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Dimemtioal Gaurdian Force Part Three: The Enigma of Zenith

By: W. Bob Yankovic

You guys know the deal. I am not going to type all of the disclaimer stuff. You can just get over it. Well enjoy the fick.

"Good work Sumpeme Gaurdian Doss," said Lion-o, Lord of the Thundercats, "you really showed that Qel-Droma guy." "Thanks," replied the newest member of the Supreme Gaurdians. "It was a piece of cake," he said sarcastically. "Now that Qel-Droma is out of the way we should have clear sailing for a while." Not a moment after he had finished the NCC main alarm began to blair. "Computer," barked Ray, "what is the source of the disturbance?" "It appears that an underling of Qel-Droma named Exar Kun has taken power as head Destroyer," said the hologram of the lovely lady. "Exar Kun, huh? What is the problem though?," asked Ray. "It seems that he has taken over a number of Super Star Destroyers near the Obra Ski system in Star Wars Alpha," replied the defense technition. "So he wants a fight does he?" Ray said with just a hint of cockyness in his voice. "Let's take one to him."

As Phoenix Squadron dropped out of hyperspace their scopes went crazy. "Man, how many of them are out there?" queried Phoenix 3. "Alot," replied Ray. "Okay guys lets put these ship to good use," said Ray as he began to type in commands into his ship's computer. "I think I will go with a X-wing fighter, what about you guys?" as the others rambled off their ship choices, their ships began to change form. You see the Dimentional Fighters can take the form of any ship in the present dimention. The rag-tag fighter wing closed the gap between them and the enemy quickly, and barely noticed the fact that they were going up against two fully loaded Super class Star Destroyers with extra escort squadrons of TIE Interceptors and Assault Gun Boats. "May the Force and the Vortex be with us!" Ray screamed over the comms as the wing met the first wave of the TIE's.

Ship by ship Phoenix Squadron obliterated the multiple waves of a variety of TIE fighters and Gun Boats. The only loss so far was a decal from Phoenix 6 that was scorched off by a laser bolt from a TIE Advanced. "Let's go in for a closer look," said Ray as the finished off the remainder of the TIE's. As they flew closer they did scans on the SSD's and found that most of their Turbolasers were not even charged up. "That is strange," commented Phoenix 4 " they are not even going to try to intercept us it seems." "Wait, i feel something," said Ray as he strained using the Force to reach out to the SSD's. "They still have a squadron of fighters in their bays." "Well then why aren't they using them?" questioned Phoenix 11. "That is what is worrying me," answered Ray.

"Here they come," yelled Phoenix 9 as the sleak, black fighters came roaring out of the hanger. "I have an idea," said Ray, "send out our identifications." "WHAT?!?!" screamed Phoenix 2, "do you want to make them even madder?" "No but maybe it will freak them out if they know who we are," replied Ray. So the piolts one by one sent out their i.d.'s to the oncoming ships. Then someone realized that the ships were like none ever seen. "Sir, can you identify that squadron of ships?" asked Phoenix 4. "No I cannot, and i do not know if we want to find out," answered Ray. "Wait I am recieving a message from the apparent leader of the squadron," Ray said. "Hey you out there, I have recieved your i.d. transmittions and seem to know that you are Dimentional Gaurdians. I also know that SG Ray Doss is in command of the squadron you are flying. I wish to transmit a clearance code. If you do not fire on me I will not be forced to destroy you. Zenith-Alpha-Charlie-Zero-Niner." Then Ray seemed to have a flash back of his long time friend Shane McInnis. He then realized that Zenith was his code name. He had been assigned to spy on the Empire back about 10 years ago. Ray replied with this, "This is Supreme Gaurdian Ray Doss, I have recieved your transmition and I have to say. . . . How the heck are you doing ol' buddy?" "I knew you would come back some day, oh by the way how do youlike my ship? It is a beauty huh? I have named it the H-Wing bomber. And now that you have finally came back i can show you what 10 years of ripping off Imperial information from the Maw Instilation can do," replied Shane.

With that the newly named H-wing bomber locked its s-foils in attack position and turned on its own squadron. In a matter of moments the bewildered Destroyers were dead, floating in the debris. "Now for the big show Ray, watch this," squaked Shane over the comm. The almost invisible H-wing found its target, the SSD "Sith's Diamond", and dropped what appeared to be just a regular proton bomb on it. Little known to Ray and the other members of Phoenix Squadron it was a prototype resonance bomb. Much like the resonance torpedos used by Kyp Durron in the Suncrusher the resonance bomb broke down things at the atomic level, only this time fitted for metal alloys instead of the core of a star. The bomb hit its target directly in the bridge causing massive systems shutdowns. As the path of destruction spread across the great ships surface Shane found his next target, the SSD "Pride of Exar." The next resonance bomb hit just the same as the other, blowing up the bridge. Then from out of nowhere a single fighter shot out of the ship's hanger.

"I got this one," Ray screamed over the comm. Little did Ray know that in the fighter itself was the man who they came looking for, Exar Kun. As Ray swooped in behind him he tried to open a comm channel to the ship. "This is Ray Doss, calling the pilot of the fighter, surrender or die at my hands." The answer from the ship blew Ray out of the water. "This is Exar Kun, Supreme Destroyer, and if you think that you can stop me just try," with those words the small yet agile ship completed a 180 degree spin and caught Ray in his sights. The blaster bolts lanced out toward Ray's ship faster than he could react. Then he let his temper flare and summoned the power of the Vortex. With just mear milliseconds left before the blast hit him Ray spun sideways out of its path. Then firing his blasters caught the ship in the engine. Exar Kun's ship went swirling down to the planet below.

"Listen in know Exar better than you do Ray," pleaded Shane. "I know that he did not die when you shot him down," said Shane for the tenth time. "OKAY!!!" Ray screamed, "we will go back to that God forsaken planet and look for him. " Thank you for complying Supreme Gaurdian," Shane said in a very annoying voice. "Hey you know that if i was not your friend you would be dead right now," said Ray in retalliation. "So what?" said Shane, "death is just another part of life that we all have to endour." "Quit trying to be philisophical, you are going to make me puke," said Ray jokingly. "Suit up and Ship out!"

On the planet's surface the two best friends found the wreckage of Exar's ship, but no body. After a brief "I-told-you-so" speach from Shane they procede. Upon coming to a small clearing they decided to stop and eat. "Man, where the heck did this moron go?" asked Shane opening a chocolate brownie. "I have no idea, and if you eat that you know you are going to be hyper for a month," criticized Ray. "So just as long as i can finish it before that goofus finds us," Shane said taking a bite of the brownie. "The goofus has found you!" said a voice from behind them. They spun around finding Exar Kun in a Sith fighting stance with lightsaber drawn. "Oh &^%#," screamed Ray. Then Exar did the most vial thing that he could think to do, he stole Shane's brownie. "NOW I AM REALLY %#@&# OFF KUN!!!!" Shane vented with all the anger he could muster. He charged Kun while drawning his lightsaber, the purple blade sliced cleanly through the upper corner of Exar Kun's ear. "Infudel!!!" rages Kun, "you will now DIE!" as the battle insued between Exar and the two Gaurdians neither side either lost or gained any ground. Finally Exar tiered of the sport. "Now you common slaves, you will experiance the full power of the Vortex! Qel-Droma was a fool not to use it! Begone you rats! This being said a rift in the Vortex opened up and swallowed Ray and Shane.

"Where the &^%# are we?" Shane asked. "Computer, Dimentional Location," Ray said. The computer simply fizzled and made static noises. "It must have been damaged during the battle," said Ray. "So you are saying that we are stuck here, and we do not even know where here is?!" Shane whinned. "Apparently so," Ray replied reluctantly.

Will our hero's find out where they are? WIll they find a way to escape? Will Exar Kun take over the Vortex in the mean time? Find out in the next installment of this fick.