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The Beginnings of Zenith Part Two: Me The Emperor's Hand?

By: W. Bob Yankovic

In this fic I hope to explain the part of my background during my espionage mission against the Empire. I hope this clearifys everything. Enjoy the fic

As my small yet manuverable modified TIE Interceptor spead through hyperspace to the Maw Instilation a thousand thoughts went through my mind. Why was I going to this remote place? Would I survive the ordeal? What was that smell in the cockpit? These all would be answered in due time. I came out of hyperspace two thousad kilometers from the cluster of asteroids that were named the Maw Instilation, I realized that just getting through the hunderads of black holes that surrounded the place was a job in its own. After I succsessfully navigated the Maw I transmitted my clearance code that I had hacked from the Imperial Intelligence Net, to whoever was giving clearance to land. I must be confusing you a little. I had stolen the modified TIE from a reaserch developer that was signed up to produce some ultamate weapon for the Empire. I also stole his identity passwords and changed them to fit myself. The voice from over the comm channel was harsh yet direct, "TIE Interceptor , you have clearance to land in docking bay 94, procede on your present course." "Copy," I said as I began landing procedures.

"This is Qui Xux our head scientist," said the Twi-leck, head-tails swinging. "You will be stationed with her and will never at any time make any out going transmittions," he added, "do you understand?" "Yes, I do, but I have only one question," I replied. "what is it?" he asked. "Just exaclty are we working on?" I questioned. "That will be explained in due time Lt. McInnis, dissmissed." "He is very friendly," I said to Qui as we walked down the corridor. "You will learn to like him," she said. "He is really not that bad." "Yeah but I have a little problem working on something that I have no idea of," I shot back, "and I have had a past history of not liking superior officers." "Just stick close to me and you will be fine," she said smiling. "I also have a problem with being extremely blunt," I said. "All the better," she said "I hate trying to sift through five credit words to get to a meaning." I could not lie to myself, I found her very attractive.

After a week of preparing to start making whatever we were going to make we got a call from the commander whom I had knick-named Commander Red-Face, due to the fact that when she got angry he turned as red as a radish. I really did not even know her real name, and for that fact never cared to know. I think that it was Dala or something of that nature. "You are to design, and build a ship that is indestructable," Commander the Red barked, " it will carry a missile that will have enough power to make a star go nova." "How in the &$#@ do you expect us to do that!" I yelled quite flabergasted, "that is almost impossible!" "Well that is why we have chosen you two, our chief scienitsts to work through the problem," he replied,"you are dissmissed." "Did you even hear what she wanted us to make?" I asked Qui as we went back to our quarters. "Yes," she replied quite unenthusiastically, "she wants us to make a weapon of mass destruction that the Empire can flaunt around to strike fear in the heart of any who resist them. I myself do not like the idea" Then I rememberd the reason I was there. I had not made contact to NCC in a full week, or at all for that matter. "They must be worried sick about me," I thought to myself, "but how can I make a transmittion with gaurds on around the clock posts on every corner." "Qui, do you know any way that I might be able to make a transmittion to my family?" I asked her. "Yes, but it is very risky," she replied. "How can I then?" I replied, "I am willing to take any risks." "You can use the black holes to bounce a message to wherever you want to, but it will be very easy to trace." "That is my only choice," I said, "and I will take it."

That week alone I sent twenty messages containing the basic plans of our design. I also informed NCC that I was going to be working on a type of armor that would be able to withstand a direct hit from a Death Star and survive. None of the transmittions where caught and I was sure that NCC was getting them. Little did I know that they had discontinued my password accidentally. They knew nothing of my very existance.

Six years of hard work were paid off in one night. We displayed the design plans for the Sun Crusher to the Emperor himself. "I am very pleased Lt. McInnis, and with your partner also," he said to me. I felt him pressing me with the Force, and I knew if he found out I was an imposter I stood very little chance of surviving. What he did not know was that the badge I had on under my uniform was resistant to the Force. It would give him the picture that I was very nervus and scared , but that was all. He seamed more interested in the Resonance bomb than in the indistructable armor. The bomb itself was designed to break substances such as hydrogen and helium at the atomic level. This would cause the core of the star to become unstable, thus making it go nova. As we saw the Emperor off, he informed that he was going directly to a ship yard to oversee the beginning construction of the Death Star. We were informed that we had a meeting with Commander Red, a half an hour after wake up to discuss our further plans for the future.

I came stumbling in ten minutes late with Qui to my right flank. I noticed that my right shirt tale was not tucked in so I made a quick move to tuck it. I also realized that I was wearing the same cloths I had worn the last night. I tried in vain to smooth some of the wrinkles out of it. "Why are you late Lt. McInnis," she demanded. "I was uhh....... really busy last night and I was so happy that the Emperor approved of our work that I did not get much sleep," I lied through my teeth. "I see," she said skeptically. I noticed that Qui was not in much better shape than I was. Her hair was thrown up in a loose bun, and had hastilly thrown on makeup. "What is your excuse?" the Commander asked Qui. "Uhh...the same as Lt. McInnins's, Commander," she said. The real reason I was late was that Qui and I had set our alarm clocks back a few ninutes and did not really have much time to get ready. What were you thinking we were late for, get your mind out of the gutter. "Lt. McInnis, you are to be transfered to a fighter group in the escort party of the Emperor. You are to be dissmissed to your ship after this meeting. Qui you will be left here to continue the production of the Resonance bomb and the Sun Crusher. Both of you are dissmissed.

As I flew through hyperspace I had all but forgotten the reason for my mission. I tried for the thousandth lime to contact NCC. Over six years I estimated three thousand, seven hundred, sixty four messages to NCC. I was sure that they knew everything. I was in the twelth division of TIE Interceptors, in the Imperial escort. Then the Emperor noticed me. He put me in charge of a wing of ships and gave me the rank of Wing Commander. I flew several missions, against my will, to Rebel planets using my wing to destroy several shipyards and many uncompleted Rebal ships. Then I was borught before the Emperor once again. "You have served me well young McInnis," the Emperor said, "your wing has the highest succsess rate of any other wing in Imperial history." "I am going to make you a very powerful man, you will be under only to myself and Lord Vader. You will have acsess to any and all things you need. You just need to prove yourself to me one more time. I need your wing to go to Dantooine to destroy the Rebel base that has been revealed by Princess Leia herself."

I came back from Dantooine with a heavy heart. The Rebel base was deserted. The Emperor was not pleased. I was to report to him after I gave the assesment of our mission to Grand Moff Tarkin. "Emperor," I said in a shaky voice, "the Rebel base was uninhabited." "Do not fear young McInnis," he replied, "I am not displeased with your efforts." "What will you have me do now Emperor?" I asked "You will go to Yavin with the Death Star. We have placed a traking beakon on a Corillean freighter and traced it two that system. There you will be the first wave of a mass attack on the Rebels." "Yes, Emperor," I said.

In the fight against the Rebels I brought down twelve fighters. But my effort was in vain. A young pilot named Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star by shooting a proton torpedo down a thermal exahust port. I was informed that Lord Vader was free drifting in space. I went out to get him. He was enraged at the Rebels and the young Skywalker. I picked him up in my ship and took him to Coruscant to see the Emperor. He was likewise furiouse, not only at the loss of the Death Star but the loss of Grand Moff Tarkin. Surprisingly when I was called before him he was smiling. "You have gone above and beyond the call of duty Shane," he said. This threw me for a loop because he had called me by my first name. "You will now have your postion at my right hand. You have earned the rank of Emperor's Hand. You are now among the top ten most powerful people in the galaxy. You must feel very honored but I have seen you worthy." "Thank you, Emperor," I said.

What will Shane be thrown into as the Emperor's Hand? Will he ever be remembered by NCC? Find out in the next installment of Beginnings of Zenith.