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Dimensional Gaurdian Force Part 1: First Day on the Job

by: I.M. Pikallo

Okay, I hate these "legal disclamers"; because they no more can get you out of trouble in a legal dispute then admitting guilt will. But here we go: Star Wars; and all character names mentioned from the greatest saga created; is a Trade Mark of Lucas Film Industries. I have done my best; from reading, and watching; everything dealing with Star Wars; to have these characters keep as much of their personality as I can. Hope you enjoy.

Hi, my name is Ray Doss. I am about to start my new job, and like all teenagers I am somewhat hyped, and somewhat scarred. The only thing is; this is not flipping burgers at the local fast food joint; oh, no; this is a job that most people would think you are crazy for. I have just been accepted to join the Dimensional Gaurdian Force (I will call it the DGF, of something simmilar to cut down on space) The Force is an elite group of warriors who not only fight to protect people, but fight for entire realities to remain free. From what I heard, I have recived and honor; I have been made a Gaurdian. Most cadets out of the academy go to "Deputy" or "Supreme Deputy" if they are lucky. But, skill and smarts are not the only factor. You have to have a "resistance" to the extreme forces of the Vortex. Oops, I guess I should explain what the Vortex is. The "Dimensional Vortex" is a "tunnel" or a "gateway" to alternate realities of my own Earth. But, it also has the ability to move to completely different places. What I learned from the start of my time in the Academy was this. Some of the things we call science fiction, fantasy, or just insane; things like Star Wars, Dragon Ball, and several different "entertainment" series; are really different Dimensions. As well, the Vortex is not just used to travel, it is also a source for unfathomal power. It allows a Gaurdian to acquire any and all skills in the dimension he/she is in; and when they access the power of their rings; which are pure but harnesable Vortex Power; they transform into their "Gaurdian form" which gives them the power to increase the abilities they have gained; bring in three weapons, the dimensional blaster; which can turn into any gun-like weapon, the dimensional saber that transforms into any bladed weapon, and the dimensional transport that turns into any vehical or vessel. Well, time to punch the clock, I'll see you later.

"Welcome aboard, Gaurdian Doss. You know that very few people go from a cadet to gaurdian like you have. I will admit, I was very impressed with your percent of resistance to the Vortex's power; 99.9%; most Gaurdians do not have that much resistance after they are treated, but you, you are naturally that high." Here I was being complemented by the eldest of the 7 Supreme Gaurdians. It was at that point I realized that I was normal among the other members of the Force; which are not normal from regular people. Most people have a 25-40% resistance to the vortex. That means that they have 25-40% chance of surviving the power of the vortex the first time the enter it. Any Force member must have a 60% rating or higher; most have a 75% rating though. I guess he realized I was in la-la land because he stopped and looke at me. After I shook my head and assured him I was listening he said,"Now as I was saying. This is between you and me but; I am about to retire. I will wait a few more months so we can find and train a replacement. If you want, I will ask that you be that replacement." All I could say was "WHAT? I am just a new member. How can I even prove myself in that time." But I shut up when I remembered that time is relevent, and, that you "truly" age only in your home dimension. I other realms you still age, but revert back when you return to HQ. "I suppose you just answered your own question to yourself by the look on your face. But I meant every single word I said. You showed your ability to lead in the Academy. You have, and have surpassed, the minimal requierments for Supreme Gaurdians. I have personally chosen each of the current Supreme Gaurdians, after the Destroyers killed the other 6. I have the respect, and love of the other members of the Force. If you can prove yourself in some situation, my choice will not be opposed. Godd luck on your fist day. Dissmissed" Soluting, I turned on my heal, then left a little happy at what he said; and very worried how I could prove myself worthy.

Somewhere else in the vortex; at Dimensional Destroyer headquarters. I have called you all here for one reason, there is a new Gaurdian in the Force." The speaker's name was Ulic Qel-Droma, the head of the Dimensional Destroyers; an oraganization that's sole purpose is to take over and rule all known realities. He personally was a Sith Lord, one of the predessors of the most recent Sith Lord, the Lord Darth Vader. "Come on, they have new members all the time. What makes that worthy of our time." "It is important because my spies say that he was born with 99.9% resistance to the vortex. That and the old geezer that runs the Force is about to retire, and will make this new guy his successor. We must stop him, or he could make Supreme Gaurdian, and he is very young. Young and powerfull; the other Supreme Gaurdians are old and weak, we have let them live because they pose no threat to us. But this young one is ambitious, he also has a hatred for evil, and those who oppres the weak and abused.s He could be a problem. So, we will 'take care' of him." As the room erupts in laughter, one person is laughing for a different reason; he knows that Quel-Droma's rule is about to end; one way or another.

"So, you are the new guy. My name is John Aruva." With that he extended his hand toward me, and nearly crushes my hand. "Aaaahhhhhh! That is a grip, names Ray Doss. I suppose you're my guide of this colosses." "Ha, you have seen the size of Nexus Central Command, and yes, I am to show you around." As we walked he showed me the different areas of NCC. The thing that supprised me the most was the major Vortex port. "I didn't know that people could just come through here, I thought only Gaurdians and Destroyers used the Vortex." "Well yes, and no. If a dimension is technologically advanced enough; we send a scientist to "invent" a permanent Vortex Portal. Then they use it like a sea-port, but, we are the custom's agents. All legal Vortex traffic must pass through here. In fact, unless you can calculate the "jump"; you come strait here. They don't call this NEXUS CENTRAL Command for nothing. It is the exact center of the Vortex." As I looked at all the various ships and people an alarm sounded. Then John grabed me and we ran to the elevator that would take us to the breifing room. When we arrived; I noitced that we were the only ones in the room. "Where is everyone? I figured that alarm would have half the Force here." He looked at me funny, then he said, "Oh yeah, this is your first day. You see, the alarms are enginered to be heard only by the Gaurdians it is meant for. When you have over 300 people just for emergency calls; you have to make sure that the few needed are the ones to answer." Before I could make a comment a hologram appeared in front of us. "Hello, Gaurdians Doss and Aruva." Turning to me she; for the picture was female; said, "I am your new computer Gaurdian Doss. I have been programed into this wrist mounted chronometer." As I wondered what she ment I looked down on the table; and saw an exact duplicate of my watch. "This must be it." Taking off my old one, then putting on the new one she continued, "I have been informed that you now need my help, and I have your first assignment. You are to travel to Dimension 2638954A; since you have a liking, and great knowledge, of what is more commonly known as Star Wars Alpha. There is information about several Destroyers comming from this Dimension. One of which appears to have taken control of the organization; his name is Ulic Qel-Droma. I belive that you have some knowledge of him." My answer was almost like a reflex. "He was a Sith Apprentice during what was known as the Great Sith War. He ratted on his friend Exar Kun, after that the Jedi destroyed Kun's base on Yavin 4. Qel-Droma was never heard from again." "You are correct in all but your last statement. Qel-Droma has taken control of the Destroyers, and your first assignment is to stay away from him and to prevent any more Destroyers from comming from there. As well, there is news of the Destroyers helping what is known in that place as the Galatic Empire." Before she could say more I chimed in, "The Empire, under the control of an evil Jedi, Emperor Palpatine, opposed by the Rebel Alliance, under the political command of Mon Mothma." "As I was saying about Qel-Droma; He knows you are strong and young, and that you are the one chosen to take the title of Supreme Gaurdian." I tried to stop her before she said that I was going to be the next SG; but I couldn't. "Huh, you are the next Supreme Gaurdian, but. Oh, the eldest Gaurdian must be about to retire. But why has he named you his replacement?" I could almost see the amazement in his eyes, he knew I was new here, and on my first day would be raised to the highest position in the Force. "I honestly don't know why he has named me the new SG, but, I really don't know why Qel-Droma wants to get me?" "Sir, I may be of help in that; Qel-Droma sees you as a threat; all of the Supreme Gaurdians are older Ladies and Gentelmen. They can't fight; but; a fresh new recrueit can. He will try to kill you." I looked down wondering what to do. The I looked up with a fire in my eyes, "If he wants me, he can have me. He thinks I will fight; so why should I dissapoint him?" With that I went down to the permanent Portal to the Vortex. "Computer, calculate a jump to Dimension 2638954A. I have a mission to do."

"Whoohooo, we did it, we defeated the Empire once and for all. After all these years, we did it, we did it!" I said on the moon of Endor standing next to the family that had adopted me. To my left the men I called brothers Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, to my right the woman I loved like a sister, Leia Organa (even though I know the name will be Solo in less than 5 years.) had rooted out all the Destroyers in the Empire, even the Emperor; though Luke and his father did most of it. I now have proven myself as a Jeid, a pilot, and most importantly, a Gaurdian. As I looked over to where Luke stood I saw a sight I new would be there, but was none-the-less impressed by it. The sight of spiritual Obi-wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin Skywalker; redemmed as a Jedi of the Light side. It was then I realized my mission was over. It was time to leave. So I took my friends aside and said to them, "You all know who I really am, and it is time for me to go. My mission is done, I must return to where I came from." Then taking in turn, to Leia I said, "I know things that you wouldn't believe. But trust me, you will soon lead this New Republic into greatness, you will have children that will walk the sky, and do it alone. You are a great woman, you will do many great things." To Han, "You, well, you are to going to have many children, but, you will have many adventures, and many more downfalls. However, as long as you keep your friends and create a family for you, you will always bounce back up higher than before." And finally to Luke, "Luke, you are the last of the Jedi, the last of the old Jedi, that is, but, you will become a great master of the Force. And through you the order of the Knights will rise again. Now I must leave, Luke, I would like you to join us, in the Gaurdian Force. You have what it takes, but; you are needed here for now." Turning I said with sorrow. "Computer, calculate a course strait to Nexus Central Command." Then raising my hands I screamed, "VORTEX OPEN!" as the swirling purple circle appeared, I turned and waved at my friends and vowed to come again. With a flash, I was gone.

The first sight I saw was John Aruva standing right where he stood when I left. The only thing I could say is "Huh, what are you doing standing right where you were when I left?" In response he laughed, "While you may have been gone for years, it was years in that dimension. You have been gone all of 3 minutes here. Now if you'll follow me; the Supreme Gaurdian Councel whishes to speak with you."

When I arrived at the councel's room, I was scared stiff. But, I didn't show it. "Gaurdian Doss, we are most pleased with your report. You managed to clear a dimension of all Destroyers in record time. And in the progress managed to recruit Luke Skywalker into the Force. You are very remarkable, doing all this on your first "day" on the job. We have voted unanimously to promote you to the rank of Supreme Gaurdian. You must do one more thing to be accepted in this rank." Curiostiy got hold of me then, "What is it I need to do now?" "You must locate, and defeat the leader of the Destroyers, Ulic Qel-Droma."

Will out hero make the grade, can he possibly defeat someone with a Dimensional SUPER Power Ring? To find out, watch for the next chapter of the Dimensional Gaurdian Force: New Friends, and More Powerfull Enemies.