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Dimensional Gaurdian Force Part 10: The Final Battle?

by: I.M. Pikallo

As par for the DGF course, there will be no disclamer. That is all, enjoy.

As soon as we arrived, I noticed that we somehow had been split up. How badly, I could not tell. The Supreme Gaurdians were with me, but, the rest of the Force, I have no idea. We got together, but found that all of our computers were not working. THAT, is what got me really worried. "Well guys, we appear to be on our own. Not that we can't handle it, but, I fear we may be about to fight the Supreme Destroyers, and that is a battle we are not prepared to fight." Luke looked up, "We have fought greater evils than our nemisises in the Destroyers. How can you say we cannot defeat these enemies?" I shook my head, "We each know these enemies like we know ourselves. They are the ones we have fought all of our lives. They know us, how we attack, how we think, how we react to all incidents." That said, all of my companions looked up. Goku slamed his fist into his hand, "I have beaten all who oppose me, I am the Strongest man in the universe!" "If that is so, why did Kun crush all of the bones in your body? You are the strongest in your dimenision, not all of them." I nodded at the words of the Jedi Master. "He is right, we must not get cocky now. We must form a plan in case of an encounter, and here is where we start...."

"Man, I feel like I have a hangover, and then got the snot beat out of me." Shane looked around, "And on top of that, where am I?" He looked around, "Man, I figured I would have got here with the others?" As he looked around, he noticed he was in a room. "You did show up with the others, but we have you here. You are to be bait for the Supreme Gaurdians." As he looked for the disembodied voice, a picture of Grand Admiral Thrawn appeared. "Oh, yeah, I am going to blow this popsicle stand! DIMENSIONAL POWER RING ACTIVATE!. Uh, ACTIVATE!" Nothing happened. "Now, now. You didn't think we would let you keep your ring active, did you? We took the liberty of deactivating your ring, and placed ysslamirri around you to take care your minimal Force power." With that the image dissapeared. Leaving him alone once again.

"The trap has been sprung, the Gaurdian Force's members have been separated. We have our bait, and we can finally rid ourselves of our enemies." "But, we must not underestimate them. Especially Doss, Kun underestimated him, and overestimated himself. As well, we have never fully destroyed them in our own dimensions, they have new powers at their disposal." They all looked smug, as Freeza stated, "Yes, they have new powers, as do we. Thrawn has devised a clever trap, worthy of his reputation." "Ah, Freeza, you do not need to praise me, we have all done our part to make this trap a sucess." With that statement, a round of laughter filled the room.

As we took a break, I held up a hand to stop the usual chatter that acompanied our resting. When I got a strange look from the others I explained. "I have been thinking. If this is a dimension under a class 10 invasion, where are all the Destroyers? I would think this place to be swarming with them." Bob and Goku looked doughtfull, but Luke nodded in realization, "Ray is right. If this was a TRUE invasion on the scale stated, we would be up to our necks in Destroyers. Well, I guess that is a relevent term, but, I feel we all understood. I sense a trap." I took up again, "So do I, although I do not have the Force, I do have a feeling this is not right. As well, why are our computers not working, where are the other Gaurdians? I don't even think we arrived in the correct location. I think we were sent here by purpose." Then, an image appeared, "Very good, Doss, you have figured out our plan." With that, the image grew, to show us the 7 Supreme Destroyers, and one other figure I couldn't quite make out. "Tell me scum, who is your friend?" Motioning to the unknown person, "This one, you know him well." I screamed when I saw the magnified image, "SSSSHHHHAAANNNNNEEE!!!!!!!!!" Looking at the council, "I would rip out all of your hearts, if I felt you had one!" "Well then, prove it, here we are." With that a map of the area, followed by the quardinates of their base.

We followed the map as best we could. When we finally reached the base, we stopped outside and rested, we knew that we were about to have the final confrontation with our enimies. The next day we got up and entered the fortress; and were completely shocked. There was nothing there but a huge room, and then another door to another room. In the next room we found and freed Shane. "Well, you guys took your time getting here. I was starting to get chaffed from these binders." "Look, we are here now, and you are to leave. This is not your battle, nor could you hope to survive. This is going to be an all out war. And you will only get in our way." Well, okay, so I was a tad bit harsh. But, my reasoning was sound. He could not help us much, nor could he keep himself from being captured again. What shocked me was his nodding his head. "I guess your right, Ray. I can't really help you out. This is not only a clash of titans, but I can tell it will be personal. However, I WILL find the other Gaurdians and try to head back to Nexus Central Command. Good luck." With he left, and we entered the final room of the fortress, and the place of my; no; our destiny.

When we entered the room, we instantly noticed that there were only 7 things in the room. And you really can't call it a room because it opened up all around us, a better term would be; arena. "Greetings, all of you. I hope your stay has; and will be; VERY unpleasent." We just stood our ground, these beings were know to mock. I stepped forward, "Enough of this talk, if we are to fight, then let's do this." All fourteen of us shrugged off our capes, held our hands up and said, "DIMENSIONAL SUPER POWER RING ACTIVATE!" Then the Gaurdians pulled out our sabers in unison, held them so the handle (note, the dimensional saber in it's standby form, which it is, is nothing more than a handle.) so that is bisected our faces and commanded in unison, "Dimentional Saber, LIGHTSABER, SWORD OF OMENS, POWER POLL, GLITCH, ULTIMA WEAPON, THUNDER BLADE, (okay, Pikachu has no weapon, I had to put something there; capiche`?) BLADE OF THE CHOSEN ONE!" Across the room they taunted us, "You think your toys can do anything against us? HA!" I countered, "You don't, and never have gotten it, these "toys" as you put it, our extensions of ourselves. They are as much a part of us as our bodies. Now Gaurdians, CHARGE!" As I am sure they expected, we charged our arch foes, therefore they gaurded for our individual attacks; and that was their greates mistake. Instead we broke off in mid-charge and attacked another person using our most powerfull attacks. I am sure Shane could hear our attacks, "OMNISLASH, KAMHA-MEHA, THUNDER, FORCE STORM, THUNDERCATS-HO, DIMENSIONAL POWER BLAST, uh. uh. uh. GLITCH, ANYTHING!" Our initial assault went unblocked, and hurt them badly. We continued to switch up opponents and attacks. To the person watching, it was completly random, but, it was a very preplanned attack.

Before we could bring in the killing blows, they withdrew. I raised and eyebrow, "Giving up? I figured this would be a fight to the last." In unison they answered, "It is gaurdian, it is, we now combine our powers to become one in the Vortex!" A huge whirlwind formed around them as they became one. When it was over, I understood why we were in an open room, the; thing; was over thirty foot tall. "We are the embodiment of each of the powers of the beings that made us to be." The creature had seven heads at points across it's body. The eighth head on top had seven faces. "We will crush you pitiful ants now." Looking up, I felt a peace flow over me, though I should have been scared out of my wits. I looked at the others, "Leave, this is my fight now." "What, are you crazy? You will get killed." I kept my face blank, "Of course I will, I will die, and I will take them with me. It is my destiny. You have done your part, now let me do mine." The look on each of thier faces screamed, "Try and make us." I raised my hand and created over a hundred vortex portals around them; then I brought them closer and closer. "I am truly sorry my friends, but this is my fight." I then ripped all of the other Gaurdians out of this dimension. "Tell, me. Is this truly where all of the Destroyers are?" Instead of answering me, they showed me. The forrest surrounding the arena became a wall of Destroyers. I allowed a smile to creep on my face. "Good, then I can truly fullfill my destiny."

"NO!" I turned around to see Shane there, without his ring emitting the power of the Vortex, I had missed him entirely. "No, I will not let you fight them alone." "How will you help, you can't even transform? I know, take this." I took of my ring and threw it to him, and at the same time I opened a portal behind him. "Forgive me old friend." I then pushed him in using Vortex power. "Now foR YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!! I AM THE CHOSEN ONE!" I once again felt the power surg through me. "Your powers are insuffiecent to ours." "I don't think so." I powered up the omni-power blast, and opened another portal, but this time I pulled out something. "Kun helped me with this, he built a weapon that could destroy a dimension by launching pure vortex power through a cannon. He dupped it; The Dimensional Cannon." I aimed it at them and fired. "If that is not enough, this should quench any appitite. DIMENSIONAL OMNI-POWER BLAST FIRE!"

I watched the blast hit them, and knew I would die in the backwash, but I didn't care. But it did not blow up! "You fool, we cannot be hurt by the Vortex, our power comes from another source. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" As I watched in disbelief, the words from the legend hit me, 'Remeber the Creator of the Vortex, The Chosen One will lead the battle against the evil mortals. The Creator, Creator.' I looked down at my chest, then pulled out my Cross necklass. "The Creator, battle of good vs. evil. It is making sense now. This is not a Gaurdian/Destroyer War. But of good, no, God vs. evil." Holding the Cross so that the vertical beam was like the handle and blade, and the horizontal beam was like the hand gaurd, I prayed. "God, if this is to be the precurser of the Apocalapse, then so be it." With prayer, my Cross became a sword the likes of which I had never seen. It glowed with the power of the Lord. "How can this be, you should not have found out! YOU MUST NOW DIE BEFORE THE MASTER'S PLAN FAILS!" I laughed, "Your master's plan failed at a Cross nearly 2,000 years ago. Now, it is time to increase that failer." I lunged at them, cutting deep with my blade. With each stroke I cut off another head of the beast. When the last head was left, I jumped as high as I could, then plunged the sword into the top of it's head. With that the sword became a Cross once again. "MASTER!! WE HAVE FAILED YOU!!!!" A voice that caused a shiver to run down my spine replied, "I know, now you and all of your servents will rejoin me. Chosen One. You and your Master have won this round. The next one will not be this easy!" As I looked around a swirling vortex sucked in all of the surrounding things, and began to suck in ME!

"NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!" Shane's scream was heard all over NCC. He then summoned the Supreme Gaurdians. "Ray is gone. I can feel it. He destroyed the Destroyers as well." Luke looked unconvinced. "I did not feel the death of thousands, nor did I feel the death of Ray." Shane shook his head, "They did not die, but they are not there either. As for Ray. I could feel him speaking to me, telling me I am now his replacement. That he had won, he was were he belonged." Lion-O was the one to talk now. "We must honor him. He died so that all may live. He would not want us to praise him. He would say, 'I did what I must, and I did nothing more." They all nodded. Just then there was a knock. "We are in a private meeting!" But the knocks continued, then the door opened. "How did the door open, only a supreme Gaurdi,,,, RAY!" I was tackled by Shane in a manner that made my near dead body hurt even more. "How did it go, did you win, is it really you?" The flood of questions caused me to pass out. But, it was over, or so I thought. Unknown to any of us, a singular power ring of the Destroyers reamained; floating through the Vortex in search of the one that would hold it.

Well, this concludes the first "Season" Of DGF. I hope to have these posted on my own site soon. I would like to thank Weird-Bob Yankovic, (My personality base for the character Shane.) who helped my come up with some of the ideas, and wrote a few of the 10 part series. And his own mini-series. I would like to thank Fragraham Lincoln for putting my fics on his page temporarily. (I hope you realize Bob wrote that fic killing you) As well J. T. Macleod for the future codeing of my page, and writing his own mini-series. I hope all who see this have as much reading it, as I did creating and writing.