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Dimensional Gaurdian Force Part Two: Old Friends; and More Powerfull Enimies

by: I.M. Pikallo

"You must locate and defeat the leader of the Destroyers, Ulic Qel-Droma." At that, all I could do was one thing I did very well; faint.

"Aaahhh, ack! Oh, okay, what happened," I said dazed. After I got settled in; the Supreme Gaurdian who was speaking to me continued, "As, I was saying Gaurdian Doss, you are to locate and defeat Ulic Qel-Droma, BUT, you do not have to do it alone. If you want, Gaurdian Aruva will join you. I chose him because you two seem to have become good friends." Turning to John who had a look that screamed 'LET ME COME!' I told, "If you don't want to do this; you don't have to, but, if you do want to, I could use the help." Looking at me, then facing the Council he said, "I will go, I don't like the thought of a new guy going after Qel-Droma though. Qel-Droma has a Super Power Ring, Ray just has a Power Ring." After what appeared to be a long disscusion, I couldn't hear it because they had a privacy field up, they turned to us. "Gaurdians Doss and Aruva, your next assinment is to locate and defeat Ulic Qel-Droma. Gaurdian Doss, you are to get some rest. When we call you, it will be time for you to leave. DISSMISSED" Turning on my heal I left. But when John started to leave he was stopped. I would have wondered more, but I had not had a good night's sleep in about 4 years. Military surplus cots are not very relaxing, and that was if you were lucky enough to have that! I had to sleep in every StarFighter used by both the Rebell Alliance AND the Galatic Empire! Well, when you play "Rebel Spy in the Empire" you have to do some weird things.

"Gaurdian Aruva, I would like to speak with you further." When Doss had left, "I would like to tell you something about Gaurdian Doss. I am sure you have felt the power that runs through him. Most people don't think that much of it because many of the dimensions have people with special powers. What is strange about him is this, he is from Dimension 2458739A, Earth Alpha." Aruva's jaw dropped, "He is from a dimension with NO special abilities in any part or time of it!" "Yes. He is a rare breed indeed. He has an attunement to the Vortex. He can draw power from the Vortex, with or without a power ring. Now do you understand, he is the one that was rumored to come. I chose him to succeed me because he has the potential to become greater than any other. But, he doesn't need to know this yet, he has to grow used to the Vortex's power." After several moments of silence, "I will not tell him this. But, what if he finds out for himself?" "His power is a lot like that of the "Super Saiya-jins" from dimension 2458739F, they must be exposed to extreme emotions to get to their most powerfull form. He must do the same, the first time. After that he can access his powers at any time. Now, you need some rest yourself. DISSMISSED!"

A female voice kept taliking to me in my sleep. "No mom, I don't have to go to school, it's the middle of summer. Uh, oh, hold up!" Sitting strait up in the bed; I looked around the room. Then I noticed the blinking light on my counter. Pushing it, I saw my computer's hologram form appear. "Sir, it is time for you get up. I hope you had a good restfull sleep." Looking at "her" I said, "Well, yes I did, feel like I was asleep for a week." Well sir, by my calculations of time movement in your home dimension, you actually slept for six days. Now I must ask that you get dressed for your mission." Getting up and streaching; I saw that my suit had been cleaned and pressed. While I was putting it on, I asked my computer to order some food. After eating I headed to the breifing room. On the way, John called me over. "So are you ready for the mission. I have been preparing for this one a while." "Well, I slept good, had a big breakfast, and now I am ready. Let's go to the breifing room." When we got there, John called up a holographic map of the Vortex; then a little dot appeared on the map. "Okay, this is the location of Destroyer HQ, as far as we can tell. It is mobile, but, if we move now we can get there. From our reports though, our target is not there, he is in this dimension here." The hologram shifted to a dimension. "This is a dimension whose technology is not high enough for a dimensional portal to be built. In fact, the majority of it is inhabited by a low class intelegence species. There is a highly advanced civilzation on this part of the universe. But Qel-Droma is in this part over here." A part of the map enlarged, "This is an unihabbited part of it, but we don't why his is there or what he is doing." Looking at the map, then thinking for a momment, "I know what he is doing." After getting a funny look from John, "He is setting a trap for me."

"Welcome, Gaurdians Doss and Aruva, I have been expecting you." A voice said out of nowhere. As we walked down what was apparently the hallway to Qel-Droma's lair. "You don't scare me Destroyer, we will defeat you." I looked at John after he said this, "Uh, you sure seem ready to fight him. I'm not to sure I can do this." "Ah, you just have to bluff guys like this. He is expecting us to cower before him." As we walked down the hall I looked around. I recognized several tapestries that recalled events in history of the Sith, the last one was a picture of Darth Vader and Kyp Durron, underneath it was a plague that simply said "Disgraces to the Sith Name." "Man this guy really enjoys his past, doesn't he." John said with awe. "Yeah, but the decore can get on your nerves." As I said this we reached the end of the hallway. We stood before a large door that opened when we stood in front of it. As we walked in I felt the power of the vortex suddenly shut off from us. "As I am sure you have felt, your pitiful Gaurdian powers are no more. Ihave spent years developing this device." Motioning to the middle of the room, there stood a huge machine. As I looked at it; the door behind us closed. "But as you see, I can still use the Force." "So, you are Ulic Qel-Droma. I guess you know who I am." Motioning with his hand, Qel-Droma's lightsaber flew to him. "Now, if you two will just sit still, it will be over with in a few moments." As I stood there John had a fire in his eyes I had never seen before. "I don't think so Qel-Droma." Then raising his arm and hand; a giant sword with a gold handle that had a red gem on it appeared. Then he held out his arm, then a shield with a large blue gem in the center of it came out his ring. As Qel-Droma and I just stared at him John held his sword above his head and his sheild in front him and screamed, "By the power of my sword and sheild. I AM ROAM!" He was then engulfed in a purple light, in the fringes of the light I saw huge golden colored wings appear. Then when the light dissapeared instead of a human looking John stood a giant half-man half-bird. He then flew toward Qel-Droma at a speed I couldn't even follow. Neither could Qel-Droma for he was hit at full speed. "How is it possible, you are not from a dimension with abilities." Jo.. Roam looked down at his foe and said, "Oh yes I am, I am what is known as a Mutant. I was born with powers uncommon in any species, let alone humans." Then he lowered his hands and a huge blast of fire erupted from them. But this time his target was ready, and the blast stood there; then it suddenly flew strait at Roam. Before his could dodge the blast Roam was hit in the gut, a huge wound was left there. "You should have killed me the first time, fool." Then throwing his hand forward he screamed, "DIMENSIONAL SUPER POWER RING. ACTIVATE!" With that I knew John was dead, but John kept on fighting. They kept it up untill John was unable to move anymore. I ran over to his body and tried to help him, but he wouldn't let me, he knew his wounds were mortal, he couldn't make it. With his last breath he told me to run, run far away.

As I stood over my friends dead body, I vowed to kill Qel-Droma. "You killed my friend, you will probably kill my family, my planet, my loved ones, millions upon millions. But; you can't do that if you are DEAD!" I lunged at him with speed I didn't know I had. "I will kill you. I WILL KILL you, I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!" Sudenly I felt a power rise up in me. It was power from the Vortex, but how, my power ring wasn't even on my finger, I took it off when I knew it wasn't going to work. It appeared Qel-Droma saw it too, "HHHH HOW, how can you transform without the vortex; and your ring." "IIII don't know, I just did it." "You LIE Gaurdian, you are not affected by my field!!! FOR THIS DISGRACE, I WILL KILL YOU!" As he lunged at me, I felt my power still increase, I grabbed his hand, and tore it off like it was made of paper, not flesh and bone. Then I held out my hand, and a HUGE sword appeared, even Qel-Droma was shocked at the size, "No one can make a Dimensional Saber that large, not even ME!" with that he drew his own saber. We fought for hours, he lunged, I blocked, I attacked, he dodged; I appeared neither would win. Untill he told me if I would not stop he would destroy all I hold dear.

"You will not leave this room, Destroyer, for I will not let you!" I held out my saber, and it glowed with a power neither of us had seen. "How, do yo do this stuff, I can't even do one things you do, yet, you keep getting stronger, unless, YOU are the one fortold about; the one that is not any being, but; is attuned to the Vortex. The one that needs no outside power, for he is in essence the Vortex made into a creature." As I stood there letting what he said sink in, he attacked with all he had. But, I stood my ground, and all his power was reflected off my body, and into his. At first I thought that was it, but I was wrong. Reabsorbing that much power in his weak body caused a chain reaction. "I HAVE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!" Luckly in the battle the machine was destroyed. I oppened a portal to NCC and left.

"Members of the Dimensional Gaurdian Force; I must sadly admit that it is time for me to retire. But, I have found my replacement; Gaurdian Doss, would you step forward." As I walked up the stairs to the platform, I saw mixed emotions on the faces of the people. "Gaurdian Doss, I give you this ring as a show of you being a true Gaurdian, a person who has upheld the laws of the Vortex, and your being promoted to the rank of Supreme Gaurdian." Replacing my ring with the new one, I felt the power of it run through me. "I will not dissapoint any of you. I will uphold this post with the highest honor. I will now introduce you to the newest Supreme Deputy, my good friend; Shane McInnis."

Will Ray be able to keep the post of Supreme Gaurdian. Will Shane do what is nessacary for his post as Supreme Deputy? Find out in the next chapter of "The Dimensional Gaurdian Force!"