unknown Dimension

by: I.M. Pikallo

Okay all you happy people, let's get this over with. I happily give credit to all who I am using; names, likeness, and personas. I hope this is suffecient. Thank you.

"Okay, Shane, we are now completly screwed. My computer is on the fritz, we are stranded on and unknown dimension, and you are on a chocolate/hate buzz." As I looked around Shane just stood there, "Hey, I was enjoying that brownie." I just rolled my eyes an motioned for him to follow me. "Maybe we can find some civilization around here. If I can find an electronics store I can fix my computer." As we walked I kept getting, this feeling. It was that unmistakeable feeling we we're being watched.

After hours of walking, we found a small city. "Hmm, this appears to be advanced enough. Paved roads, vehicles that are more avanced than the ones at home." "And lot's and lot's of babes!" As I gave him a look of anger I said, "Listen, if you wanna try to hook up with them, go ahead. I am going to try to find a place to fix my computer." So, what did he do, he left and walked over to the nearest girl. Slapping my forhead and rolling my eyes; I left mumbling, "He is your friend, don't kill, He is my friend, I won't kill him." No more than two minutes later he showed up, with an imprint of a hand on his face. "Guess they didn't want any, huh, Shane?" Rubbing the mark on his face he said, "She looked at my, screamed and ran off saying something." Shaking my head, "You didn't have your universal translator on, did you? Oh, well, I have the parts I need, let's find some hotel rooms." As we walked, I noticed that the only people I saw where of the female gender. The more we walked, I noticed we got many stares. One little girl asked us, "What are you two doing out during the day?" Before I could ask her what she meant another girl grabbed her and they both ran off. "Man, this place is getting freakier by the minute." "Your telling me, I think we may better forgoe the rooms tonight." After getting a strange look from Shane I continued, "Well my reasoning is this. 1. We keep getting strange looks. 2. We can't close enough to ask about what is going on. and 3. There are a lot of people with weapons following us right now. On my mark, try to transform. In 3,2,1, mark. DIMENSIONAL SUPER POWER RING" "DIMENSIONAL DEPUTY BADGE" "ACTIVATE!" As we held out our hands, nothing happend. "Uh, Shane, I think it would be wise to; RUN FOR YOU LIFE!" As we ran, Shane yelled out, "How's about trying that little power of yours, huh?" "I told you, I need to be exposed to extreme emotions before that works!" "Oh, well, how about extreme fear, because I feel it now." Looking at him, then looking back I jumped to the side, just barely dodging a laser bolt. "Okay, split up, you go over there I will go over here. Keep the signaler on your badge on; if I can fix my computer, I will find you." Breaking off, I ran to the left, and Shane ran to the right.

"Man, I hope Shane made it okay. Now, to fix this peice of junk." Pulling out the parts and tools I bought earlier; I began to fix my computer. After a few hours, "Gaur.;....oss, Gaurd....Doss, Gaurdian Doss, finally, I can speak. I must warn you, you are in a dimension that is occupied only by women, the only men are vampieric. They have gained the ability to senthises genes. In essence, they clone each other." Looking at my watch I gave the order for hologram form. "So, that explains why we were chased down and shot at. But, why can't we access our Gaurdian powers here." While she scanned the area, I looked for food. "Sir, I have found no reason for you not to be able to use your Gaurdian powers here. But, I have located Deputy McInnis. He is 5.9 miles to the North." Looking at the display she put up I noted the location of Shane. "Well, it is too late to try to find him now. Computer, can you find some suitable shelter for me." After waiting for a few minutes I heard her say, "There a appears to be a small camp to the north. Less than 1 mile away." Getting up, I headed in that direction; using my ring as a flashlight. Then I saw a fire up ahead. Walking into the camp, I became very cautious. The camp was full of men. But I didn't see anything that pointed to their being vampires. One man got up, aparently the leader, "Hello, how are you? I have not seen any other men in this area in years. The women have killed them all." Looking around the camp; I said, "I'm doing okay, but, I hope to be moving on pretty soon. I was just wandering around and saw the fire. I hoped there would be some friendly people, after getting shot at by a bunch of girls." "Well, we don't have much, but, you are more than welcome to stay here the night. We were just about to eat, care to join us?" Shaking my head, "No, I just ate, I just needed a safe place to stay for the night. At first light I need to find my friend. We were separated during the attack." "Well, we have a spare cot, if you want it." He pointed at a cot on the ground, "It's not much, but it works better than the ground." Laying down on it; I said, "Trust me, I have been in much worse, much worse indeed." In a few minutes I was asleep. What felt like all of 15 minutes, my computer waked my up. "Sir, you have to get up. Someone is comming, and they appear to be hostile." Looking up, I saw a mouth about to close down on my neck!

Rolling to the side, I fell off the cot, then screamed. "DIMENSIONAL SUPER POWER RING, ACTIVATE!" This time I transformed, thankfully. "Dimensional Saber, Dimensional Blaster, come forth." I ran as my sword and gun appeared on my back and right side. "Saber, lightsaber. Gun, Blastec DL-44 heavy blaster pistol." Turning with my gun in hand, and lightsaber on my belt, I set my gun on "stun." I wanted answers, not bodies. "Okay, who ever you are, I want some answers. NOW!" Looking around, I didn't see anyone, but that didn't mean no one was around. "Computer, scan the area, I don't want anyone sneaking up behind me." "Well sir, there is someone behind you." The turning and fireing of the gun was like an instinct. But, seeing the man dodge the blast wasn't. "Nice reflexes boy, but, as I said earlier, I was about to eat." My eyes widened at the recognition of his voice, "You are the one who greated me when I first entered camp! So, all of the men here ARE vampires." As he moved at me with speed I had not seen in a while, I dodged to the left, then the right. "My you are fast, you must not be from here. No matter, I could tell you have a power like no other. I WILL catch you, then I will posses this power." I flipped over his head, and ran like I had never run before. "Wait, why am I running?" Stopping, I suddenly became transparent. "How did you do that? Never mind, your little mind trick can't help you." He flew at me, then passed through me. "Easy, I am in the Dimensional Rift. The area between two dimensions. You have underestemated me. That is your first, and last, mistake." As he just stood there dumb-founded, I attacked, he was dead before he knew I had reappeared fully in the dimension. "Computer, I guess I should find Shane. Project a map of the area, place a red dot on my local, a blue dot on his."

"Shane, am I glad to see you. Man, you wouldn't believe what just happened to me." I said finnally, finding my friend. "Well, I may believe yours more than you will mine. I found Kun!" Shaking my had with disbelief, "When, where is he at?" "Well, I was running, when I saw Kun dissapear behind this wall. Either he is a ghost, or it is a false wall." We got up and he took me to the wall he saw Kun dissapear behind. "Your wrong on both counts. This wall is real, and Kun is no ghost, not yet anyway. He must have entered the rift. Did he look like this?" I said as I entered the rift. "Yeah, that is exactly what he looked like. Uh, how did you do that?" As i explained it, I saw my "friend", the vampire. "How in H*ll did he survive, never mind. Shane enter the rift and follow me." As we walked through the wall, I could tell Shane was not used to this. We finnaly got to the end of the wall, and saw a portal to the Vortex. "Computer, can you find out where this goes?" "Yes sir, It appears to go to Nexus Central Command." Looking at Shane, who was looking at me; we said in unison, "Oh, uh."

Did Kun go to Nexus Central Command? What is he doing there if he did? Find out in the next chapter of The Dimensional Gaurdian Force!